The Minister of Home Affairs in Singapore says, while discussing the Falun Gong issue, "that it is good for a person to have religious faith because he can acquire spiritual peace from it". The Minister also says, "that generally speaking faith is an individual's free choice". The Minister's comments were reported in the Sunday issue (February 4, 2001) of the Singapore United Evening Daily in the General News Column. The full text of the report is cited here.

People Receiving Falun Gong Flyers Can Dispose Them as They Please

Mr. Huang Gencheng, Minister of Home Affairs , said that those who receive the Falun Gong flyers containing information on the persecution of its practitioners in China can disposed them as they please. The Minister indicated that the dissemination of the flyers is permitted as long as the Falun Gong practitioners and their supporters in Singapore have not done anything against the law such as assembling without a permit from the government. "It is important for the practitioners to have religious activities and places for the activities regardless whether they believe in Xingdu Religion, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity or Islam, the religious activities are part of their religious faith and thus part of their lives," continued the Minister. Finally Minister Huang commented: "that it is good for people to have religious beliefs because they can find spiritual peace in them and of course some people do not believe in any religion though generally speaking, having a faith or not is purely an individual's freedom and his or her free choice".

Reported by Practitioners from Singapore on February 9, 2001.