In Yingkou City Labor Camp, the fifth team supervisor Zhai Huancheng (a prime persecutor of Dafa practitioners), along with team leader Zheng Zhiqiang, instigates gang members Jia Mingsen, Xiong Yue and Li Aiguo, etc., to beat up Dafa practitioners violently, promising to reduce these criminals' terms. Dafa practitioner Lou Yuejun was beaten so badly that his face bled continuously, as police officers illegally allow the criminals to make use of the handcuffs and electric batons, etc., at will.

Dafa practitioner Shen Jun was handcuffed to an iron door by the criminals for over an hour. During the period in which Dafa practitioners undertook a hunger strike, they were force-fed with highly concentrated salt water.

Dafa practitioner Zhang Shupeng was surrounded by a group of criminals led by the police. These people were afraid that awareness of their crimes would be spread to the outside, so they blocked all outgoing information. For 3 months since September 16th, they have not allowed Dafa practitioners to meet their families, so Dafa practitioners have lost their most basic freedoms.

Information also reveals that convicted robber Jia Mingsen has aroused many people's anger, but the police shelter him because he is a relative of Gaizhou City Police Department Director, Wang Jianhua. Jia is a member of the gangster community backed by corrupt policemen Wang Jianhua, Xu Fang, Wu Liwen, Zhao Dadong, etc. Jia's group makes its living robbing and stealing, but he was only sentenced to two years of labor re-education for robbing a taxi driver.

Criminal list:

Fifth team of Yingkou City Labor Camp

Supervisor: Zhai Huancheng

Zhai's home phone: 86-417-2612415; pager: 86-417-99809841

Team Leader Zheng Zhiqiang's home phone: 86-417-2832088; pager:86-417- 99806228

1st team Supervisor: Fu Yingjie; Team Leader Wang Xianfeng