(Clearwisdom.net) When we were practicing the exercises and promoting the Fa at a tourist attraction site yesterday, many Chinese tourists were visiting. One man approached our practice site with curiosity, so I handed him a flyer about the questionable points in the "self-immolation" incident. He accepted it with much interest. At that time, a middle-aged woman in his group shouted to him and other members, "Don't take their materials, put it down, it's full of lies." The man immediately became hesitant and returned the flyer to me. My heart was aching, I felt that the evil was controlling everyday people in an attempt to destroy the sentient beings, and yet, I felt helpless at the same time.

Just then, a fellow practitioner reminded me, "Send forth righteous thoughts." I rarely send forth righteous thoughts under such circumstances. The hidden reason is that I am not confident of myself, and perhaps there is also lack of steadfastness to Dafa on my part. I started to send forth righteous thoughts to eradicate the evil, while the other two practitioners talked with the surrounding Chinese tourists in their hometown dialect to dispel their fear. Many people came over to see the truth-clarifying pictures and get our materials. They also asked many questions about the suppression of Falun Gong in China. That woman, who was rampant and aggressive earlier, was now looking on quietly by the side. The man who had returned the flyer also came over and joined the crowd to read our materials and learn about the truth. I felt so happy for them. At the same time, I realized the effect of righteous thoughts.

In the evening while I was translating articles from Pure Insight Net at home, I could feel the wisdom bestowed on me by Teacher and Dafa, and the translation went smoothly. Nevertheless, when I was trying to copy and paste the translation of a sentence from Teacher's article, my computer broke down, with several windows freezing at the same time, an indication that the computer had crashed. Recently this kind of problem occurred quite often without reason, and every time I had to shut down the computer and reboot it, which often caused some loss of contents. This time, however, I suddenly felt that I didn't want to give in. I thought it must be the evil's interference to prevent me from finishing my translation work to sabotage the Fa-rectification. So for the first time, I held one hand vertically in front of my chest to send forth righteous thoughts towards the computer to eliminate the evil. My mind was pure. A few minutes later when I opened my eyes, I found that the frozen windows had all disappeared, and the sentence I wanted to copy and paste had already appeared in the right place!

This was the first time I sent forth righteous thoughts under such circumstances. I am grateful to Teacher for bestowing this power on us. Meanwhile, I realized that my previous understanding of the power and the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts was very poor. I should constantly send forth righteous thoughts and always maintain myself in the state of a divine being.