3. The Trap

Later, the two policemen who were there while I was beaten by policeman "A" led me back to the interrogation office in Hanzhuang. There was a phone call. Policeman Zhu Xiaosong said I had good luck and I could be released. I asked him when and he said he was asking the higher authorities. After a while, policeman Zhang Lijun went out to ask what was going on. When he came back he said, "So much trouble, [a case of] a kid had to be reported to the Chief." After he waited for half an hour, policeman Qin Shouwen came in and said, "Give your parents a call, arrange a meeting place and ask them to pick you up." I said that we had agreed to let me go by myself. Qin said, "We'll let you go by yourself, but you need to arrange a meeting place with your parents." I accepted his request. He gave me his cell phone and asked me to use his phone to make a call. I thought his cell phone could have automatic memory function to record the outgoing phone number, so I refused to use his phone. He said, "What are you worrying about? This cell phone will not display (your parents') phone number." What he said just verified what I thought was right. I said, "I won't use your phone, I want to use a public phone." They drove me to a grocery store. I asked them to stay outside while I made my call, which they did. Just after I dialed the number and connected with my mother, they rushed in. I saw they wanted to grab the phone in my hand, so I quickly hung up. Policeman Qin Shouwen redialed the number and asked the other police to get me out of the store. He wrote down my mother's phone number. I immediately told them, "You lied. Why did you rush in while I was making the phone call?" Policemen Qin Shouwen and Zhang Lijun said, "You arranged a meeting place with your mother. We need to know it to make sure." Qin Shouwen got my mother on the phone. My mother asked them to release me unconditionally. After the phone call, Qin Shouwen was very angry and said, "Your mother would not come to pick you up, let's go." I was sent back to the detention center, it was already around noon. In the afternoon of November 9, 2000, policeman Zhang Lijun came into the interrogation room and told me, "You can leave here, and go home now." He sent me to the gate of the detention center and told me where the bus station was. I got on 918 bus route to Beijing.

When I arrived at the Dongzhimen bus station, I found policemen Qin Shouwen and Zhu Xiaosong waiting for me. They grabbed me and would not let me go. I was forced to make a phone call for my mother to pick me up. On the phone, I whispered to my mother that I had two dogs following me and told her that I was at the Dongzhimen bus station. After the phone call, they asked me, "Have you arranged for your mother to come and meet you?" I said, "Yes." They put me into a police car and waited inside. After a while, policemen Qin Shouwen had not seen my mother arrive and said, "Where did you tell your mother to meet you? Where is your home? What's wrong with your mother?" I kept silent. Later I learned from my mother that policeman Qin Shouwen had told her that I was at Dongzhimen bus station, that the police had left, and he asked my mother to come quickly to pick me up. I wanted to buy some food; the police dragged my arm, got out of the car and went into a store. When I came out, Qin Shouwen dragged me by the arm back into the police car. Qin Shouwen called my mother again. Later my mother told me (after I was released) that she again asked Qin Shouwen to release me unconditionally and demanded an explanation for his lying to her previously. Qin was angry and said to my mother, "You don't want to pick up your kid so we'll take her back [to the detention center]." After the phone call, I was driven back to the Pinggu Detention Center. On the way, he said, "As long as you tell us your address, we will release you immediately." I thought at that moment, "You are all liars. You lied to me twice. You tricked me into giving out my mother's phone number and lied about releasing me. I will not be deceived by you anymore." I could not trust their words.

When I was back to the Pinggu Public Security Bureau, policemen Zhu Xiaosong and Zhang Lijun were too sleepy to keep watching me, so the two other policemen were sent over. I was later sent to the Judicial Section in the fourth floor. Till then, I had not slept for 36 hours and had been on hunger strike since November 8, 2000. They handcuffed my hand to a heater and finally allowed me to sleep on two chairs put together. The police said, "By doing so, I don't need to worry too much." I thought I must let them send me out openly.

4. Detention and Threats of Forced Tube-feeding

Around 10am on November 10th, I was picked up and taken for interrogation by police officer Qin Shouwen. He angrily grabbed my collar and demanded to know my name, address, where the banner came from and who made it. He asked details about my mother. I did not answer him. He threatened, "I'm telling you, no matter how young you are we can throw you into jail." I was taken to the third floor where Officer Qin telephoned my mother and told her what he had just told me. He then ordered her to bring blankets and money to pay for my detention, saying that it is very cold here and that the detention center can't provide "facilities" for anything. My mother replied, "This is illegal detention. You law enforcement officers are violating the law. If you don't stop, I will expose your ugly deeds in the international media." Officer Qin became even more frenzied and yelled, "You can expose me wherever you like. I'm not scared, go ahead!" He then hung up the phone.

I was returned to the interrogation office (Han Estate) on first floor. Police officers Zhu Xiaosong and Zhang Lijun were both writing detention reports. Since I had not revealed my name, they assigned me the number 3501. Soon Officer Qin Shouwen walked in. He said, "If you don't tell us your name, we will detain you." I felt that they had used every single way they could think of. I told him that the decision was not his to make. He angrily asked that if it's not his decision, then whose is it? I thought to myself, "It's Teacher's." I then ignored him and did not talk to him anymore.

In the late afternoon, Officer Qin walked in again. He had already signed my detention order but he also needed the approval of the police chief, Officer Wang. I heard him ask on the phone, "Can we send that kid to the detention centre? She can't stay here forever." I don't know what Wong said. After a while, Qin said, "Wait another night?" Later he ordered me to eat and threatened that I must eat or else he would forcefully tube feed me at 10pm that night. I thought to myself that I could not let him succeed in force-feeding me and asked Teacher to help. He tried to shove biscuits and other food into my mouth but I clenched my teeth together and as a result, he slapped me. He pinched my nose and poured water into my mouth. I almost suffocated so I drank few mouthfuls. He yelled wildly, "If you don't eat, I will force you to eat. If you still don't eat, I will pour the food down your throat." He struggled for a long time but still did not succeed. He ordered me to squat next to the wall but because I had not eaten for a number of days I did not have the energy to squat so I stood up again. Not long after, the cruel woman in charge of section B walked in and began the interrogation anew. Every time she spoke she poked my shoulder sharply with her finger and threatened to force feed me with a 1.5 to 2 cm (around 3/4 inch) thick tube. She then slapped my face, saying, "When the time comes to force feed you, you will have to suffer." I replied, "I'm not scared." She also said, "Later we may give you some drugs, so that you will lose your memory. Then we will see whether you will continue to practice or not." I remembered what Teacher had said about "magic potions", that these things would not work on Dafa practitioners. Seeing that I refused to answer anything, she said to Officer Qin, "Hang her up. Hang her up for a night." After a while, she said, "If she doesn't eat by 10pm, tube feed her and send her to detention." Then they both left.

(To be Continued)