• A Kind-hearted Person's Choice
  • Eliminate the Evil behind the Northern "Hotline" Website of Shenyang City Daily Newspaper
  • Several Practitioners from Chengdu City Who went to Beijing to Safeguard Dafa Have Been Kidnapped
  • Exposing the Crimes Committed by the "610 Office" Staff in Chongqing City
  • [Heilongjiang Province] Illegal Trial for a Dafa Practitioner in Mudanjiang City's Yangming Court
  • Bandit-like Crimes Perpetrated by the Police in Shenyang City
  • Dafa Practitioner Wang Lijuan from Benxi City has been Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison and Is Suffering all Kinds of Tortures
  • A Banner Reading "Falun Dafa is Good" Has Been Hung on a Big Tree in Beijing's Zhongshan Park
  • Several Practitioners from Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province Have Been Illegally Detained and Tortured
  • The Dalian City Police Persecute Dafa Practitioners and Implicate Their Families
  • Partial Facts of Persecution of Practitioners from HandanCity, Hebei Province
  • Eliminate the Evil Behind the "One Hundred Persons Help and Education Group" in Shenyang City
  • The National Broadcast, Movie and TV Bureau Shoots a Video to Slander Dafa
  • Criminal Police from Benxi City, Liaoning Province
  • List of Criminals from the"610 Office," Shinan District, Qingdao City


1. [Sichuan Province] A Kind-hearted Person's Choice

During the National Day Holiday October 1, 2001, police in a city of Sichuan Province illegally detained a practitioner who is nearly 60 years old. The policemen stopped a taxi and ordered the taxi driver to drag the practitioner behind his car on the ground all the way to a detention center 20 kilometers away. The taxi driver vehemently refused. He said, "The Falun Gong practitioner would be dragged to death." But the policemen said, "This is not your business. We will give you a lot of money if you do it." This kind-hearted driver firmly answered, "I will never do that, even if you kill me, not to mention give me money."

We appreciate the taxi driver's support for Dafa and protection of the practitioner. Best wishes for his happiness and the wonderful future he chose.

2. [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Eliminate the Evil behind the Northern "Hotline" Website of Shenyang City Daily Newspaper

Since the evil forces have persecuted Falun Gong, the Northern "Hotline" Website has become an accomplice for the persecutors who have used it to fabricate stories to confuse its readers. Recently, the situation has worsened. On November 23, 2001, the Northern Hotline Website of Shenyang City's Daily Newspaper set up the specific topic, "Further Criticize Falun Gong," on its home page. On the first day, the webmaster posted 196 pieces of fabricated news to slander Falun Gong and to delude the public. In order to protect sentient beings and safeguard justice, we suggest that all practitioners and friends who read this news send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind the website.

I found out that a reporter in Shenyang City's "Daily," named Li Li specialized in editing and reporting news and articles about Falun Gong. She composed almost all the articles against Dafa. Another reporter, Fang Hongjin, hosted almost all the programs slandering Falun Gong broadcast on the "Focus Report" program on the Central Government TV Station. Based on this information, we could reach the conclusion that every local newspaper, TV station and media has people who specialize in "criticizing Falun Gong." We hope practitioners in other places expose these people and let us send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind them.

3. [Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Several Practitioners Who went to Beijing to Safeguard Dafa Have Been Kidnapped

On November 27, 2001, three female practitioners over 60-years-old, Duan Cuilan who lives on Xinhong Street in Chengdu City, Li Shiying who lives in Maanshan Street and also Han Qirong, went to safeguard Dafa in Beijing. The police detained them and escorted them back on December 1 without informing Duan Cuilan's family. The authorities ordered policeman Deng from the Criminal Investigation Department of Chengdu City's police department to handle the case. Now Duan Cuilan is being held in a newly-built detention center in the Dongzikou area. Her family has not seen her since she was detained. The police did not give her family any information except, "This is a political struggle. This is the order from the top government. She will be sentenced to prison or forced labor." Her family was very angry, "How could an elderly woman interfere in politics? Why can't she go to Beijing? What crime did she commit?"

We still don't have information about Li Shiying's circumstances.

On November 30, 2001, Tian Zezhen, a retired employee from the Wuye Company of Chengdu City and two other practitioners went to appeal for justice in Beijing. It is confirmed that they were illegally detained and their homes were also ransacked. The details about this incident are still being investigated.

List of perpetrators:

Telephone Number of Chengdu City Police Department; 011-86-28-6407114

Jiefang Street Police Station of Chengdu City: 011-86-28-3340845

The director responsible for persecuting Falun Gong: Kang

Office Number: 011-86-28-3394944; Person in charge of the office: Liu (female)

An employee in the office: Feng Xiuying, Cellular Phone: 011-86-13618084280

4. [Chongqing City, Sichuan Province] Exposing the Crimes Committed by the "610 Office" Staff in Chongqing City

On November 21, 2001, a dozen policemen in two police cars from Chongqing City's Xiewan Police Station came to my home. There was only a baby sitter at home at that time. Without any legal search warrant, the policemen ransacked my home and confiscated Zhuan Falun and several Falun Dafa tapes. Afterwards, they claimed they found dozens of Dafa flyers, but there wasn't a flyer in my home. They simply framed me, as they did not have any search warrant. They forced the babysitter to open cabinets and threatened to detain her if she did not cooperate. The babysitter asked them, "How could I use the owner's keys? You had better wait for her to come back." Then the police forced my neighbor to sign the so-called "check list." They broke into a citizen's home without any legal warrant. Isn't this violating the law? Is my neighbor my legal guardian? After my husband heard about that, he called the Xiejiawan police station. The police said the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] ordered them to do it.

What is the "610 Office" anyway? How could the "610 Office" have power above the judiciary systems? Can the "610 Office" do whatever it wants? They even claimed they would detain me. I am over 60 years old with a happy family, but the police forced me to leave my home and live in exile. Their crimes seriously affected my family's normal life and my family members' jobs. Who would take care of my husband and two-year-old grandson? There should be justice in this human world. I want to go back home and reunite with my family.

5. [Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province] Illegal Trial for a Dafa Practitioner in Yangming Court

Recently it was said that Yangming Court will illegally put Dafa practitioner Zhao Jun on trial. Fellow practitioners who read this news, please send forth righteous thoughts together to eliminate the plot that persecutes Dafa practitioners.

6. [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Bandit-like Crimes Perpetrated by the Police in Shenyang City

On November 24 and 25, 2001, police officers from the Renao Road station laid in ambush to arrest practitioners. They even had a locksmith open the doors of practitioners' houses and then hid inside to arrest practitioners. In this way, they arrested 11 Dafa practitioners, one after another. These criminal policemen interrogated practitioners that same night. Most of the Dafa practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest this illegal action. Now several practitioners have been released, but they are still under close police supervision. Other practitioners are still on hunger strike. It has been said that one female practitioner, Cui Bingyan, about 27 to 28 years old, has lost consciousness and was sent to No.6 Hospital for emergency treatment.

The phone number of the Renao Road police station: 011-86-24-22937737

The director is a Mr. Zhao; associate director is Mr. Chen; instructor is Mr.Yang

Phone of the Police Department of Shenhe District: 011-86-24-24849109

Phone of the City Police Department: 011-86-24-22826445

7. [Benxi City, Liaoning Province] Dafa Practitioner Wang Lijuan Has Been Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison and Is Suffering all Kinds of Tortures

On February 20, 2001, the police arrested Dafa practitioner Wang Lijuan, female, 39 years old, from Benxi City, Liaoning Province. She suffered all kinds of brutal tortures, beatings and abuses, forced brainwashing and all kinds of other mental tortures.

The police tortured a kind-hearted person who practices "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" until she could stand it no longer, and then labeled her as a "patient with mental problems" and put her into a mental hospital. The doctor found no mental problems with her and therefore returned her to the detention center. Cooperating with the criminal forces, Shen Wei, Xu Qiuli, Chen Shuwen and Chen Gang, all made efforts to torture Wang Lijuan. On November 18, 2001, she was sentenced to 3 years in prison on fabricated charges.

8. [Beijing, China] A Banner Reading "Falun Dafa is Good" Has Been Hung on a Big Tree in Zhongshan Park

On October 8, a Dafa practitioner from a city in Southwest China went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. At noon, he tied a banner reading "Falun Dafa is Good" on a big tree in Zhongshan Park. Dozens of policemen from Tiananmen Square headed for Zhongshan Park as if there were a big crisis. This practitioner effectively suffocated the evil forces. Under Master's compassionate arrangement and his strong righteous thought, he returned safely to his hometown.

9. [Hegang City, Heilongjiang Province] Several Practitioners Have Been Illegally Detained and Tortured

Huang Xiaolei, female, about 20 years old, from Xinyi District. Police from the Xinyi Police Station and Dongshan Police Station caught her when she was clarifying the truth. They forced her into Jiamusi Labor Camp where she is now being detained. She is suffering physical and mental tortures from forced brainwashing. Her mother was sent to a forced labor camp this year due to clarifying the truth but has since been released.

Xu Jiting, male, about 36 years old, was an employee of the Hegang Construction Bank. His work unit has expelled him from his job. He went to appeal in Beijing this year and later went to different provinces and cities all over the country to clarify the truth. Unfortunately, in March 2001, he was arrested and illegally detained in a jail in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. His current condition is unknown.

Dafa practitioners Zhao Xizeng, Wang Jikun and other practitioners are still being illegally detained in the Suihua brainwashing class and are suffering from physical tortures as a result of forced brainwashing.

10. [Dalian City, Liaoning Province] The Police Persecute Dafa Practitioners and Implicate Their Families

Recently, all police stations in Dalian City have executed the City Government's order to harass Dafa practitioners in all of its districts.

In order to find a certain practitioner, Dalian City's Zhongshan Police Branch Department conspired with Jinzhou District Police Department to kidnap the practitioner's sister, who is also a practitioner, and brother-in-law, who is not a practitioner, from their home in Jinzhou District. The police threatened and illegally detained them in order to force them to find their younger brother. If they refused to cooperate, the brother-in-law would be detained until the police got what they wanted. The couple was forced to reveal their brother's information. However, the police only released the brother-in-law and kept on threatening the sister until midnight. Finally, for unknown reasons, she jumped from the police station building and was severely injured. These policemen's behavior seriously violated the Constitution of the People's Republic of China and the fundamental human rights of its citizens. We hope all governments, organizations, and individuals in the world with a sense of justice pay more attention to the deteriorating human rights situation of Falun Gong practitioners in Dalian City. Under the persecution launched by Jiang Zemin, many practitioners' families have been torn apart.

11. [HandanCity, Hebei Province] Partial Facts About the Persecution of Practitioners from HandanCity, Hebei Province

Zhao Meihua, female, lives in Mengwu Village of Fuxing District in Handan City. She is illegally detained in Unit No.4 of the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. Since she persisted in practicing the exercises in the detention center, she was confined in the solitary compartment for a long time. Once, she was continuously locked up for 7 days. The police chief also hung her on the heating pipe. She had to go on a hunger strike to protest the tortures, and three days later, she was force-fed. Due to the extreme tortures she experienced, she became mentally disturbed. Afterwards, this labor camp did not give her any treatment, nor did they report the situation to higher-level government. She is still being tortured in this labor camp.

Hou Haiping lives in Congtai District in Handan City. Hou is being detained in the Unit No.4 of the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp, where he suffers various inhumane tortures. He went on a hunger strike to protest for his unconditional release. Three days later, they began to force-feed him once every day, but he continued on the hunger strike for 35 days. As a result, his blood pressure dropped to a dangerously low point. The police then informed his family to come and pick him up, or else they would only be able to see a corpse. He recovered soon after his family took him back. Two months later, the labor camp came to forcibly take him away and forced him to attend a brainwashing class. His current situation is unknown.

Yang Penglian lives in Yongnian County in Handan City. She was once illegally detained in the Unit No.1 Female Team in Shijiazhuang City. Three or four policemen took turns trying to force her to give up her belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." They did not allow her to sleep. They threatened, lied to her and insulted her. However, their efforts ended up in vain. The police then began to whip her with belts. They handcuffed her tightly to the heating pipe, poured boiling hot water on her, and then sprayed a chemical solution on her body. However, she still insisted on practicing Falun Dafa. The evil did not let her go but transferred her to Unit No.3 of Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp. They let people who enlightened along an evil path [those who had been successfully brainwashed and renounced Falun Gong] try to brainwash her. Her current situation is unknown.

12[Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Eliminate the Evil Behind the "One Hundred Persons Help and Education Group" in Shenyang City

At the beginning of April 2001, more than 100 so-called "representatives" were chosen from the Zhangshi and Longshan Forced Labor Camps to form a "One Hundred Persons Help and Education Group." They went to the so-called "Law Study and Education Classes" which were actually the brainwashing classes. These "representatives" used to practice, but gave in to the evil during the tribulations since they couldn't relinquish their fundamental attachments. They have helped a tyrant to do evil and damaged Dafa. They especially target the practitioners' attachments, and aggressively beset one practitioner in order to mislead other practitioners who do not have a clear understanding of Dafa. In recent months, they have been very active in Shenyang City. They have become the tools of the evil and have committed bad deeds that go against the heavenly law.

13. [Henan Province] The National Broadcast, Movie and TV Bureau Shoots a Video to Slander Dafa

According to Dahe Newspaper's report, the TV Program Center of the National Broadcast, Movie and TV Bureau, the Ministry of Propaganda of Henan Province and the Technology Department of Henan Province are producing a video to slander Dafa.

It has been started in Beijing and is scheduled to be completed at the beginning of next year.

The participants:

General director: Qu Jing, central TV station

General advisor: Zang Shuqing

Script writer: Zhang Zhiqiang, the associate editor of Science Journal, Academy of Social Science, Henan Province

14. [Benxi City, Liaoning Province] Criminal Police from Benxi City, Liaoning Province

Wang Yuhui, the director of party committee office, the Central Hospital of Benxi City, 011-86-414-2890578

Qin Yong, an employee at the News Section of Propaganda Department, Benxi Steel Group Co, Ltd, Liaoning Province. He acted as the leader of the 4 rounds of brainwashing classes held by his company at Benxi Weining Forced Labor Camp. Office phone number: 011-86-414-78 c28061, home phone number: 011-86-414-3853234

Liu Shaoshi, the head of Benxi Weining Drug Rehabilitation Institute, is specially in charge of organizing law officers to brainwash Dafa practitioners. The institute's phone number: 011-86-414-4512310-635

Ding Huibo, Benxi Forced Labor Camp

Jiang Mingdong, the associate Party secretary of Benxi Steel Group Co, Ltd, Liaoning Province

The disgraceful betrayers of Dafa:

Shen Wei, the No. 12 Middle School of Benxi City, phone number: 011-86-414-3217719

Xu Qiuli, the Transportation Department of the Benxi Steel, phone number: 011-86-414-4877273

Fu Yuzhen, the New Project Department of Benxi Steel, phone number: 011-86-414-2892707

Liang Jiming, the Smelt Metal Department of Benxi Steel, phone number: 011-86-414-4832755

Li Chengjun, the Second Construction Department of Benxi Steel, phone number: 011-86-414-3852936

Li Yuehua, house property integrated development company, Benxi City, phone number: 011-86-414-2828775

Kang Leling, phone number: 011-86-414-3870184

Song Guanghua, the Power House of Benxi Steel, phone number: 011-86-414-2865412

15.[Qingdao City, Shandong Province] List of Criminals from the "610 Office," Shinan District, Qingdao City

Lu Xingchang, the secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee, office phone number: 011-86-532-5839861, mobile phone number: 011-86-13808989520

Zhao Yadong, the director, home phone number: 011-86-532-5823287, office phone number: 011-86-532-5835685

Yang Shujiang, BP: 011-86-532-127-1207575

Zhao Jinyou, BP: 011-86-532-95901-3286319

Director Liu, phone number: 011-86-532-5898110