(Clearwisdom.net) I'm retired and staying at home. I made a list of all my friends and relatives and mailed letters to those living out-of-town, and went to the home of those living close by. Most of them could accept what I say. Some said, "I know all Falun Gong practitioners are good people." When I mentioned people who received retribution for persecuting Falun Gong during my telling the truth of Falun Gong, my friends said, "The elder people were right! Good is rewarded with good and evil meets with evil." A few people only believed the slander spread by TV. I felt very sorry for those human beings.

Recently, I went to my former work unit director who is retired and clarified the truth to him. At first he said deliberately, "Aren't you afraid that I might report you?" I said, "I wouldn't come if I were." The director said, "Jiang Zemin doesn't have much courage. Seeing so many people practicing Falun Gong, he is scared to death, so he accuses [Falun Gong] of 'being against the revolution; being subversive and supported by foreign anti-China forces.' Most practitioners are old men and women, how can they fight for your power? It's just a joke. It's been two years and Falun Gong hasn't done anything violent, and they aren't afraid to die, to be expelled from the Party membership, to be fired and go to jail. Jiang Zemin caused all these troubles and can't clean it up, and he even suppresses people and doesn't allow them to speak out. So Falun Gong practitioners distribute flyers. I often receive flyers in my mailbox, and I read them carefully. I know about Falun Gong and who is right, who is wrong."

I was truly happy for him because he learned about the truth! I let him know more and gave him some materials about Falun Gong before I left.

I deeply felt that the awakening of people is the result of fellow practitioners' relentless and continuous truth-clarification. When we distribute materials, even if only one person learns about the truth, then it is all worth it! Out of their desire to save people, Dafa practitioners are risking being arrested, beaten and tortured to death and delivering truth clarification materials to people's doorsteps. This is really courageous, benevolent and altruistic behavior. As long as Fa-rectification is not finished, we will continue truth clarification efforts and offering salvation to people until the last moment!

November 25, 2001