Wujia County, Min-an Village

Li Lanying, female, 45, went to Beijing to appeal on December 19, 2000. On the morning of December 20, she was arrested and sent to the Public Security Bureau of Tiananmen while she was watching the national flag-raising ceremony in Tiananmen Square. In the afternoon she was sent to a detention center in Yanqing County in a suburb of Beijing. She was unlawfully detained for 7 days and she and other practitioners went on a hunger strike. Then she was sent to Dagang Public Security Bureau in Tianjin City, and the police there told her, "Your relatives will come and take you home." But actually the Harbin Office in Beijing took her to Shuangcheng Office, and her money was extorted there. After that, she was detained for 15 days in Wujia police substation, 56 days in Shuangcheng City, and an additional 37 days in a brainwashing class after she was released. She is under constant harassment even now, because her village paid certain people to watch her. On January 10, 2001, she was extorted 1,000 Yuan (Chinese currency, the average monthly income of an urban worker is 500 Yuan) by Min-an villager Zhang Liwei, 500 Yuan by Wujia County resident Sun Jiazhi on March 27, and 500 Yuan by Wujia government officer Fu Shengjun on March 29.

Ji Xuefen, male, 20, went to appeal in Beijing in 2000. He was arrested by Beijing police and taken back by Harbin Public Security Bureau, and sent to Yaziquan Prison in Chegu County and held there for 20 days. He was not released until 2700 Yuan was paid to the Harbin Public Security Bureau to buy him out on March 17, 2001.

Gao Guangsi, male, 48, went to appeal and clarify the truth in Beijing on March 14, 2000. When he asked the police where the appeal office was, they answered, "We will send you there," and sent him directly to the Public Security Bureau. There he was forced to have his photo taken and then forced to pay 30 Yuan for the expense. People from Shuangcheng Office stationed in Beijing came to get him, and they took all of his money in order to gamble with it and took him in handcuffs all the way back to No. 2 detention center in Shuangcheng City. There he was illegally detained for 7 days, and extorted 3000 Yuan by Shuangcheng City 6-10 office (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) personnel Zhang Guofu. Then he was detained by the Wujia County government for 3 months, and unlawful people frequently came to his home asking for money. On July 21, 2000 he was deceived and taken to a brainwashing class by Officer Bai in the police substation, and detained there for 15 days. Even now he is watched by people in his village.

Zhang Huiyun, female, 50, was forcibly arrested in her own home. She was illegally detained in a brainwashing class in Wujia County. The brainwashing class was just like a prison. Allowing them no personal freedom, people monitored the practitioners at all times. Practitioners were also pressured to write "guarantee letters"(promising to give up Falun Dafa), and were not released until they paid 500 Yuan to Wujia County government officers Sun Jinku, Wang Guofa, Ho Lixia and Xu Jianguang. Even now her work team has assigned certain people to watch her every day.

Wang Chengli, male, 52, was unlawfully detained for 30 days, and held in a brainwashing class for 25 days. In March 2001 he was extorted 500 Yuan by Wujia County government officers Sun Jinku, Wang Guofa, Ho Lixia and Xu Jianguang.

Li Shulian, female, 58, went to Beijing to help with Fa-rectification on December 19, 2000, and was arrested by police on December 20. In the afternoon she was sent to Yanqing County detention center in the suburbs of Beijing and detained there for 5 days; then she was sent to Dagang Public Security Bureau in Tianjin City and detained there for one day and one night. There, team leader Chen tied her hands to a cabinet with string, and another policeman tried to throw her out of a 5-story building twice. The police there used intimidating, threatening and deceptive behavior to persecute practitioners. Later she was taken back by Harbin Office in Beijing and sent to the Shuangcheng Office in Beijing, and detained in a local detention center for 56 days. On February 21 she was forced to attend Wujia County's brainwashing class for 37 days. On March 29 she was again sent to a brainwashing class at the Party's school of Shuangcheng City for more than 10 days. On April 9 she was extorted 1100 Yuan by government official Li Fuchen. Even now she is under constant surveillance by her village.

Wang Baoyan, male, 51: on the afternoon of July 20, 2000, three policemen from Wujia police substation said that the head of the substation wanted to talk to him. They deceived him into going to the substation and detained him there for 18 hours. At 9 a.m. the next morning he was sent to Shuangcheng detention center and sentenced to 15 days of detention. But on the fourth day he was transferred to a criminal detention center and held there and not released until September 6, 49 days later. In that period he was beaten three times and extorted 5000 Yuan by policeman Li Shijie. On December 16, the police forcibly arrested him, claiming to be taking him to a brainwashing class. On the second street of Wujia County, his windows were sealed with plywood, the door locked, and no entrance was allowed. On the evening of January 18, 2001, he was again sent to the No. 2 detention center of Shuangcheng City, unlawfully held there for 78 days on criminal detention charges, and was not released until he paid 600 Yuan in April 2001.

Chengzhen County, Qing-an Village

In 2001, all persons from Qiuling Company who ever practiced Falun Gong were arrested and detained to force them to give up practicing and to extort money from them. Practitioners were extorted 1000 Yuan as "guarantee money" to assure that they wouldn't go to Beijing to appeal (which means the money could be returned if they didn't go to Beijing to appeal, and would be confiscated if they did go). The names of the practitioners were: Fang Keyan, Bai Yafen, Kong Xiuhua, Guan Shuwen, Ma Yuncai, Xu Guohua, Zhang Yuchen, Guo Xiuzhi, Wang Guilian, Jia Yongkun, Wang Shuyun, Wang Xingwei, Fang Xia, Zhao Guiqing, Na Hongpeng and Guan Fenghua.

Wang Xingrui, 48, and his wife Zhang Xiuying, 48, went to appeal in Beijing on November 29, 2000. They were detained and extorted 4600 Yuan by Chengzhen County Qing-an Villager Lu Jingzhi, Guan Fengtong and Ren Wanjin. When they were absent from home on December 28, 2000, people from the police station, county and village governments and the 6-10 office confiscated their home, and took away all the crops from their 20 Mu (about 3.3 acre) field. When their son tried to stop them, they even threatened to arrest him in the name of "interfering with the government's business." In addition to that, they forced the family to write a statement that they owed the government 1278 Yuan. This time Chengzhen County Qing-an villagers Lu Jingzhi, Guan Fengtong and Ren Wanjin extorted 5570 Yuan from them. On January 17, 2001, Zhang Xiuying was released after paying Guan Fengtong and Ren Wanjin 1400 Yuan. Wang Xingrui was released after being held in Changlinzi forced labor camp for 8 months.

Wang Xingyu, 42, and his wife Yin Shufang, 40, were detained in Shuangcheng detention center because they appealed in Beijing. They were held for 58 days and were released after going on a hunger strike. They were extorted 6000 Yuan by 6-10 officer Liu Chunyang; 5000 Yuan was for ransom, and 1000 Yuan for their meals. In November 2000, Wang Zhenmin and others tried to arrest them at their home so as to prevent them from appealing in Beijing, but they escaped with the help of kind-hearted people. Then they had no choice but to live homelessly outside their hometown to avoid further persecution. On December 28, 2000, Wang Zhenmin, Guan Fengtong and Ren Wanjin, like thieves, confiscated their home, took away a four-wheel cart, 600 kg corn and a sewing machine.

Wu Lianrong, female, 59, went to Beijing to appeal. While she was gone, residents from Qingan Village, including Zhao Xinzhi, Guan Fengtong, Ren Wanjin, and Wang Zhenmin, robbed her of a grain crop that was worth 4000 Yuan (the perpetrators said the grain was only worth 3650 Yuan). The neighbors said that the perpetrators behaved like bandits.

Zhao Shufang, female, 53, went to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa in Beijing. For this, a local officer, Guan Fengtong from Qingan Village, extorted 3710 Yuan from her.

Yan Shuqi, male, appealed in Beijing and was illegally detained for 15 days by local officials. Lu Jingzhi, Wang Zhenmin, and Guan Fengtong from Qingan Village, Chengzhen Township extorted 3710 Yuan from Yan as traveling expenses.

Zheng Wenping, female, 53, appealed for Dafa in Beijing and was unlawfully held in a detention center. Lu Jingzhi, Wang Zhenmin, Guan Fengtong, and Zhao Xinzhi extorted 3710 Yuan from Zheng as traveling expenses.

Na Qinglian, female, 68, went to appeal in Beijing. For this, Ren Wanjin, Wang Zhenmin, Guan Fengtong, and Zhao Xinzhi extorted 3650 Yuan from Na as traveling expenses.

Han Zhilian, female, 51, went to appeal in Beijing. Han was arrested and Ren Wanjin, Guan Fengtong, and Zhao Xinzhi extorted 3650 Yuan from her as traveling expenses to return her home.

Yan Shuju, female, 39, went to appeal in Beijing on November 29, 2000 and was arrested and detained. After she was escorted back, Ren Wanjin, Lu Jingzhi, Guan Fengtong, and Zhao Xinzhi from Qingan Village extorted 1700 Yuan from Yan before releasing her. On Dec 28, 2000, the perpetrators illegally searched Yan's home and arrested her. They confiscated 1800 Yuan worth of grain and forced Yan to write a statement saying that she owed them more money. Yan Shuju was detained for 8 days and extorted 160 Yuan as a food expense. Yan was then transferred to her hometown, where she was detained for another 39 days and another 1000 Yuan was extorted as food expenses. The total extorted amount was 4660 Yuan.

Wanlong Township

1. Changjiang Village:

Wang Limin, male, 34, was unlawfully arrested to prevent him from appealing for Falun Dafa. During the Spring Festival of 2000, some police guards and officers from the community government came to Wang's home and forcefully took him to the community office and detained him there. The perpetrators said that they did this to prevent Wang from going to Beijing to appeal. After detaining Wang for a month, the perpetrators tried to force Wang to write a "guarantee letter" (promising not to practice or appeal). They forced Wang to put down 3000 Yuan and the deed to his house as "guarantee money" before releasing him. Liu Yingwen, Zhang Junguo, and Shao Xiaolin from Wanlong Community extorted a total of 2000 Yuan from Wang.

2. Baoguo Village

Wang Wenxia, female, is a 42-year-old practitioner. In December 2000, Liu Yingwen, Zhang Junguo, and Shao Xiaolin from Wanlong Community extorted a total of 1500 Yuan from Wang Wenxia.

Hu Xiurong, female, is a 52-year-old practitioner. Zhang Wanmin, Zhang Junguo, Lan Hongjun, Ren Xiqing, and Zhou Pingfan form Wanlong Township extorted money repeatedly from Hu. She was also illegally detained for 28 days in Wanlong Township. On another occasion, she was arrested while participating in an experience sharing conference in Handian Township. Hu was sent to No. 2 Detention Center in Shuangcheng City and detained there for 53 days.

Yu Yongxin, female, 53, went to Beijing to appeal in December 2000. While Yu was on a train on the way there, she was asked by some police from Harbin City to curse Dafa and Teacher. When Yu refused, she was sent to a custodial center, where she was detained for 12 days. To her surprise, 10 days after returning home, she was again deceived by the local community government office and beaten. Yu was detained there for another 10 days and then transferred to the No. 2 Detention Center in Shuangcheng City on Dec 25 (Chinese Lunar Calendar). While she was illegally detained in the detention center, the perpetrators tried over and again to send her to a forced labor camp but failed. They finally extorted over 2000 Yuan from her. Persons mainly responsible: Zhang Junguo and Shao Xiaolin.

Duimiancheng Township, Zhansheng Village

Zhao Yanling, female, 24, was arrested December 27, 2000 and unlawfully detained for 22 days in Shuangcheng Detention Center. During her detention, Zhao was beaten, cursed at, and physically punished repeatedly by the inmates. The persecution emaciated her body and tormented her mind. Tian Chunlai from Duimiancheng Township government extorted 2000 Yuan from her as "guarantee money". The head of the detention center Jin extorted 240 Yuan as food expenses from her before releasing her.

Zhang Xiuzhen, female, 50, went to Beijing to appeal on December 12, 2000, and was beaten and tortured with electric batons by the police in Tiananmen Square. The police from Chaoyang District in Beijing incited the inmates to physically punish her. They tied her up with one hand going over her shoulder and the other going up from behind her back, then forced her to squat down for a long time. Zhang was later transferred to Wuan City, Hebei Province. After getting tortured for refusing to give her name, Zhang went on a hunger strike for 7 days, and then was force-fed. The perpetrators also put handcuffs and shackles on her for 3 days. The police from Kangercheng Police Station did not allow her to sleep, forced her to stand for 3 days and 3 nights, and beat her. During the first several days in Wuan City, Zhang was cuffed to a pipe -- she had to sleep sitting up, and it was extremely cold. Later on, the head of Wuan Detention Center extorted 1050 Yuan from Zhang and her inmates extorted 50 Yuan from her. She was also forced to pay the police guards 50 Yuan for daily supplies. Zhang was finally released after the extortion.

Jiang Yahong, female, 26, traveled to Beijing in April 2000. While she was on her way, she was caught at Shuangcheng Train Station and detained for 19 days. Zhang Huapeng from Handian Township Court and another officer from Tuanjie Township extorted 2000 Yuan from Jiang. Zhang Huapeng also extorted another 50 Yuan from her as a summons fee. In June 2000, Jiang again went to Beijing to appeal. She was beaten in Tiananmen Square and sent to Fangshan District Detention Center in Beijing. During her detention there, Jiang was beaten and abused by both male and female guards, not allowed to sleep, and handcuffed with her hands behind her back. She went on a hunger strike for 5 days and was then force-fed by the perpetrators. Jiang was later transferred to Dongli Detention Center in Tianjin City, where she was beaten and cursed at by the female doctors and male police guards. They also tortured her with electric batons and did not allow her to sleep. Later on, Jiang was transferred to Shuangcheng Detention Center, where she went on a hunger strike for 9 days, demanding unconditional release. The perpetrators in Shuangcheng Detention Center persecuted her and transferred her to Wanjia Forced Labor Camp, where she was beaten by a group of male guards. By the end of March 2000, because she refused to give in, the guards in No. 12 Group treated her with physical punishment. Jiang went on hunger strike to protest the punishment. Three days later, she was sent to Wanjia Hospital. In the hospital, since she refused to take injections, the vice-director of the hospital beat and cursed at her, causing damage to her right ear, which made her lose some hearing.

Xin Hongxia, female, 37 years old went to Beijing to validate Dafa on November 7, 2000. For not telling her address, she was sent to Pinggu County Detention Center, where she went on a hunger strike with other practitioners. The police used various methods and finally tricked her into telling them her address. She was then escorted back by officials from her local township government and sent to the No. 2 Detention Center in Shuangcheng City, where she was detained for 20 days. The officials from her township government then took her back and detained her for another 12 days. After Tian Chunlai (an official from her township government) extorted 200 Yuan from her, Xin was released. However, only three days after she went home, the officials from the township government arrested her again. Xin's husband complained about the illegal treatment, but the perpetrators sent her back to the No. 2 Detention Center in Shuangcheng City and detained her there for over 2 months. Xin was finally released after the head of the detention center extorted 700 Yuan from her.

Xingfu Township, Jiuyuan Village

Cai Yajing, female, 28 years old, was arrested on February 4, 2000, and illegally detained for 2 months in Shuangcheng Custodial Center. Police officer Zhang Guofu extorted 1000 from her and the custodial center extorted another 600 Yuan. Later on, Cai was detained for an additional 23 days by the township government. Officer Yang Xuelin extorted 3000 Yuan from her before she was released. On December 13, 2000, Cai traveled to Beijing to appeal for justice. In Jinzhou City, she was arrested and detained in a police station for 7 days. Her hometown police station escorted her back and detained her for over 40 days, after which they sent her to a forced labor camp. In the forced labor camp, officials extorted money again.

Fu Jingwu, male, 53, went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa in 2000. After he was arrested, the local township government officials seized all the money he had with him, which was about 70 Yuan, and sent him back to Shuangcheng City, where he was detained for over 4 months and extorted 950 Yuan as food expenses. Zhang Guofu from Shuangcheng Police Department also extorted 100 Yuan from him. On December 20, 2000 (Chinese Lunar Calendar), Fu was deceived into going to a nursing home by Township officer Yang Xuelin. Fu was detained there for 112 days. On January 11, 2001 (Chinese Lunar Calendar), the township governor Qu Deping brought Mo Dahong, Bai Si, Fu Erlong, and Su Jiahui with him, and starting between 8 and 9 a.m., the four ruffians took turns torturing over 10 practitioners with batons, leather belts, and brooms. They took the practitioners' pants off and beat their buttocks black and blue. Fu Jingwu was tortured until he almost passed out several times. Qu Deping punched him in the face many times. The perpetrators said that the higher authorities told them that if they killed the practitioners, they would bear no responsibility.

Nan Yaqin, Female, 53, went to appeal in Beijing in 2000, and was illegally detained for 56 days and extorted 2000 Yuan by Zhang Guofu. On Jan. 11, 2001 (Chinese Lunar Calendar), she was among the practitioners mentioned above that were tortured by Qu Deping and the four ruffians. The injury to her hand took 6 months to heal, and her buttocks were beaten black and blue. Yang Xuelin from Xingfu Township extorted 3200 Yuan from her.

Wang Dongli, female, 35, went to Beijing to appeal in January 2000 and was subsequently detained at the No. 2 Detention Center in Shuangcheng City for 2 months. Wang was then transferred to Yajuan in Harbin City and detained there for over 1 month, after which she was returned to the No. 2 Detention Center in Shuangcheng City. Wang's family members were threatened many times. Zhang Guofu extorted 1000 Yuan from her and the detention center extorted an additional 950 Yuan. Wang was then sent to a brainwashing class in her local township, where she was detained for 15 days and extorted 1500 Yuan as "bail" and 1000 Yuan for traveling expenses by Yang Xuelin and Zhang Jianhua from the Xingfu Township Government. The perpetrators also forced her to write a "guarantee letter" before releasing her. In January 2001, when Wang was working at her home, Wang Dianyong and Zhang Enping, under the direction of the township government, forcefully took her to a nursing home and detained her there for over 3 months. During her detention, Wang was beaten by Du Chunhui, threatened many times, and extorted 300 Yuan by Zhang Jianhua. Around 10 p.m. on January 10, 2001 (Chinese Lunar Calendar), Du Chunhui, and Yan Jinggui, searched her house without a search warrant.

Liu Wanxiang, male, 52, went to Beijing to appeal in February 2000 and was subsequently detained at the No. 2 Detention Center in Shuangcheng City for 2 months. The detention center extorted 700 Yuan from him and forced him to write a "guarantee letter." Liu was then detained at Xingfu Township Police Station for over a month. Zhang Guofu, Yang Xuelin, and Zhang Jianhua extorted 3000 Yuan from him before releasing him. In January 2001, because he persisted in practicing the exercises and studying the Fa, Liu was sent to a nursing home and tortured by Qu Deping and the four ruffians. Liu was also tortured by a security officer from Yongqing Village named Bian Long.