(Clearwisdom.net) On November 12, 2001, police from the Xi'an Division of the Gonghe Security Office in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province arrested eleven Dafa practitioners who had been forced to leave their homes to avoid persecution. The practitioners include male practitioners Yu Zhonghai and Yang Yukun, and female practitioners Fu Ying and Yang. The police of the Security Office have actively followed Jiang Zemin's orders. They ruthlessly tortured these eleven practitioners on the same day in order to extract information from them. However, these practitioners maintained their unshakable belief in Dafa and never cooperated with them.

After failing to achieve their goals, the police started torturing practitioners using the most brutal methods. Several of them punched and kicked Yang Yukun. They also beat him with wooden sticks until his back was black and blue. They also tried to force him to step on Teacher's picture. When Yang refused, the police then stomped on his feet with leather boots until they were bruised and swollen. He could hardly walk afterwards. After two days of torture, Yang was sent to the Hualin Dongjiao Security Office to be tortured there.

Yu Zhonghai was beaten and force-fed mustard oil through his mouth and nose. When his family went to see him at the Hualin Dongjiao Security Office, the police claimed that Yu had disappeared and denied knowledge of his whereabouts.

Female practitioners Fu Ying and Yang were beaten and tortured at the Xinglong Second Detention Center. They have been on a hunger strike to protest the torture for 24 days, and their lives are in danger. They can no longer be force-fed as their noses are bleeding severely. Fearing they would die in the detention center, the officials at the detention center asked for direction from higher ranking officials in Mudanjiang City. Mayor Zhang Qiuyang replied, "Let them starve to death." For a mayor to say such inhuman words reflects his heartless nature toward Dafa practitioners.

All Falun Gong practitioners want is to cultivate "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance" and to point out the facts to the Chinese government. However, they are brutally tortured and forced to leave their homes. Where is the justice? All we see is violence and torture.

The list of perpetrators in Mudanjiang City:

Mayor: Zhang Qiuyang

610 Office: Li Changqing, Phone No.: 86-453-6548610

Administrative Division Office phone No.: 86-453-6592401

Policemen: Han Chunyu, Meng Zhaofu, Yang Xiaodong

Xinglong Second Detention Center: 86-453-6282339

Xi'an Division, Gonghe Security Office: 86-453-6433284