(Clearwisdom.net) The leaves of the big maple in front of the Chinese Consulate have turned slightly red.

At 9 a.m, Zhi Ping again showed up on time and stood in front of the display boards, a stack of truth-clarifying materials in his hands. The morning sunshine cast glimmers of light on his somewhat tired-looking face - he had just finished his night shift.

For the past few months, Zhi Ping spent almost every morning in front of the Chinese Consulate. When passersby stopped to read the display boards, he would always present them with a copy of the materials and tell stories about benevolent Falun Gong practitioners suffering this brutal persecution in China. There was not anyone in the audience who was not moved by these touching stories.

Today he still stands in front of the boards as usual, with a smile facing people and vehicles passing by.

An old man came from far away. When passing by the boards he stopped. He bent his back and started to read. The wind blew up his white hair, and people and vehicles quickly passed behind him while he was concentrating his attention on reading.

Zhi Ping stood to one side, calmly looking at the old man. On the boards are all that he wanted to say.

After he finished reading the last board, the old man looked at Zhi Ping and said to him, "Young man, it's not easy for you practitioners." The old man looked beyond and said after he muttered, "I have an analogy which may not be proper." He pointed into the far distance. Zhi Ping then took a look at the direction the old man pointed and saw a sewer drain surrounded by a yellow fence near the road. Signs on all four sides around the sewer drain reminded people to be cautious and watch out.

The old man said slowly, "People's attitudes towards the fence and safety signs vary. Some know there is danger behind the fence; they appreciate the comprehensive care and compassion of the person who has put up the signs. But those who do not recognize the danger would feel that the fences and signs obstruct their way. Anyway, they all have to make a detour and would thus avoid the danger." Pausing for a while, the old man continued, "Your standing here is just like the fence and danger signs preventing people from falling into the traps of lies." He took a look at the office building of the Chinese Consulate behind Zhi Ping and tapped Zhi Ping's shoulder, "Keep going! People need you."

Zhi Ping watched as the old man walked away.

Beyond, the maple leaves along the roadsides had turned slightly red.