There were quite a few practitioners who were simultaneously tortured with me. They were my cell mates: Li Yanjun, Sun Yongli, Ge Chunling, etc. Those from Branch Team #2 were: Zou Guirong, Su Juzhen, Lin Ping, Jin Ping, Wang Li, Chen Jianxin, Pan Qi, etc. There were also quite a few practitioners who I did not know. Yin Liping and Zhao Suhuan, who came to the Masanjia Labor Camp after me, were also severely beaten and tortured. Clearly, the collaborators were extremely vicious. They seemed to have lost control when they beat practitioners. They would pull a practitioner's hair and slam her head onto the tile floor in the restroom. Some tiles were even cracked from the impact. Some practitioners were injured with wounds and scars all over their bodies. Some practitioners' faces turned purplish black from bruising. Some were kicked and snipped on the legs. Open, unhealed, wounds were infected and this produced a terrible odor. Some practitioners received electric shocks on the feet and consequently, they were not able to walk. Some collaborators assisted the team leader by holding down a practitioner's hands and feet while the team leader applied electric shock to the practitioner.

They employed all sorts of cruel devices in the labor camp and some of these are described as follows. The collaborators would bend someone's head toward the feet by straightening the legs. And once they had bent her head toward the crotch to form a "C" shape, a collaborator would jump and sit on her back to hold her down. In winter, the collaborators would throw someone into the trash bin in the restroom and pour cold water to soak her body, and then order her to dry her clothes with her own body heat. They would stab at one's sensitive body parts with needles,wrap one's head with a military overcoat and beat one with wooden clubs. They would take turns harassing a practitioner and would not allow the practitioner to sleep. They would write words that cursed Teacher and Falun Dafa on a practitioner's body, and force her to exhibit these to all other cells. Some practitioners were forced to stomp or sit on Teacher's portraits. Chief Su Jing of the labor camp saw with her own eyes the physical punishments utilized by the collaborators, and yet, she pretended to have seen nothing. Later, I asked Leader Wang of the large team why brainwashed people were instigated to beat others. Wang Naimin, leader of the large team, readily replied that these acts were helping team leaders to carry out education. He further claimed that this was the government regulation of cracking down on the handful [of extremely determined Falun Gong practitioners], and what he did was to execute the government order. Wang said that he had the right to do anything to the practitioners. Wang Naimin once shocked me with two electric batons.

Around the Chinese lunar New Year's Day, a group of thugs were about to be released back into society. During the fifth meeting of release, Wang Chunying (whose hometown is Chaoyang) of the 2nd branch team and whom I witnessed to have viciously beaten Su Juzhen and Zou Guirong, said on the podium, "There is no physical punishment in Masanjia [Labor Camp]." This was an outright lie. Zou Guirong, from the 2nd branch team, stood up and refuted, "Wang Chunying, what you said is wrong." Zou Guirong had just finished her first sentence when a crowd of collaborators ran towards her to press her down. They immediately dragged Zou Guirong out of the meeting room by force. The cameramen from China Central Television and Liaoning Provincial Television ran over and recorded this scene. Although this was not played on TV, facts are still facts. Zou Guirong had exposed the evil and was taken away. Later, I heard that she was badly beaten.

In March 2001, the word got out that there were reporters coming to Masanjia to conduct interviews. So Masanjia started to prepare for it. They had all the rooms cleaned and sanitized, and they bought fitness equipment, which they hung on the wall. Also, they gathered all the handcrafts that we made everyday and put them in a room downstairs. On the morning of March 16, team leader Zhang came in with a list, saying that we were to be divided into two groups for watching movies, one group would watch movies on that day and the other one on the next day. Those of us who were beaten badly and still firm in practicing Dafa were called out to form a line, each of us was monitored by one specific person. Then we were all forced into a van and sent to the Junior Discipline and Education Center. Almost all those left in Masanjia were those traitors who completely betrayed Dafa (this refers to people who stopped practicing Falun Dafa and even helped in the persecution). What exactly was such an arrangement for? In the Junior Discipline and Education Center, there was no movie to watch, so we just sat there for the whole morning. In the afternoon, there was a slide show called "Days without Leifeng," which we had watched many times in Masanjia. It was not until dawn that we were sent back to Masanjia. By then, all the reporters had already left. I couldn't help asking, why were we sent away? Why were we not allowed to see the reporters?

On April 19 2001, I was suddenly ordered to gather up my belongings and then I was put on a vehicle with another nine people. I asked team leader Wang Naimin where we were going, Wang said that he had no idea and the police on the van didn't reveal anything about it either. When we got out of the vehicle, we found that we had been sent to the Shenyang Zhangshi Labor Camp. After our picture was taken downstairs, we were forced into a small building. There were a total of thirty men and ten women in that building who were guarding us. Those thirty men were from the men's inmate team and the ten women were from the Longshan Labor Camp. Men and women were living together. On the night I got there, there were three men living in each room. Each female practitioner was put in one room with three men and a woman who watched her closely. It was almost like confinement. We were not allowed to leave our rooms freely or sleep. There was no normal schedule of work and rest. Everything was done under their orders. Even while going to the bathroom we would have a female traitor watching us.

I talked to the team leader and he said he would not interfere. I had talked to the team leader three times and he was either perfunctory or ignorant. I remember that one day a male team leader came in my room, I asked him immediately, "Why are men and women allowed live in the same room here? This is not allowed in formal labor camps." He looked at me strangely and said, "You are really so..." and left. I really couldn't understand what he meant by "so..." Later a female practitioner who was over sixty years old was taken out of the building, so only nine of us were left. The traitors tried to force us to listen while they read Dafa books aloud. I told them I wanted to read on my own. They said, "Read together, let's read together!" Strangely, they had already betrayed Dafa, why did they still want to read Dafa books? It was obviously to deceive people. While they were reading the book, they kept giving their definition to explain Dafa, which was actually in order to lead practitioners to enlighten along an evil path. If I didn't listen to their evil words, they would punish me, forcing me to stand still or squat down (for long periods of time). If I resisted, those men would beat me. They either dragged me or forced me down or they sealed the door and wouldn't let me out. The men were stronger than me so I couldn't free myself.

The room was several square meters big and inside all my basic human rights were completely stripped away. Once inside they could videotape me anytime they wanted. If I came across fellow practitioners in the bathroom, I would be immediately dragged away and not allowed to talk to them. Every room had its door tightly shut. Right after a door was open for any reason, it would right away be shut. Later, I found out from their conversation that before we came they had received notice that Masanjia was going to send us to the Zhangshi Labor Camp, only we were kept in the dark about this arrangement. During those days in the Zhangshi Labor Camp, I was never allowed to have a good night's rest. Even if I had a chance to sleep at midnight, there were always men or women coming and going across the room, leaving no quiet moment. In the same room, there were men watching me overnight-- how can one have a good sleep in such an abnormal environment?

(To be continued)