(Clearwisdom.net) According to the China News Agency on November 5, 2001, the forest in Xijiao Mountain, a National Park and one of the four famous mountains in Lingnan of Guangdong Province, is withering and dying on a massive scale. Mr. Yang Chaoqun, a senior expert in forestry, believes that the direct cause of the pine trees withering and dying is the long-term effects of acid rain. The acid rain has caused the soil to become infertile and subject to wide spread ravaging by insects and disease. The withering and death of the eucalyptus (trees) were the direct effect of acid rain. Xijiao Mountain is covered by 110,000 square kilometers of forest; among them 66,700 square kilometers are pine trees. Now more than 20% of the pine trees are dead or dying, and all the pine trees may be gone in five years, predicted Mr. Yang.

It is believed that the natural disaster was brought upon by Guangdong Polices's evil deeds as follows:

1) Guangzhou City Shahe Detention Center mistreats Dafa practitioners, including a less-than-one-year-old baby

In Guangzhou Shahe Detention Center, more than 30 Falun Dafa practitioners are jailed in three small cells originally used for treating mental patients. More than 10 people have to live in a cell of about 5~6 square meters (about 50 square feet). There is nothing in the cells, no water, no electricity, and the two meals per day are no more than a small cup of rice with a little bit of pickled vegetable. Only one small cup of boiled water is allowed each day, though not guaranteed. Practitioners lost weight quickly due to lack of food and water for an extended period of time. Their gums began to bleed. Because of dehydration, practitioners often cannot pass a bowel movement for more than ten days, and sometimes have to remove the impacted stool by hand. There is no feminine hygiene such as pads or tissue provided for female practitioners during menstruation. Only after repeated requests did the detention authorities provide some tissue to the female practitioners. Practitioners spent their days under extremely difficult and brutal living conditions. To destroy the practitioners' determination, guards used electric batons to shock them, and sprayed them with pepper spray. The guards even poured cold water into practitioners bedding in the middle of the winter and took their clothes away, leaving them in their underwear. As a result, the practitioners could not sleep in the cold, damp, dark night.

A less than one-year-old baby stayed in the detention center for 3 months. Because of malnutrition and dehydration, the mother had no breast milk to feed the baby. Evil wardens refused to give the baby any powdered milk or baby food, and they forced practitioners to buy powdered milk. The prison only supplied one bag of instant noodles but refused to supply hot water. The mother had to use cold water to soften the noodles and feed the baby. Due to extended malnutrition, the baby became very sick and lost all her hair. Only after strong protests from Dafa practitioners did the detention center eventually release the mother and the baby for medical reasons. The baby's grandmother and two other practitioners were detained in this location in July 2000, and had been here for more than 8 months. They once went on a 10-day hunger strike to protest their illegal detention, and were force-fed. The cruel wardens held them by their hair and dragged them to the ground floor from the 2nd floor, and asked more than 10 male inmates to pin them on the floor. These inmates even stepped on the practitioners' hands, feet, and stomachs. The purpose of the torture was to force Dafa practitioners to give up their belief and practice. Bystanders were horrified and shook their heads when they saw what was going on.

2) Police Arrest Innocent People in Huizhou City, Guangdong Province

After displaying a Falun Dafa banner in Tiananmen Square on New Year's Day 2001, Mr. Yang Guang, a Dafa practitioner from Huizhou, Guangdong Province, was beaten and arrested. Two of his ribs were broken. Mr. Yang was illegally detained for half a month and was sent back to his hometown where he was sentenced to two years in labor camp. Before Mr. Yang started to serve the sentence, his father became critically ill. The authorities allowed him to go back to his hometown to visit his father under police custody. Before returning to prison, Yang, realizing that he was innocent, actively protested the charges that were brought by the evil. He managed to walk away. After his successful escape, his father recovered miraculously. Yang later was put on the authority's wanted list, and his family members were harassed constantly. The family's housekeeper, a non-practitioner, was also detained for a week. Mr. Lin and his wife, his former colleagues in Guangzhou and also Dafa practitioners, were also questioned. Mr. Lin was taken away by police and detained for more than a month. He is believed to be jailed in Huizhou, but his family members haven't received any notice from the police. After learning that Mr. Lin's wife was also a Dafa practitioner, the authority tried to force her to attend a brainwashing class. Fortunately, she left before the police arrived. Now both Mr. Lin and his wife cannot return to their home. Relatives are taking care of their two children, ages 3 and 5.

Under direct orders from Jiang Zemin and Luo Gan's evil regime, the hands of those cruel, merciless, and evil police have been tainted by Dafa practitioners' blood. They committed horrible crimes that are punishable by thousands of deaths. God and Buddha's compassion is beyond people's comprehension. Gods are using all kinds of opportunities to warn people and to give them opportunities to change for the better. The continuous and ever fierce natural and man-made disasters in China over the last two years are the warnings from the Gods. More terrible disasters will come if people fail to wake up, since the mercy of gods will not indulge evil deeds. When the time comes, everyone has to repay what he owes.