1. [Beijing] Western Falun Gong Practitioners Appeal: Jiang Zemin Complains Bitterly
  2. [Zhongjiang County, Sichuan Province] Two and Three Year Old Children are Forced to Watch the "Self-Immolation" Videotape
  3. [A Southern City] Righteous Words Come Out of the Mouth of a Judge
  4. [Lanzhou, Gansu Province] Vicious Police Vainly Attempt to Stop the Spread of Truth-Clarifying Materials
  5. [Jilin Province] Siping Mental Hospital Cruelly Abuses Dafa Practitioners
  6. [Tianjin] Please Rescue Practitioners Sun Ti and Her Daughter Xu Zi'ao
  7. [China] How Jiang Zemin's Regime Persecutes Me
  8. [Fuyuan County, Heilongjiang Province] The Evil Force Detains More Practitioners
  9. [Zhongjiang County, Sichuan Province] Police Brutally Torture Li Fenyou in Detention Center
  10. [China] Jiang Zemin's Thugs Threaten Practitioners' Families
  11. [Baishan City, Jilin Province] Two Female Practitioners Held in the City Detention Center
  12. [Beijing, China] Criminal Behaviors of Policemen in Tiananmen Police Station
  13. [China] Dafa Reveals Its Power to a 72-Year-Old Elderly Woman
  14. [Changtu City, Liaoning Province] TV Station Films Fake Program in Detention Center


[Beijing] Western Falun Gong Practitioners Appeal: Jiang Zemin Complains Bitterly

According to sources from inside the police department, after the Western practitioners' peaceful appeal on Tiananmen Square, Jiang Zemin flew into a rage, and "dressed down" the police at various levels, "Do not be soft and compassionate to the Falun Gong! We must cut out the weeds and dig up the roots." We hope practitioners all over the world send forth powerful righteous thoughts and let Jiang Zemin's persecution be broken up completely.

[Zhongjiang County, Sichuan Province] Two and Three Year Old Children Are Forced to Watch the "Self-Immolation" Videotape

Since July 22, 1999, in Zhongjiang County, Sichuan Province, group after group of those who do the bidding of Jiang Zemin in the Police Department, Township, Town Government and Street Office have gone to the practitioners' homes, which they search without presenting any warrant and then illegally confiscate Dafa books, cassettes, and other Dafa materials. They have arrested practitioners without cause. They have attempted to force practitioners to tell who is still practicing Falun Gong. They have sent people to supervise practitioners, wiretap their phones, and limit their freedom of action. They have forbidden practitioners to leave town. They have tried to force practitioners to abuse Dafa and the Teacher, but the practitioners have refused. When they asked practitioners to write letters guaranteeing they will no longer practice, the practitioners wrote: "Falun Dafa is good. Falun Dafa has suffered a huge injustice." They have charged practitioners with the crime of slander, and have detained them without giving the practitioners set terms, and without ever releasing them. They have put Dafa practitioners together with murderers, muggers and thieves and have paraded them through the streets all over the twelve districts in the county. They have also forced practitioners to labor for over ten hours a day. If the practitioners are unable to complete the task, then they beat the practitioners with electric batons. They will not release practitioners unless the family and the leaders of the practitioners' work units guarantee that the practitioner will give up Falun Gong. If the work unit comes to ask for release of a practitioner, police extort 5,000 Yuan of "bail" [500 Yuan is the average monthly salary of an urban worker in China].

In doing all of these evil things, the government thugs of Zhongjiang County have been doing what Jiang Zemin's thugs have done all over China. Recently, they managed to introduce a novelty: forcing their ugly propaganda on two and three year old children! In order to win political favor, they organized all of the students in the county to watch the "self-immolation" videotapes, hoping to poison the younger generation. They even forced children of two and three years old to watch. Parents reacted with disgust. A child of two or three years old came back home and told his mom: "Mom, I am scared." Mom asked him why, and he said, "The police on TV burned people!" Their young hearts are left with a shadow and a scar.

The excellent teachers Qi Xiaoping and Wang Xiaomei were sent to Deyang brainwashing class by Li Xiaohui, the director of the Dadong Street Kindergarten. The parents all said they are such good people, what do you want to "transform" them into? Thus, Jiang's minions acquire ever more debts to pay, and, in going to such ridiculous lengths, only end up revealing the truth to the people of Zhongjiang County.

[A Southern City] Righteous Words Come Out of the Mouth of a Judge

It is sinful for humans to treat cultivators as criminals. In a southern city, on September 27 and October 9 the court intended to interrogate Dafa practitioners illegally. Dafa practitioners at home heard about this and were of one mind: to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. We will not allow Jiang's courts to interrogate Dafa practitioners! As a result, the court could not open and ended by adjourning having conducted no interrogations.

Another court also wanted to interrogate Dafa practitioners on November 5. In the Dafa practitioners' field of strong righteous thoughts for eliminating the evil, the chief justice, juror, secretary and public prosecutor all felt listless and sleepy. The two-hour interrogation failed. Finally the chief justice torpidly stood up and proclaimed absent-mindedly, "Now the court decides: Falun Dafa is a righteous Fa. Restore the reputation of the Teacher of Dafa! Now the court is adjourned."

[Lanzhou, Gansu Province] Vicious Police Vainly Attempt to Stop the Spread of Truth-Clarifying Materials

In order to prevent Teacher's articles and Dafa truth-clarifying materials from continuously spreading to remote districts, policemen recently began searching passengers' luggage on all trains from Lanzhou to other cities. Hardly anyone can avoid being searched, and this policy has aroused strong resentment in the common people. Once, an old man said while he tidied up his messed-up luggage, "In 1949 when the Kuomintang was defeated in Lanzhou, they also searched passengers in this way."

[Jilin Province] Siping Mental Hospital Cruelly Abuses Dafa Practitioners

According to sources inside Siping Mental Hospital, some evil individuals who wear doctor's coats are using cruel torture, including massive doses of the drugs and injections meant for mental patients, to maltreat Dafa practitioners. For fun some vicious thugs even shocked Dafa practitioners with electric batons and then asked mockingly, "Do you still want to practice?" The tortured practitioners awoke from being in a coma and replied firmly, "Yes!" The evil thugs laughed violently and then tortured the Dafa practitioners even more relentlessly.

Here we appeal to kindhearted people, the media, medical organizations and institutions, human rights organizations, and governments all over the world to pay special concern to this issue. Falun Dafa practitioners detained illegally in Siping Mental Hospital all have higher education and hold high posts in society. (The exact number of practitioners and their present situations are under investigation. We will give a follow up report.) They are suffering unimaginable persecution now.

[Tianjin] Please Rescue Practitioners Sun Ti and Her Daughter Xu Zi'ao

Tianjin Dagang District practitioner Sun Ti, female, is about 39 years old. She was arrested twice at her home without cause. Her home was ransacked twice and she was forced to become homeless since mid-2000. Her daughter Xu Zi'ao was also forced to become homeless in May 2001, in order to evade the brainwashing class that was held specifically for her.

Sun Qiao, the brother of Sun Ti, has been detained since August 2001, when he was arrested by vicious police. Police did not send any notice to his family. From the time Sun Ti stayed away from home she was listed as a "wanted person." Police investigated all of her family members (more than ten people), forcing all of her relatives to guarantee that should they see Sun Ti they would report instantly to the police. The police in Dagang District frequently go to her home to check on and intimidate the family.

Although her daughter Xu Zi'ao had just entered the junior high school, the evil school and street committee still wanted to send her to the brainwashing class, and she could not return home. Police of Dagang District even brought one of her friends to Tiananmen Square and attempt to catch her.

On the night of November 21, Sun Ti and her daughter were abducted by plainclothes police. The Tianjin Police Department's "610 Office" is responsible for this action. Usually the Dafa practitioners are detained in the city police department after they are arrested.

We ask all kindhearted people around the world to pay attention to this issue and extend their help; we hope the overseas practitioners do not underestimate the effect of a phone call. Your actions have strong effects.

General phone No. of Tianjin Police Department: 86-22-27319000 transfer to Tianjin "610 office" 86-22-27319000 transfer to the director of Political Security Office, Yang, female, she is very deceitful.

[China] How Jiang Zemin's Regime Persecutes Me

I was an administrator in the Commercial and Industrial Bureau, and now I have been forced to become homeless to avoid further persecution. I started to practice Falun Dafa on July 22, 1997. Before I practiced Dafa I was a corrupt official who took bribes and had a bad gambling habit. My health was also poor. I had multiple diseases in the respiratory, alimentary and urinary tracts. Through practicing Falun Dafa, I became healthy and my heart became benevolent.

On July 22, 1999, the gang of political hooligans headed by Jiang Zemin launched its cruel persecution on Falun Dafa. The local police station forbade me to practice Falun Dafa and illegally sent me to a detention center many times without presenting any charges against me. They arrest people willfully and do not respect the law. I was detained for half a year and illegally fined more than ten thousand Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly salary for an urban worker in China].

They never presented any invoice when they issued a fine: this is exactly the definition of corruption. I cannot appeal this injustice anywhere. They sent me to a detention center and beat me violently so that my head, hands, chest, eyes and feet were full of bruises. In freezing cold weather they forced me to stand on the ice while bare footed, sometimes for the whole night. Sometimes they would not provide food for three to four days. One day under these conditions feels like one year. Criminals often said in the same manner as Jiang Zemin, "Beating you to death is counted as suicide." They said I was too stubborn. They also treated me as a target on which to practice their fighting skills and attempted to force me to abuse the Teacher and Dafa. They said, "It is the officials who asked us to supervise you and prevent you from practicing Falun Gong." I suffered greatly in both body and mind. On September 15, 2001 the police from "610 Office" willfully broke into my house and ransacked it without any warrant.

[Fuyuan County, Heilongjiang Province] The Evil Force Detains More Practitioners

The evil forces of Fuyuan County led by Zhang Sidong, the Director of the Political Security Section of the Police Department, illegally arrested practitioners Li Yan and Chen Kaiping this June. Li Yan was sent to a forced labor camp and Chen Kaiping is still in detention. Recently, the police illegally arrested practitioners Liu Zhongquan, Chen Wen, Li Zhonghua and Fu Meixia. The police didn't show any warrant and they extorted money and took away the TV sets and DVD players of these practitioners' families.

We hope all kind people will pay attention to this matter.

Names of the criminals:

Zhang Sidong, Director of Political Security Section, Fuyuan County Police Department Home phone: (454) 213-1008

Zhang Shuyi, Political Security Section, Fuyuan County Police Department, Home phone: (454) 213-3089

Director's Office, Fuyuan County Police Department: (454) 213-2538

Vice Director's Office, Fuyuan County Police Department: (454) 213-2464 and 213-2465

[Zhongjiang County, Sichuan Province] Police Brutally Torture Li Fenyou in Detention Center

Li Fenyou, female, resident of Zhongjiang County, Sichuan Province, was arrested for practicing Falun Gong. The police illegally held her in the detention center. She continued to practice exercises in the detention center. The police used an electric baton to shock and beat her. Then they asked her if she would practice again. Li answered "yes." The guards were angered and they put shackles and handcuffs on her and beat her to the point where there wasn't a patch of skin that wasn't bruised. They then asked her again if she would give up her exercises. She replied firmly that she would continue to practice. The police were angered further and so they hung her on an iron window with her tiptoes only slightly touching the ground. The long hours of hanging were so painful that she could not hold in her urine or control her bowels. The police didn't let her down and again asked her to renounce her belief. She again firmly replied, "I will practice as long as I can breathe."

All the criminals who saw it were greatly moved. They said, "Those who practice Falun Gong are good people, they only speak the truth, while the police beat them up so hard." Without a trial or chance to appeal, Li Fenyou was illegally sent to Ziyang Forced Labor Camp after the director of police department signed his name. In the labor camp, she endured more tortures and was injected with psychotropic drugs causing mental disorientation and distortion. She was tortured until she was bent over and dying, then the detention center called her family to carry her home. A smart and capable woman was tortured to the point where she was almost dead simply because she practiced Falun Gong. Who are the real criminals destroying families? Who is actually destroying society?

[China] Jiang Zemin's Thugs Threaten Practitioners' Families

One of my relatives practices Falun Dafa. He was dismissed from his job and illegally sentenced to imprisonment. His family and relatives were also threatened. The house was ransacked. All the Dafa books were confiscated and the family was illegally fined nearly ten thousand Yuan (the average monthly salary for an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan). The police threatened that if the "fine" was not handed over in three days, all the family members, no matter young or old, would be detained. With no other choices available to them, the family tried all sorts of means to borrow money. With the help of other relatives, they finally accumulated enough money and handed in the "fine" and thus avoided being sent to the detention center.

[Baishan City, Jilin Province] Two Female Practitioners Detained in the City Detention Center

Practitioner Wang Xia and another practitioner named Zhang were illegally detained in Baishan City Detention Center. Wang Xia was taken from her home after she sent a letter to a friend or relative. [Police and hired security guards closely monitor post offices to watch for mail that might contain truth-clarifying materials.] Zhang might have been arrested while distributing truth materials. We will investigate the details.

Recently, Baishan City established the "610 Office." [An agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.] After the photo exhibition of early November that slandered Dafa and our Teacher, the "610 Office" strengthened their efforts to repress practitioners. All practitioners in the Baishan area please send forth righteous thoughts focusing on the Baishan "610 Office" and eliminate the evil.

Phone numbers of Baishan City offices involved in persecuting Dafa:

Wang Baoping, General Secretary of "610 Office" Baishan City Political and Judiciary Committee (439) 322-6468

Political Security Section Baishan City Police Department (439) 322-6690

[Beijing, China] Criminal Behaviors of Policemen in the Tiananmen Police Station

On New Year's Day last year several practitioners and I went to Beijing to safeguard Dafa. When we entered the square, policemen stopped us and put us into a police van. The reason they gave for stopping us was that we were carrying toothbrushes with us. Later we were sent to the Tiananmen Square Police Station. Depraved policemen and hired criminals beat us and forced us to swear at our Teacher. We refused and so they locked us up in a cage.

We were locked inside an iron cage for a whole day. We were not allowed to eat even the food we had brought with us or to use the toilet. When they beat up a woman with a child, the child was scared and cried loudly. We couldn't just sit there and do nothing so we shouted to the thugs, "You're not allowed to beat people! You're not allowed to beat people." The policemen spit and sprayed water on us; it was in the coldest part of winter.

At about 9 p.m. that evening, we were transferred to a large detention center in the suburbs. The policemen ordered us to stand, squat or kneel down facing the wall. If we did not comply with their request, they would beat us with clubs studded with sharp "teeth" and shock us with electric batons.

After some time in the detention center, we were again transferred to the county level detention center. The policemen escorting us searched us. They took all our money, totaling over one thousand Yuan, and put it into their own pockets without giving us any kind of receipt.

[China] Dafa Reveals Its Power on a 72-Year-Old Elderly Woman

Days ago, I visited a practitioner. She was a 72-year-old elderly woman. Because I had been driven out of my home we hadn't met for a long time. As soon as we saw each other she told me, "Dafa is miraculous. My menstruation returned." This elderly woman previously had a tumor in her womb and her womb was removed when she was young. She had no children during her life.

A week before the "4.25 Event," she obtained Dafa. On April 25th, only one week after obtaining the Fa, she bravely went to the Appeal Office of the State Department. On July 22, she again went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa. Later, under pressure from her husband and the neighborhood administration office, she quit practicing. But her previous diseases came back to her and her small pension of 400 Yuan couldn't cover her medical expenses. So she began to practice Falun Dafa again and began to actively clarify the truth.

Since she diligently cultivates her xinxing and practices the exercises, Dafa has manifested a miracle for her. Now she uses her own experiences to promote Dafa and clarify the truth to all the people she meets.

[Changtu City, Liaoning Province] TV Station Films Fake Program in the Detention Center

I am a practitioner. I went to Beijing to appeal peacefully for Dafa in January 2000 when the evil forces started to defame Dafa and our Teacher. I was arrested and sent back. In the detention center, the following incident took place:

One day, I was detained in the front yard. The second day, they sent in over ten practitioners and three prostitutes who were arrested from a hotel. Changtu City TV station came to film a program about Falun Gong practitioners. The guards had us sit in four lines and also put these three prostitutes in our lines. The TV producer gave the police guard a newspaper and asked him to read it. The guard asked, "What shall I read?" The producer said, "You just read anything bad about Falun Gong." The guard replied, "But they didn't do anything wrong." The guard's face turned red because he was embarrassed and was unwilling to lie. The producers said, "Ok, forget it. Just move your lips and you don't need to say a word. I will find someone to dub over it later."

When I heard this, I stood up and said, "You are producing a fake program!" One prison warden immediately dragged me out of the room and accused me of shouting slogans. I clarified the truth to him. He replied, "You don't need to tell me that, I know everything." Later, I heard that his wife was practicing Falun Gong. They then moved me to the back yard. Of course, the fake video program about Falun Gong was successfully staged and filmed.

The policemen detained these prostitutes alongside us. They complained, "Almost none of the policemen are good. They first called us to serve them. When it was done, they arrested us and beat us severely." We helped them, clarified the truth and promoted Dafa to them. We told them the true reason for living a life. Before, they had believed the TV propaganda, now they no longer believe the lies. They were deeply moved and understood how to be good human beings. They promised us that they would not do bad things after they got out and even said they would practice Falun Gong after being released. Later, they paid a lot of money to the police and were released. When they were leaving, they begged the guards to release the practitioners and said that the practitioners were all good people.