(Clearwisdom.net) My father goes to neighbours, relatives and friends daily in order to clarify the truth (about Falun Gong). After they come to understand the truth, they always ask my dad to stay for lunch or dinner.

There is one person who used to be the head of a factory where my dad previously worked. He did not believe in Dafa even during the time when Dafa was being widely spread, so my dad took the time to tell him about the principles of Dafa. Later, when this person saw Dafa being slandered on TV, he began to have doubts (about Dafa). My father immediately went to him to clarify the truth (my father would explain everything to him again and again if there were anything that he was still not clear about). After he learned the truth this person said repeatedly, "You must come back again, you haven't finished." He said this three times. Although he was already in his 80s, he insisted on seeing my Dad off downstairs.

Because my dad goes out to clarify the truth every day, and those he talks to are either people we know or our neighbours, we were all very worried, fearing that someone who knows him would go against him and inform on him to the police. So we told him to be careful, but he said, "The only reason why someone would tell the police would be because we had not clarified the truth well enough. Otherwise who would do such a thing if they knew it was wrong? There are only a small number of bad people."

Yesterday, my father heard that the corrupt authorities in the city again held a meeting on how to intensify the persecution against Falun Gong. Based on the information from the Internet, he reckoned that the people in power would again come up with some new measures to persecute Falun Gong. So he called up three officials in the Political and Judiciary Committee of the city and invited them to our house. They came straight over in a car. My dad first showed them Teacher's new article, "Foretelling the Fa-rectification of the Human World," and then told them about the overall situation of Dafa across the world, attending to each and every aspect of the matter with reason and evidence. After they heard all of this, the three of them said some kind words to my father, adding a special note when they were about to leave, "Be sure to take care of this article (meaning Teacher's article did not come easily.)" They said this several times.

Upon hearing this I was choked with sobs. I felt so happy for my dad, blessing from the bottom of my heart those who have learned the truth. I felt the greatness of the Buddha Fa, and the boundless benevolence of Teacher.

My dad's ceaseless efforts inspired me. As long as the television continues with its slanderous rumours, we will continuously refute these rumours. We will clarify the truth over and over again until people come to understand.