Zhou Yu: female. The police named her as a fugitive after she was found distributing Falun Gong flyers. She was arrested by policemen Zhang Chunxuan and Wang Tong on September 17, 2001, and was detained at the Xian County Detention Center before escaping. Now she has been forced to become homeless as a result of the persecution.


Wang Fuyan, female, 17 years old. She was the daughter of Wang Shufa and Zhang Guiying, and was a student in Class 15 of the Xian County Nurses School. On going home to have lunch one day she found her roommate, Zhou Yu, was being arrested. She was then also arrested and beaten badly by the same two policemen named above.

The police sent her to the National Security Brigade of the Public Security Department, where police instructor Lin Zhuangcun cursed her incessantly. That evening the police interrogated her. When she refused to reveal the names of her parents, a policewoman named "Hua" savagely beat her up. Around noon on September 18, she and Zhou Yu were sentenced to 15 days of detention, and both were sent to the Xian County Detention Center.

On October 3, her brother and sister-in-law went to the detention center to bail her out. At that time Deputy Director Yang Jianhua of the Public Security Department, called to intervene with her release. Only after her family members went to the Public Security Department to insist did the police finally release her that day.

Two days later, when Wang Fuyan and her brother went back to the Public Security Department to claim her personal belongings, they found out her brand new sneakers were missing. The police claimed they had no knowledge of her shoes when questioned. They also refused to acknowledge that they took 200 Yuan RMB away from her on the day of her arrest. Later, after they got home with the personal articles, they found out their home had been ransacked, and the tires and seats of their car were slashed.

On November 9, police deputy sergeant Ma Shiwei and two policemen went to her house to harass her again, trying to coerce her to reveal the whereabouts of her parents. Only when the neighbors came to visit did they scurry away.


County Government Office Tel: 86-317-4671004

Linghe Township police station Tel: 86-317-4671270

Brigade Captain of the National Security Brigade, Xian County Public Security Department: Gao Yuming, male.

Police officer: Zhang Chunxuan, male.

Deputy sergeant Ma Shiwei, male.

Deputy Director of the Public Security Department: Yang Jianhua, male

Instructor: Lin Lancun, female.

Policeman: Wang Tong, male.


Wang Shufa, male, Zhang Guiying, female, husband and wife. Both were about 50 years old and were residents of the Dabali Zhuang Village, Zhangcun Town, Xian County. They were very caring people who treated others kindly. The villagers all respected them very highly.

In the morning of July 6, 2001, three policemen from the Zhangcun Township Police Station suddenly showed up at their house. They pretended to invite them to the station to "talk" with the intention of detaining them at the station. The couple recognized their evil plot right away. They seized an opportunity and got away.

Around 10am on July 11, Zhang Peng, a deputy chief of the police station went to their house again, claiming that the Township Party Secretary had arrived, and the Secretary would like to talk with them at the home of the local Village Party Secretary. He tried to lure them away from their home, as they had several policemen surrounding them who were ready to take them away. The couple refused to cooperate and instead seized the opportunity to promote Falun Gong, as well as to clarify the facts to him. After realizing that their plot was recognized, they stopped hiding their ferocious nature. A total of seven officials, including the Township Secretary and all the police station people, all arrived at Shufa's house, trying to forcefully taking them away. The couple steadfastly refused to go with them. Many neighbors and village people also showed up and started questioning the government officials. Figuring out that it wouldn't be an easy task, the police had no choice but to call the County Public Security Bureau.

Sizing up the situation, the couple sent forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil. With the help of family members and fellow villagers, they escaped again and left their home. After their escape, the villagers asked the police why they were trying to arrest this gentle couple. They demanded that the police show their arrest warrant. Obviously the police had none. Police station chief Zhang Changfang bragged, "Go ahead and sue me." Afterwards, the County and Town police still did not give up. Rather, they intensified their persecution. They harassed them numerous times. Sometimes they tried to break into the house in the middle of the night to arrest the couple, thus forcing them to leave their homes.


Zhangcun Town Police Chief: Zhang Changfang, Tel: 86-317-4671154

Deputy Chief: Zhang Peng

Policeman: Guo Zongwei

Town Party Secretary: Zhou Jianmeng, Tel: 86-317-4671251


Not long after the escape of Wang Shufa and his wife, another Falun Gong practitioner living in nearby Linghe Township, Wang Yongjian, was lured to the Jianhe Township Police station. He was sent to the County Public Security Department and detained at the detention center there. He was fined 3,000 Yuan RMB and given one month's detention. Even after he was released later, the Linghe police continued harassing him at his home. With the escalating persecutions by the police, Wang Yongjian and his wife were also forced to leave their home and become destitute. Nobody knows of their whereabouts.


Chief of Zhangcun Township Police Station: Zhang Changfang, Tel: 86-317-4671154

Deputy Chief: Zhang Peng

Policeman: Guo Zongwei

Township Party secretary: Zhou Jianmeng, Tel: 86-317-4671251