These pictures are from my Hong Fa trip to the interior of the island of West Papua, Indonesia. A few months ago, I trekked for a week in the Baliem Valley, spending 4 nights in Syokosimo, where I showed the exercises to Dani tribe villagers. The attached photos are digital images from extensive video footage.

Sun greeting my arrival in west Papua Formation in the sky at the start of trekking the inside of West PapuaTrekking path between West Papua villages
Showing meditation exercise to member of the trekking partyTeens practicing by the river in SyokosimoShowing exercise to groups of West Papuan teens
Senior West Papuans watching child learningShowing exercises to young West PapuansHappy and enthusiastic participation by young West Papuans

The Baliem Valley has been characterized as one of the few remaining "paradises" on earth. Until 25 years ago, the Valley inhabitants were living a stone age existence, and even today there is no electricity, running water or other modern utilities.