Han Xue, male, 40 plus years old, a veteran practitioner in Beijing, firmly practices Falun Dafa. He validates Dafa and clarifies the truth in various ways. In early October of 2000, he went to Tiananmen Square to unfurl a banner, and then made his exit openly and nobly. Mr. Han was illegally arrested on October 21, 2000 while he was in a place that makes banners. Later it was said that he was unlawfully sentenced to10 years in prison for printing truth-clarifying materials and being interviewed by foreign journalists.

Cao Dong, male, 30 plus years old, a Beijing practitioner and translator, uses all available means to validate Dafa and widely clarify the truth. He had been illegally detained and persecuted in the drug rehabilitation center in Inner Mongolia for his steadfast belief in Falun Dafa. On October 21, 2000, he was unlawfully arrested and sentenced to 4 years in jail in a prison in Gansu Province, which is Mr. Cao's domicile. During his illegal imprisonment, Cao Dong had firm righteous thoughts and was persecuted for refusing to cooperate with the evil.

Gao Feng, male, 31 years old, from Gansu Province, was illegally imprisoned in the drug rehabilitation center in Inner Mongolia for his firm belief in Falun Dafa. Mr. Gao was unlawfully arrested on October 21, 2000 while preparing truth-clarifying materials, and sentenced to 4 years in jail. Later he was sent to a prison in his domicile, Gansu Province, and tortured.

Zhu Ying, female, 30 plus years old; and Zhu Baolian, female, 34 years old, are both Beijing practitioners. They were illegally imprisoned and persecuted for their unwavering belief in Falun Dafa. Later they prepared truth-clarifying materials, and extensively clarified the truth. They were illegally arrested in mid November 2000 while delivering Dafa materials, and were unlawfully imprisoned in the detention center in Chaoyang district. It was said that they were brutally tortured, but their righteous thoughts were unmoved. Later they were illegally sentenced to 4 to 6 years in jail (no details available). As of today, there is no news.

Hu Haihua (phonetic transcription, may not be the correct spelling) from Jiangxi Province had previously produced truth-clarifying literature in Beijing. In mid November 2000, Hu haihua was illegally arrested when delivering truth-clarifying materials together with another practitioner (name unknown). Later, both were illegally sentenced to 4-6 years. Their whereabouts are still unknown.

Follow up on Yu Ping's situation:

An article in Chinese on Minghui on December 3, 2001, " Qinghua University Alumni Domestic and Abroad, Please Help Rescue Persecuted Qinghua Students!" has the following introduction:

Yu Ping, male, 30 years old, graduate research student in the Thermo-energy Department in the year 1995, started his doctoral program ahead of time, in March 1997, because of his excellent academic record. He had won both the "1.29" scholarship, and the "Simons Scholarship" from Qinghua University. Mr. Yu had been the President of Graduate Students' Union and the Deputy Head of graduate students' workgroup. In early June of 1999, the evaluation committee unanimously approved his doctoral thesis (responsible for the National 863 Plan, a high-tech project in the field of Astronomy), rated as Excellent Graduation Thesis. However, because he went to Tiananmen Square on June 20 to peacefully appeal for Falun Gong, Qinghua University refused to grant him his degree, treating it as if he had abandoned his doctoral program. Mr. Yu Ping, who had been granted a full scholarship to Ohio State University previously, thus lost his chance to further his study and research. Mr. Yu was later unlawfully sentenced to 4 years in jail.

More about him is now known as follows:

Yu Ping had written to Qinghua University to explain why he was firm in his practice and belief in Falun Dafa. Then he went to Tiananmen Square to unfurl a Dafa banner, and having righteous thoughts, came back on the same day. Later he went to Tiananmen Square with his newly wed wife (and an 8-year-old child) to validate Dafa. On the Square, he and the child were brutally beaten, but he left on the same day having held righteous thoughts. The whole family downloaded truth-clarifying literature from the Internet, and printed them in the room they rented. They also received practitioners from other cities. In November 2000, their home was illegally ransacked, and the police from Sanjianfang Police Station in Chaoyang District took all their personal belongings. Yu Ping was illegally detained and persecuted in the No. 7 section of Beijing Police Department and later was unlawfully sentenced to 4 years in jail.