Clarify the Truth, in Order to Save Sentient Beings

(We should) Use ways that everyday people understand to clarify the truth, and save sentient beings. The purpose of clarifying the truth is to save sentient beings, not just to speak out about what we want to speak out about. Therefore, whether we are really compassionate to people, and whether we are really thinking of others' futures, is directly related to the impact of our efforts at clarifying the truth, and validating Dafa.

Mainland China

Ninety-one people declared solemnly that what they did and said against Falun Dafa while under the influence of the evil force, and while being guided by their desire for personal fame, self-interest, and feelings are null and void. They will follow the Fa-rectification closely from now on, clarify the truth to the people of the world, redouble their efforts to amend the damage they did to Dafa, and be dignified Dafa practitioners.

One Falun Dafa practitioner in Hebei Province went to Beijing to appeal in 1999. He was detained and forced to pay fines. He went to Beijing twice in the year 2000, and was illegally detained. Police searched him and took all the valuables from his home. At the beginning of this year, he was sent to the Shijiazhuang Labor Camp, tortured with an electric baton, hung and beaten, locked in the "small cell"...

The awakening of an ordinary person is shown in his/her comment, "The Falun Gong practitioners are really determined and firm. Jiang Zemin is a big villain, he plays political trickery and tramples upon the constitution; he uses the money earned by the taxpayers' blood-and-sweat to torture good people. The vicious police at the labor camp beat to death a young man around 30 years of age and even disallowed his family to tell about it.... What third-generation national leader? Jiang Zemin is really an organized crime boss!"

The persecution of my entire family: my sister was illegally detained just because I contacted her; my parents were harassed and are living in constant fear; my uncle was fired because of me; I myself cannot go home so I move from place to place as a homeless person to avoid persecution. My child is only 5 years old and had to be sent to live in his/her aunt's home.

Cultivation Story

Once again a practitioner triumphs through Dafa: A female practitioner was arrested when distributing truth-clarifying materials of Dafa. She clarified truth with reason and explained that good is rewarded with good and evil meets evil. She broke through the tribulation with righteous thoughts and firmly refused to cooperate with evil; she did everything she was supposed to do and after 11 days hunger strike, she was released unconditionally.

Stories of distributing truth-clarifying literature: I was distributing truth-clarifying literature at a dormitory when a woman stopped me and asked to check my bag. I sent forth righteous thoughts to prevent any evil interference. I said to her, "I am distributing truth-clarifying literature to let people know the truth so as not to be deceived into doing something terrible. Sending practitioners of the Buddha Law to jail would be harmful to you." I also told her that the story on the flyer was about how a policeman began practicing Falun Gong. She listened quietly and said nothing more to stop me, so I continued distributing the materials.

A 60-year-old attained Falun Dafa and broke away from his ailments to discover a new life. I used to have an intervertebral disk spur in my waist, and I suffered from pain in my lower back and legs. I was bed-ridden for half a year. After practicing Falun Gong, the symptoms of headache, stomachache, and pain in my waist and legs have all disappeared. My family and neighbors are all praising the practice.

A Taiwan practitioner recovered from illnesses that he had for ten years, including pain from joint cartilage wear, gout, and high blood pressure, after practicing Falun Gong for a month.

After interviewing Falun Gong practitioners, Radio France Internationale (RFI) said that according to a report from the UN Education and Development Division, the examples the Jiang Zemin Regime used to defame Falun Gong were actually fabricated by the persecutors. From this, a conclusion can be reached that the Jiang Zemin Regime is running a national terrorism campaign.

With strong support of the Culture and Arts Bureau and their local government, Dafa disciples in Saipan held a free picture exhibition for one month on the Journey of Fa-rectification. It was an effort to more deeply and thoroughly clarify the truth, expose the evil, and save the sentient beings.

Falun Gong practitioners from Washington DC have started another wave of introducing the Fa to local universities. They have successfully used many ways to introduce Falun Gong to professors and students and tell them about the spread of Falun Gong around the world and the brutal persecution occurring in China.