One day in mid September of this year, Mr. Zhao, a fellow Falun Dafa practitioner, suddenly showed up at my work unit. I was startled by his condition. Mr. Zhao was extremely thin, had very little hair on his shaved head, and was covered with mud. He told me that he escaped from a police station and had not had anything to eat or drink for several days. With a pained expression on his face, Mr. Zhao told me about his ordeal in the den of evil.

"One morning, several policemen came to my house and forcefully took me to the neighborhood police station. The policemen there beat me nearly to death, trying to force me to say that there existed an 'organization' that directed me to search on the internet (for Dafa information). I told them the truth -- that I was surfing the internet alone, downloading postings and distributing them. Then, they tortured me even more severely, causing me to lose control of my bowel movements. My entire body was in terrible pain. That night the police thought that I was dying, so two of them carried me home. My wife, also a Dafa practitioner and pregnant, saw my condition and said, 'Oh, they have beaten you.' Upon hearing this, the policemen angrily took both my wife and me back to the police station. I have not seen my wife since then."

"The police beat me even more viciously until I passed out. I could hardly stand the pain and felt like I wanted to die. But I realized the great meaning of my life's existence and how Master cherishes the lives of Fa-rectification practitioners. At that moment I heard the policemen saying something like, 'The one in that cell is dying.'"

"That was another practitioner being beaten to death. I thought that I should not end up with the same fate and must run away from this devil's den. Therefore I started to send forth righteous thoughts, wishing to free myself from the handcuffs and shackles. Because my thoughts were not strong enough, I did not succeed. Later on I noticed that the keys were lying on a table nearby. I managed to grab them and unlocked my handcuffs and shackles. So I was able to run away from the police station. I ran to the hills and cannot remember how many I climbed. Currently no one knows how many practitioners have been beaten to death; sometimes not even the family members know. You must expose the truth to the world."

After Mr. Zhao finished talking, we quickly parted ways. I got on a bus, and soon after a policeman and a policewoman came on board. As they checked the passengers, the bus started to move. The policeman kept looking at me from a distance and asked the policewoman, "Is that him?" The policewoman glanced at something out of her pocket and replied, "Yes. It's him." As they talked in a low voice, the bus came to a stop. I quickly got off the bus and lost them. I don't know if Mr. Zhao was followed also or what happened to him. I have not heard from him since that day.

It was the mission of being Fa-rectification practitioners that connected Mr. and Mrs. Zhao. They went to appeal in Beijing on July 22, their wedding anniversary. They went to Beijing to appeal three times. They returned home safely twice, but they were arrested during the third trip. During their detention, Mr. and Mrs. Zhao did not give in but instead stood by their belief in Falun Dafa. The authorities could not deal with them and had to set them free. They are whole-heartedly continuing their mission of clarifying the truth and offering salvation to others with all their time and effort.

Mr. Zhao, fellow practitioners are searching for you and your wife and waiting to hear from both of you. During Fa-rectification, we need shining particles like you. Where are you, Mr. Zhao?