(Clearwisdom.net) One day in June 2001, I went to a fellow practitioner's home and there I happened to meet Tang Daxing, the village security head and another village official. They were trying to brainwash a fellow practitioner. No matter how hard the practitioner tried to clarify the truth of Dafa to them, the security head chose to believe the lies spread by Jiang Zemin. I listened for a while, and he kept talking nonsense.

So, I asked him: Have you ever read Zhuan Falun [the main book of Falun Dafa]?

Tang: No.

Me: If you have never read the book, why do you say it is not good?

Tang: As long as the higher authorities prohibit it, you should not practice. If you do, you are acting against the Party.

Me: Nobody can represent the Party. If Jiang Zemin were dead, would the Party cease to exist? You don't even know for whom you are living. If you can think for yourself, you should read the book. If you won't read the book, please don't come here any more.

Tang: I am told by higher authorities to come here.

Me: You came here only to protect your job. You are afraid that you will lose your standing if you don't take charge of Falun Gong affairs. Actually, even if you would lose your position, that is only temporary. But if you lose your life, won't you lose everything?

Tang: Wouldn't I be the same as you if I read the book?

Me: Oh, you are afraid of being the same as us. I have nothing to talk about with you then.

On the next day, the village officials dined together. Afterwards, Tang Daxing, the security head, had a traffic accident driving his car while drunk and died on the spot. We hope this story will awaken those who would sacrifice their lives for their positions.