Cultivation is a right; assisting Teacher and protecting Dafa is the obligation of disciples. I declare that all of the guarantees I wrote (such as not to appeal in Beijing) are invalid.

Dafa practitioner Yang Yan in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, 01/26/2001

Solemn Declaration

Because my parents went to Beijing to appeal, they were arrested. After their arrest, I was overwhelmed with fears. I was afraid of the police, and afraid of losing my parents. As result, I said bad things about Dafa. I now declare all of these statements to be void. I also want to declare that Falun Dafa is good, that Falun Dafa is orthodox Fa. I want to be a particle of Dafa.

9-years-old Zhou Qianran from Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province, 1/18/2001

Solemn Declaration

Under pressure from various sources (some of them in the prison), and because of our inadequate understanding of the Fa, we have caused many bad effects in our paths of cultivation, and gone against "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance", the great law of the universe. We deeply regret this. We are now determined to steadfastly cultivate Dafa, and declare solemnly that: all the materials we have written that guaranteed that we would not practice, would not appeal in Beijing, and would not participate in Dafa activities of Dafa are completely void!

Dafa practitioners: Guo Lianzhi, Liu Liying, Zou Cairong, Chen Shuju, Zhou Guixiang, Chu Yuhuan, Li Xianglian, Ma Fushan, Ma Zhongdi, Sun Deyou, Shi Fengqin, Kang Aimin, Yu Zhuchuan, Kang, Aiqin, Guo Guizhen, Ma Xuelin, and Guo Huailing.



In August of 1999, during my summons by the police, I wrote a pledge guaranteeing "not to disobey the six rules of the police" (a series of promises not to practice, not to appeal, etc.). At the beginning of the year 2000, under pressure, I signed this statement against my will, in order to obtain my release. On the release statement, it was printed, "Using cult organizations to harm law enforcement" and "pledge of repentance entered into with full cognizance". I regret what I have done very much. All the slanders and rules that were forced on Falun Dafa were against the truth, and these slanders and rules also violated the constitution and laws. Now I have come to the further understanding that as a practitioner, I did not act and think in the best possible way in this matter. I was not firm because of the decadent human notions in my mind. Under this influence, I have virtually helped the evil forces that obstruct the Fa rectification process. These negative consequences must be eliminated by my own actions. I hereby declare firmly that all my pledges and signatures against Dafa are completely void. From now on, I will continue to persist in what I have publicly declared in various situations: to steadfastly cultivate Dafa, to promote Dafa, and to protect Dafa. Further more, I am determined to be even more diligent and double my effort in helping Teacher with Fa rectification. I will make up for the damage I caused, and as a particle of Dafa, glow with an even purer brilliance.

Through my mistake, I have come to a deeper understanding that cultivation is very solemn, and one cannot fall short even a bit. I have also felt the great compassion of our Teacher in offering sentient beings salvation.

Zhuang Yanhong, 01/26/2001

Solemn declaration

We were originally Falun Dafa practitioners. Under pressure from opposing authorities, we gave in and wrote pledges that were against our conscience, our morality, and against justice. Our pledges complied with the opposition and betrayed our Teacher. However, the great benevolent teacher did not abandon us, he is still waiting for us to turn around, giving us chances time and again. When we awakened from our mistakes, we were in great repentance. Now we solemnly declare: " all the pledges we made are null and void; we will always be disciples of Falun Dafa, and Teacher Li Hongzhi will always be our teacher."

Dafa practitioners that have stepped forward in Jixi City: Zhao Yumei, Zhan Qingmin, Wang Mi, Lin Chenguang, Xie Mingjuan, Cheng Peiming, Guo Yuhua, Zhang Haiyan, Cheng Mouzhong, Cheng Peiying, Cheng Wenting, Zhao Xiushan, Cui Zhaotao, Ji Baoying, Chen Jinlong, Wang Lidong, and Liu Xuegang.