Comprehensive News from China

Today 187 practitioners issued solemn statements. The statements declared that all words spoken and actions made against Dafa, were done due to insufficient study of the Fa, and under great pressure, threat, and are therefore invalid. From now on, these people will be determined in cultivating Dafa, believe firmly in Teacher, and continue on the road of cultivation arranged by Teacher. They will not go back to the old road and double their efforts to compensate for the losses they caused.

In memory of a Dafa practitioner from Changchun: Wang Kefei, 35 years old, an employee of the Changchun Agricultural Bank, was healthy and beautiful. She started practicing Dafa in June 1994. After July 1999, she was illegally detained several times. Once she faced persecution by being put inside a heavy torture device for 11 days. She was interrogated while being carried in and out by the police. All the while, she remained steadfast and did not give in. In August she unfurled a banner in Tiananmen, and was illegally sent to the Changchun Heizuizi Labor Camp where she was tortured to death.

At noon on December 23, 2001, in a tall residential building in a city in north China, two truth-clarifying banners were hung with the words "Falun Dafa rectifies earth and heaven. All the degenerated substances are eliminated and the spring lasts eternally." It was extremely encouraging for the practitioners and very frightening for the evil.

A mother was arrested while preparing truth-clarifying materials for Dafa and tortured at Fujin City's public security bureau in Heilongjiang Province by evil policemen. A policeman named Fan, yelled while beating her, "We will put you on the tiger bench, stuff you with hot pepper liquid, burn you with a bottle of boiling water, and beat you with a iron wire whip." We did not co-operate with the evil from beginning to end and did not pay them a single penny. Finally we got the mother released from the labor camp. By then, she had been badly tortured and was very weak.

Exposing the brutal tortures and persecutions at Wujiabaozi Forced Labor Camp in Fushun City, Liaoning Province:

1,600 practitioners were detained there successively, from 80-year-old(s) to teenagers. Practitioner Zhao Yunshan was hung up by handcuffs for six days and nights and his (or her) legs were so swollen that they were the same width as his (or her) waist. Yao Songdong was tortured until he had a mental breakdown. Practitioners were allowed to see their families only once a month. A three or four year old child cried loudly, "I want my mommy!" The iron door slammed shut ruthlessly in front of him, and the child's cry could be heard a long way off.

The "Interview of Focal Point" program of CCTV hired a person named "Li Huiyun" on the 23rd who publicly lied, saying, "I had the sinful thought of killing my own son in 1998 when I practiced Falun Gong." Falun Gong has an explicit rule, "For practitioners, we have set the strict requirement that they cannot kill lives."[Zhuan Falun] (We can see clearly) of course, Li Huiyun is not a Falun Gong practitioner.

The lawless government officials in Zhejiang Province brought disasters to the local people with their persecution of Dafa practitioners. On the morning of December 18, a rice noodle factory in Wenzhou City caught fire and four people were killed. At noon on the 16th, the Hengwei Clothes Factory in Haining City suddenly collapsed and over 30 people were injured and buried under the debris. The accident site was a horrifying scene to behold.

A day of a Fa rectification trip during the winter: On Saturday, December 8, it was snowing. Two practitioners didn't agree with each other on the bus and both looked inside themselves to see if they had the mentality of competition. In the morning, they went to three relatives' homes to clarify the truth and delivered Teacher's new article(s) to a fellow practitioner. They clarified the truth to a female university student on their way. In the evening, they walked to the home of another fellow practitioner and helped her to find her shortcomings with their righteous belief and understanding. Their politeness and solemnity made her husband say that, "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance are indeed good."

Cultivation Stories

Three Short Fa Rectification Stories

Some practitioners were doing Fa-rectification work in Beijing on December 21, 2001 when the police surrounded their home. A male practitioner said loudly, "You are not allowed to beat people!" The police were shocked. One practitioner ran away barefoot, but he came upon a pair of cotton-padded shoes that fit him perfectly by the side of the road. Another male practitioner was also barefoot, and a pair of leather shoes appeared in the grass. We realized that this was arranged by our compassionate Teacher.

On January 9, 2001, a Dafa practitioner was arrested while passing out truth-clarifying materials. Three policemen brought the practitioner to a restaurant. The old policeman drank too much and fell asleep, while the young policemen went to visit prostitutes. For a long time, there was no one watching the practitioner. The practitioner realized that this was Teacher's arrangement. He put a quilt on the sleeping old policeman and said to him, "Have a good nap, sorry, I have to go now."

By the end of 2000, a practitioner who was doing Fa-rectification work in Beijing saw a banner slandering Dafa. The practitioner immediately bought some ink, found a ladder, and used the ink to cover up the slanderous words. Some wicked people reported the practitioner to the police, so several policemen came looking for the practitioner. The practitioner hid under a truck, and the police could not find him after searching for him for a long time. Finally another local practitioner accompanied him home.

How a disabled farmer obtained Dafa:

A Dafa practitioner came to share his cultivation experience with me. On the fifth day that he was here, I found I no longer needed the crutches that I had been using during the past 8 years. I thus obtained the Fa. That night, some miracles happened to me. I felt a warm current filling from my head to toe, which was really comfortable. I realized high-level Fa in the universe through Fa-study and I said to myself, "I am so fortunate!"

How I clarified the truth to people around me:

I clarified the truth to my relatives, friends, and foreign people that I met during work. I told them how I was brutally tortured when I was illegally detained in the labor camp. Most of them showed sympathy to Dafa and expressed their objection to the persecution of Falun Gong. My understanding is that as long as we use our hearts to clarify the truth, we can always find the opportunity [to talk about Falun Gong] when we meet different people. The point is how much we treasure Fa-rectification in our heart.

My Fa-rectification story:

On January 6, I, along with two fellow practitioners, went to Tiananmen to rectify the Fa. But we were taken to the Daxing County Police Station where we were subjected to various tortures such as being exposed in the cold, being beaten, threatened, and deceived. Later we were transferred to the Daxing County Detention Center. We staged a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. As a result, we were beaten, dragged on the ground, and bound with ropes by the evil police. However, we held on to our firm belief, and walked out of the detention center.

News from Overseas

World Daily reported on December 22 that Falun Gong practitioners filed a lawsuit against Sing Tao Daily (a Chinese newspaper in Toronto, Canada) that published articles slanderous to Falun Gong, and that they demanded a compensation amounting to CA$13,000,000.