Weifang City in Shandong Province has been an area where Falun Gong is persecuted severely and the evil is most rampant. In this city, there have been several dozen Dafa practitioners tortured to death. The "Weifang City Industry Cadre School" is where the evil persecutes Dafa practitioners. [Note: Its name has been changed to the Weifang City Kuiwen Teachers' Training School. Pictures and a brief article exposing the crimes committed by this school were published on Minghui.net the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net on September 17].

Through sharing techniques and experiences in persecution from the notoriously cruel Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning Province and Zibo City, Wangcun Labor Camp [Note: in Shandong Province, both are infamous for their cruelty in torturing Falun Gong practitioners, sharing effective techniques and methods of torture from vicious people Li Peihong, Qin Yongjie, and Tan Peiyun, and their so-called study of the "art of cruelty"(i.e., mental and physical torture), Weifang City established this camp at the Kuiwen Teachers' Training School solely for the brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners. The previous policy here was to indefinitely detain practitioners who refused to be "brainwashed." Now the policy is that any practitioner who cannot be brainwashed within one month will be sent directly to the Wangcun Labor Camp.

The school maintains a blockade on public information of its activities. Over one hundred Dafa practitioners are now detained there. Some practitioners were kidnapped from their homes or while working in the fields of their farms; some were tricked or forced there by their work unit leaders; some others were even kidnapped while walking on the streets. One practitioner, while sleeping at home during the night, was carried to the brainwashing class by a group of villains who broke into her home through the windows. Another practitioner was pushed into a police vehicle by over 10 policemen to take him away. When his family member tried with a great effort to stop the abduction by shouting for help and disclosing their evildoings, the villains became exasperated and badly beat up this family member. They also damaged the anti-theft door of the practitioner's home and smashed the windows. The police also ransacked some practitioners' homes, took away their cellular phones, computers, and cash, fined them several thousand Yuan [The average monthly income in rural China is 500 Yuan], and finally sent the practitioners to the brainwashing class.

One practitioner from a Northeastern Province was arrested on a train solely for the reason that he was "suspected" of being a Dafa practitioner. The policemen at the police station took away his business traveling expenses of 6,000 Yuan [which was divided up by the so-called "people's policemen"], extorted another 6,000 Yuan from his family who came to get him released from the authorities, and fined him 2,000 Yuan again after he was illegally sent to the brainwashing class... The crimes committed by Weifang City officials are countless.

During the secret forced brainwashing, the school personnel with help from some practitioners' work units monitor every single word and deed of practitioners 24 hours a day. Villains and brainwashed persons formed "teams" to brainwash practitioners with their evil falsehoods. They deprived practitioners of their sleep and beat them. They also kept badmouthing Dafa and Teacher. Those brainwashed people stepped on Teacher's portraits, and some even wrote slanderous terms on Teacher's portraits and then torn them to pieces. They barbarously force-fed the practitioners who were on a hunger strike. These villains also publicly humiliated practitioners. One female practitioner, who did not want to endure the mental abuse anymore, hid a piece of sharpened metal in her waist area and prepared to safeguard Dafa with her life. After the villains found the metal, they stripped the female practitioner naked from the waist down and forced her to be incarcerated in this humiliating and degrading condition. Another practitioner, was brutally tortured to a worse extent once the evil found out his that he would righteously defend Dafa with his life rather than give up his belief. The practitioners detained there are leading a very horrifying existence. The torture and abuse has made many of them distraught to the point of mental collapse.

Because of the persecution, nobody takes care of practitioners' young children and elderly parents. Many practitioners' family members came to beg the school to release the practitioners. The guard leaders either paid them no attention or willfully refused their request. Those villains became even more wanton and self-indulgent. They squander money to eat, drink, frequent prostitutes and gamble, with all the money extorted from practitioners. Each practitioner detained there has to pay a big fine of over 100 Yuan per day or several thousand to 10,000 Yuan per month which funds the guards immoral and thoroughly corrupted behavior. I know that this "6-10 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] brainwashing class is just one of the countless dens of evil throughout the entire country. The cruelty and viciousness thriving in that environment is beyond description. There are so many Dafa practitioners enduring inhuman tortures, trying to awaken people hearts and moral conscious with their lives, to safeguard the truth, and to eradicate the evil.

One Dafa practitioner once recalled, "Twenty evil policemen came to arrest me at home. I tried to rush out of their ambush and was caught unexpectedly by several villains hiding in the dark. They dragged and pushed me into a police vehicle. My husband (who is not a practitioner) risked his life to stop their barbarous act and disclose their evil nature. As a result, both my husband and I were sent to the "6-10 Office." At that time, I saw many people watching the arrest on the street with tears streaming down their faces. I knew they must have recognized the nature of the evil and would no longer be cheated by the fabricated lies. They have certainly realized the righteousness, the power, and the brilliance of Falun Dafa and thus have correctly positioned themselves. I was pleased to see this."

Indeed, what the evil did is happening around us, and people themselves have witnessed, experienced, judged, and pondered these evildoings. So what is the use of the evil propaganda telling lies? Will people still believe in the "right and wrong" claimed by the evil?

Teacher said, "The actions they are now adopting in the persecution of Dafa and its students are extremely wicked and shameful, and they fear these will be exposed. Their evilness must be made known to people around the world - this is also offering people salvation" ("Rationality").

October 29, 2001