[Minghui Net] Recently Chinese Central Television (CCTV) Station's "News Broadcasting" Program carried several reports about Falun Gong. After I watched these reports, all sorts of thoughts and feelings welled up in my mind. Item 1: An official organization started collecting a million signatures, targeting Falun Gong, on a long piece of white cloth which read, "Oppose evil cults. Protect human rights." Apparently they are at their wit's end. Isn't it manifesting that they will soon be at the end of their means? These actions indicate that their tactics are clumsy. Let's see the malicious results they have truly attained. It is not hard for people to understand that those leaving their names on the cloth have already chosen their future position when they wrote on the cloth. This is because positioning themselves outside of the universal Dafa amounts to positioning themselves outside the existence of life. Jiang Zemin instigated the state media to indulge in unbridled propaganda in order to "protect human rights", ironically harming people to the extent of making them lose their lives. It can be said that he has gone to extremes. He has driven people to the wall, so that agreeing with him, people will have human rights. Otherwise, there will be no human rights at all. He has abused his position of power to ransack homes, impose fines, torture, beat, and kill, etc. Item 2: Senior retied officials met in the People's Assembly Hall for the Spring Festival. Even such an annual get-together, meant to celebrate prosperity, was used to oppose Falun Dafa. On one hand, they advocated "vigorously spreading body-building activities, which are good for the body and mind". On the other hand, they downplayed the positive effects of Falun Dafa that has been brought to tens of millions of people for that purpose. The central government official (whose surname is Li) was personally presented there, clamorously advocating oppositioin to Falun Gong. Item 3: Masanjia Labor Education Center has become an "honorable model" where the government persecutes Falun Gong. Masanjia is a well-known demonic den, however, Jiang Zemin extols it on CCTV. They reported that many people have been "transformed"; yet why didn't they let people know the brutal persecution and mental torture behind the "transformation"? Why didn't they allow people to access Minghui Net, on which there are numerous solemn statements of forsaking any guarantees to the government and returning to Falun Dafa cultivation? Those who work at the center covertly read our Minghui Net, yet they only think of brutal countermeasures. There is a saying: Practicing the great Tao is recognized by the heavens. Judgment Day is approaching us! A practitioner from Mainland China