I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner from Mainland China. I began practicing Falun Dafa in April of 1998. Falun Dafa has been purifying my body and my heart ever since. I have come to know that the real purpose of being a human is to return to one's true self, to become a person with high morals and to act wholly for the sake of the others. Within a few months of practicing I returned the gifts and money that I had accepted during the previous few years from the parents of my students. During the big flood in the southern part of China in August of 1998, I donated 25,500 Yuan RMB (The monthly salary for a typical urban worker is about 500 Yuan RMB) to the people living in the flooded area under the name of "a Falun Dafa practitioner." It was all the savings that I had. I did many other similar things and I did them because of my firm belief in Falun Dafa.

Since July 22, 1999, Jiang Zemin and his regime have been persecuting Falun Dafa and Dafa practitioners. The police illegally monitored my daily life and then they detained me and sent me to a forced labor camp. With high-handed policies and various means of persecution they tried to force me to give up my righteous belief in Falun Dafa. Remembering Master Li's words "Take the Fa as Teacher," I made it all the way through the ordeals and resolutely safeguarded the Fa. Finally, I smashed the evil's arrangements and came out of the devil's den. Now I would like to share my experiences during my practice and Fa-rectification.

1. "Reading the Books More and Studying the Books More Is the Key to Truly Elevating Yourself."

Teacher said the above sentence in the article "Melt Into the Fa." During my cultivation I have come to deeply understand that only through "reading the books more and studying the books more," can we be "neither confused nor tempted." (From Teacher's poem, "In the Dao") I did my job well and I used all the additional time that I could find to study and to memorize the Fa. I told myself that I had to memorize one paragraph of Zhuan Falun everyday. On my way to work and in my spare time, I would silently recite Zhuan Falun. I joined a group study every night and I transcribed the Fa during my lunch hour. All this laid a firm foundation that helped me to pass the tests that I would encounter later.

2. "Take the Fa as Teacher," Deter Interference and Break Free from the Devil's Den

The Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp can be called evil's home base or the devil's den. It was difficult to bear the police beating, electric shocking, cursing and other forms of torture. However, it was even harder to deter the evil notions coming from those people that had "enlightened" along an evil path. I needed to constantly "Take the Fa as Teacher" in order to deter the interference. My personal experience enabled me to more clearly understand the importance and necessity of Master Li's words. We all know we should "Take the Fa as Teacher." However, it was much more difficult to achieve it. On September 10 2001, the Heizuizi Forced Labor Camp unconditionally released me.

3. The Wisdom Given to Me by the Fa Helped Me Out of a Mental Hospital

On July 20 1999, I heard that the police had illegally detained local Falun Dafa contact people all over the country. I immediately left for Beijing to appeal to higher government officials. The Beijing police took me to Fengtai Stadium and detained me there with other practitioners for two nights and one day. They didn't provide us with water or food. Being thirsty and hungry, I was sent back to the Dongfeng County Police Station. Thereafter the police started to monitor my daily life. I'm very firm in my belief in Falun Dafa and I have the courage to speak out about the truth. So those vicious people had no way to "reform" me. They then sent me to the Siping Mental Hospital and tried to persecute me.

First a woman doctor from the outpatient department came to check on me. The checking was done by way of a conversation. She asked me, "Do you have a mental disease?" I knew about the behaviors of mental patients. [Mental patients always claim that they don't have any mental disease.] So, if you try to explain that you don't have a mental disease, the doctors will think you have mental problems. So I answered, "If I tell you that I don't have a mental disease, you will think I am a mental patient. However, I can't say I am a mental patient because I am not." Then I told her how I had benefited from Falun Dafa. Basically I let her know that Falun Dafa is good. Finally, she said I had the "superstition mental disease." I said to her solemnly, "You should be responsible for me. As a doctor, you should have a doctor's ethics. I will take your examination results to a better hospital and get reexamined. You said I have the 'superstition mental disease'. Then show me your evidence." She looked through a book for a long time but failed to find the so-called "superstition mental disease." Ultimately she didn't say I was a mental patient in the results of her examination.

Since this did not work the police chief took me to another doctor who was male with whom he had previously made an appointment. I talked to him the same way I had to the woman doctor. Just when this male doctor said that I didn't have a mental disease, the police station chief jumped in and showed the doctor a note, saying, "I've already made an agreement with the hospital dean." The doctor read the note and then sent me to be checked into the inpatient department. Soon I was checked into the hospital. Just when they were about to send me to the ward, a thought came to me, "I shouldn't be here. They will lie about me and claim that I have become a mental patient after practicing Falun Dafa. They are going to smear Dafa and undermine the Fa." So I dragged my husband over and told him that once I was admitted to the hospital, they would give me shots and pills. I would then really become a mental patient within a few days. So my husband took me out of the inpatient department. However, these malicious people didn't want to give up. They insisted that I be checked into the hospital for a few days. I reasoned with them for about one hour, while many people looked on. The police department, the Political and Judiciary Committee, the Education Department and my unit leaders began to avoid the responsibility for watching me. In the end, they called the County Party Committee Secretary Han. Then they agreed to let me go home. I defeated the evil with righteous thoughts and a practitioner's wisdom. I thus avoided the inhumane persecution that I would have otherwise suffered in the mental hospital. The next day, I went to the County Party Committee and spoke to Secretary Han. I related to him the whole process of being checked into the hospital and I questioned him, "You don't want me to have mental diseases, do you?" I also told him that none of the practitioners are mental patients and that he shouldn't use this method to persecute other practitioners.

4. I Was Not Afraid of the Brutal Force-Feeding, the Ever-Present Electric Baton, or the Inhuman "Small Cell," All of Which Proved My Diligence in the Face of Evil

All the police I came across in the labor camp talked very dirty. No matter what I was doing, I could hear them screaming at me, "Hurry up!" If a person needed to use the toilet other than the allowed four times a day, they had to hold it. Allow me to describe the inhumane situations I had to endure while inside the labor camp including cruel force-feeding, frequent electric baton shocks, and time spent in the inhuman "small cells" in the labor camp.

Upon arriving at the labor camp, the staff at the camp ignored my appeal and Reconsider letter. I started to hunger strike with some other fellow practitioners. We appealed with our lives to protest our illegal sentencing to labor re-education. The camp supervisors not only refused to pass our request to the upper level, but instead used force-feeding to torture us. Doctors and male police inhumanly forced a tube into each of our stomachs, and then forcefully stirred resulting in miserable non-stop vomiting. They used a high concentrated salt solution, which made us incredibly thirsty. They even force-fed everything we vomited out back inside us. Some forced the tube in through our noses.

I was the first one to be force-fed. Because I refused their torture, they tied my four limbs to the bed, and forced down my head and hands. After one hour of this torture, there was no spot on my head that was not damaged. My whole head was swollen, and all my teeth were loose or broken. The perpetrators of these crimes can deny beating and cursing me, but my broken teeth were undeniable evidence. Despite my struggle, they force-fed me the tube, but I bit down on the tube to prevent any food from going through. One strong force enabled me to free my left hand from under the ties as well as from the male polices' hold. I pulled out the feeding tube instantly, and ended this round of cruel torture. I heard several voices say, "So capable, so determined!" During the second force-feeding, even a head officer said, "This is too cruel! Enough is enough!"

Inside the labor camp, whenever you practice the exercises, you get electric baton shocks; whenever you have Teacher's New Articles, you get electric baton shocks; if you do not give in, you get electric baton shocks; if you would go on hunger strike, you get electric baton shocks; if you refuse to betray Falun Dafa, you get electric baton shocks. The electric baton shocks are the most frequently used torture tools. All the time they would force us to take off our clothes. The vicious police team leader Xi Guirong and warden Jin Lihua would each shock one side of our necks. Sometimes there was a third baton shocking our most sensitive spots. We were shocked shaking and moving uncontrollably. When they hand cuffed us onto the bed before using the electric batons, the whole bed would move under the shocks. They would humiliate us while shocking us. The whole hallway smelled of burning flesh. They shocked me many times because I kept doing the exercises, and I was on hunger strike, but I was not afraid. They started with low voltage batons, and then changed to high voltage ones. After three rounds of baton shocks, they began to shock whoever still does the exercises. I was one of them. Two days after the baton shock tortures, I still continued to practice the [Falun Gong] exercises.

The infamous "small cell" in the labor camp was inside the supervised class on the first floor. There was no sunlight, and it was only big enough for one person to lie down. Inside, rats often visit you, and once inside, you are not allowed to wash. I was the first one sent in. They had me lie down with my hands cuffed during the night, but I'd have to sit during the day with my hands cuffed to the door. They did not let other Dafa practitioners lie down. They could only sit 24 hours a day with their hands cuffed. It was during November 5-15, 1999. I endured force-feeding for the first time. My mouth bled all night, but they would not allow me to spit the blood out.

My second time in the small cell was May 1-12, 2000. This small cell was made by the third team as a storage room. My arms and legs were tied onto an iron bed. I was not allowed to wash. Every time I ate or relieved myself I needed help from another camp prisoner. I did not want to make other's situations harder, so I would only eat one bite every so often. I only ate one day's worth of food in 12 days' time. The storage room was freezing, and I had to be tranquil to survive.

Upon getting out the small cell, it was Teacher's protection and Dafa's mighty power, which enabled me to be tranquil for that long period of time, and to recover easily afterward. During these torture periods, the team leader, and other wardens would curse at me, try to provoke me, and try to make me give in, but every time I would reason with them, and by the time they let me come out of the small cells, they would never bother to ask me, "Are you still practicing?" These are the inhuman tortures of the small cells.

During the tribulations and trials, I was always free from fear, and acted nobly. This is because I know Falun Dafa is good. It is the great law of the cosmos, the Truth of the universe. I defend the Truth of the universe. How magnificent! How sacred! Ever since the day I obtained Dafa, I was determined to cast off all attachments to everything on earth, and not to pursue any earthly rewards, but to assimilate with Dafa! I will not hesitate to give up my flesh body for the Truth. Of course it was not easy during the lasting tortures. I often use Teacher's words in the last lecture of Zhuan Falun to guide myself, "When you are overcoming a real hardship or tribulation, you try it. When it is difficult to endure, try to endure it. When it looks impossible and is said to be impossible, give it a try and see if it is possible. If you can actually do it, you will indeed find: "After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead! (second to last paragraph of Zhuan Falun)"

(To be continued)