"I understand that Falun Gong is fighting against evil. I'm sure you will succeed."

A Dafa practitioner attended a banquet. A person who had once worked as the village Party branch secretary said at the banquet, "Now the Party is over. It is too corrupt. It doesn't care about anything proper; it only bothers about Falun Gong. Jiang Zemin is who's most incompetent. Our plane was hit, our embassy bombed, and yet he did not dare to say anything. Instead, he points his guns at good people who believe in 'Truth, Compassion and Forbearance.' He has really shamed the Chinese people."

Everyone present kept quiet, as they all shared the same feelings of pain and embarrassment, which were hard to talk about. After the banquet, the former village branch secretary told the Dafa practitioner, "I have read the books of Falun Gong, which are completely different from what they claimed on television. What they say [on TV] are simply lies and rumors. China is one of the countries, which has the least human rights in the world. I understand that Falun Gong is fighting against evil. I'm sure you will succeed."

Later, on his own initiative, he also asked for a video and CD containing the truth of Falun Gong. It is said that he used to suffer from very serious diabetes (4 plus signs), but because he has often said that Dafa is good, he is now in very good health. This is his reward for supporting Dafa.

"I'll assist you Dafa practitioners in sending forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil."

My neighbor has heard and seen with her own eyes the noble character of Dafa practitioners, the miraculous changes in their bodies, and their unyielding faith in Dafa in the face of evil. She was extremely distressed to hear that many people had been tortured to death in the labor camps. She didn't have any education, so I often read truth-clarifying literature to her. Once, when I was telling her about the incident in Shanxi Province labor camp, where they released attack dogs to bite Dafa practitioners, and about the inhuman sexual abuse of female practitioners, she asked me what she could do to help stop the evil. I told her that Teacher had given Dafa practitioners the Fa-rectification verse, and that by saying the verse in silence and sending forth righteous thoughts, we would be able to eliminate evil. I also told her that evil ones who had persecuted Dafa and directly killed Dafa practitioners would meet with their deserved retribution and stop their criminal acts. Upon hearing this, she said, "Please teach me. Let me help you in sending forth righteous thoughts and in eliminating evil."

Although the verse is effective in eliminating evil only when used by Dafa practitioners, still my neighbor's righteous thoughts are very good and much appreciated. I'm sure that she'll find a way to help Dafa practitioners. All her righteous thoughts and benevolent deeds will establish a foundation for her glorious future.

Written on October 31, 2001