(Clearwisdom.net) At the present, the evil force is putting up a mad, last-ditch struggle to damage Dafa. In order to physically eliminate Falun Dafa practitioners, they have come up with new methods to further their persecution. The following describes these strategies.

1. First, they release Falun Dafa practitioners whose terms are about to end at forced labor camps or forced labor farms (including practitioners released on bail for medical treatment). The leaders of the practitioners' work units, under orders from the local "610 Office", would then deliver the released practitioners to the local government's brainwashing centers for even more persecution. This is what happened to practitioners from the Chongqing Shapingba District who were released and then transferred to the Chongqing Geleshan Hotel to undergo brainwashing in the classes. Among those practitioners are Chongqing University professor Zhang Yougao and Li Chunyuan, who is a physician from Changshou.

2. Another strategy they use is to make personnel from practitioners' work units send the practitioners who have been released to hospitals for further persecution. The practitioners will then be injected with a drug similar to that used in medical euthanasia. Upon the practitioner's death, they will declare that the death was a result of cancer. It is believed that Chongqing Dafa practitioner Mo Shuijin was murdered precisely in this manner.

We urgently appeal to international human rights organizations and international organizations against torture to investigate these atrocities and find out the truth. We hope that kind-hearted people can help us and we hope that practitioners in China will send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil and to firmly resist this new round of persecution.