December 26, 2001


Chengdu Falun Dafa Practitioners Enthusiastically Congratulate Changchun Falun Dafa Practitioners on "Changchun Falun Dafa Day"

We enthusiastically congratulate Changchun practitioners for establishing December 22, 2001 as "Changchun Falun Dafa Day!" Falun Dafa practitioners around the world are with you! It is our incomparable honor to participate in "Helping Master Li to Rectify the Fa" during this historic moment! We are proud of your great actions!

Chengdu Falun Dafa Practitioners

December 26, 2001

All Falun Dafa Practitioners in New Zealand Congratulate Changchun Falun Dafa Practitioners on "Changchun Falun Dafa Day."

We enthusiastically congratulate Changchun Falun Dafa practitioners on the establishment of "Changchun Falun Dafa Day." New Zealand Falun Dafa practitioners on the other side of the earth express our most sincere respect to Changchun practitioners. Falun Dafa practitioners all over the world make up one unit because we are all harmonized in the Fa. Your firm belief in the Fa and your great compassionate and forbearing mighty actions encourage us to break through all human notions and the arrangements of the old forces. They encourage us to put forth greater efforts in the great flow of Fa rectification in order to expose the evil and clarify the truth.

Let us do better to repay the compassionate salvation from our respected Master. Let's welcome together the arrival of Fa-rectification in the human world.