We are Falun Gong practitioners who live in the countryside in China. We are not frightened by the evil forces and have been doing Hongfa, Fa-rectification, and truth clarification activities since July 20, 1999. We know that the evil fears to be exposed, so we use every opportunity to clarify the truth to local people.

In recent years, local people have started travel businesses and many people come to the riverside to spend Chinese holidays in the summer. We realized that it is a good opportunity to clarify the truth to more people, so we made some banners, flyers, and balloons and set them up along the river. We put a 14 meter long banner at the ferry location where most people have to pass through. The banner reads "Falun Dafa is Good."

The next day we came again to distribute flyers at the ferry. Over a thousand local people came to the riverside and saw the banners and received flyers. Upon learning the truth, a middle-aged man told his friend that if we hadn't come here today he wouldn't have known that what was reported about Falun Gong on TV and in newspapers were all lies. Another middle-aged man took many photos of the banners.

With our continued effort, the evil forces gradually lost power in our county. But the evil forces are still active in other counties. So we decided to do similar activities in the surrounding counties. Some practitioners even posted a flyer on a police station.

Now more and more practitioners step out and join the Fa-rectification activities. The evil will soon be eliminated completely.