November 21, 2001

( Eight people who closely adhere to the directives of Jiang Zemin's regime are damaging Falun Dafa and persecuting Dafa practitioners.

1. Bai Rendong, male, 40, the party secretary of Nongfeng Township, has been continuously slandering Dafa and relentlessly directing the persecution. Under his instructions, more than 40 practitioners, including Wang Dianzhi, Zhao Shijun, Fan Yefeng, Li Xiuru (female), Pan Honglan (female), Wang Liping (female), and Wang Yongqin (female), have been illegally arrested and sent to the Shuangcheng detention center. When the detention center was going to release some of the practitioners to the township government, Bai did not allow any of them to be released so that more than 10 practitioners were detained for up to an additional 4 months. Bai conspired with the "6.10" office (a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches) to fabricate additional charges. With trumped up charges, they sent three female practitioners, Wang Liping, Wang Yongqin, and Pan Honglan to the notorious Wanjia Forced Labor Camp, and a male practitioner Li Yanqing to the Suihua Forced Labor Camp to be further abused. They faked charges and sent a male practitioner Wang Jinguo, 34, a history teacher from Nongfeng Middle School, to a detention center and other places to be tortured, and eventually Wang died of internal injuries.

Before the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) of 2001, Bai Rendong and his subordinates took the local practitioners to the Township government to attend a brain washing class, but they detained and tortured the practitioners there for more than 2 months. Bai even secretly directed agents to follow practitioners, authorized them to arrest practitioners when they were found handing out Dafa flyers, and even gave them awards for doing so. This has directly impacted many families among practitioners.

2. Liu Yufeng, male, about 40, is the secretary of the Politics-Legislation Committee in Nongfeng Township. He insulted Dafa, oppressed practitioners, and went to Beijing many times to apprehend and beat practitioners from Nongfeng who went to Beijing to appeal.

In November 2000, Liu Yufeng and his subordinates went to Beijing to arrest practitioners. He punched, kicked, and slapped them, trying to force them to give up their cultivation. He openly kicked and beat 12-year-old female practitioner Wu Xianmei on Tiananmen Square in broad daylight. Liu escorted the arrested practitioners to Shuangcheng detention center.

During the Spring Festival of 2001, he led his group to take practitioners to the township government to attend a brain washing class, and he repeatedly defamed Dafa and tried to force practitioners to give up their cultivation.

3. Ma Guangru, male, about 40, is the party secretary in charge of public relations in Nongfeng Township. He also went to Beijing to apprehend practitioners from Nongfeng, confiscating money and belongings from them. He stayed in a luxurious hotel and toured Beijing, and expected practitioners to cover the expenses. He then brought the practitioners to the Shuancheng detention center.

During the Spring Festival period of 2001 in a brain washing class, Ma slandered Dafa, forced practitioners to watch the fabricated "Self-immolation" tapes, threatened practitioners, and forced them to write a guarantee to stop practicing Falun Gong.

4. Zhang Qing, male, 40, is the party secretary of Nongfeng village. He went to Beijing many times to arrest practitioners. He cursed and humiliated practitioners, bullied them and seized their money for his own.

During the Spring Festival, he confiscated land titles from practitioners of the village, cutting off their source of income, and shamelessly oppressed practitioners and their families.

On September 30, 2001, Zhang instructed He Mingjun and Guo Hengshan to apprehend and indecently body-search 37-year-old female practitioner Lu Yajuan. Lu has since then left her home and wanders about to avoid arrest.

5. He Mingjun, male, 40, is a member of the Nongfeng village committee. As the main assistant of Zhang Qing, He Mingjun also went to Beijing many times to apprehend practitioners. He slandered Dafa many times publicly, persecuted practitioners, stalked the practitioners in the village, and frequently broke into their homes to disrupt their normal life.

6. Guo Hengshan, male, 40, was hired by the Nongfeng township government as a night patrolman to prevent practitioners from spreading Dafa flyers and to remove newly posted Dafa flyers or posters. He stops and searches any practitioners he chooses. One night in October 2001, he broke into a practitioner's home in Nongfeng and frightened and threatened a little girl.

7. Zhao Yuanda, male, 50s, is the principal of the Nongfeng Middle School. When two teacher practitioners, Pan Zhiqiang and Fu Rao, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, Zhao suspended their salaries for 8 months as punishment and forwarded their salary cards to the party secretary Bai Rendong.

On the eve of Spring Festival of 2001, Zhao awarded 300 yuan to the policemen who had arrested and detained the teachers. He has fabricated all kinds of material many times to frame practitioners.

8. Li Chengguang, male, 40s, is the director of the Education Office in Nongfeng Township. Li used all means to persecute practitioners in the education system. He went to Beijing to apprehend a teacher practitioner Sui Shulin. He seized 4000 yuan from Sui and put it into his own pocket. He suspended Sui's job and suspended Sui's salary for 2 years, which caused Sui's family extreme hardships. Li took 3000 yuan from Sui's salary as a "fine."

Here we appeal to international human rights organizations, foreign country governments, all societies and all kind people to support us to stop Jiang regime's nationwide campaign of terror against Falun Gong practitioner in China, and to stop this man-made disaster to human beings.

Below are the phone numbers of the 8 related persons:

Bai Rendong: office tel. 86-451-326-0088

Liu Yufeng: office tel. 86-451-326-0132

Ma Guangru: office tel. 86-451-326-0132

Zhao Yuanda: office tel. 86-451-326-0017, home tel. 86-451-326-0053

Li Chengguang: office tel. 86-451-326-0299, home tel. 86-451-326-0093

Zhang Qing: home tel. 86-451-326-0137

Guo Hengshan: home tel. 86-451-326-0211

He Mingjun: home tel. 86-451-326-0243