Nov 11, 2001

( At midday on 15th September, Meng Yangqi, a 17-year-old Dafa practitioner and junior high school student escaped from Liaoyuan Labour Camp in protest of his illegal detention. Unfortunately, he was captured and sent back. Upon his return, the vicious guard, Wang Chengxue, ferociously hit Meng on the face, causing serious bleeding from his nose and lips. Meng was then locked in the isolation cell of the Jijiao team ("education" class). Not long after, Wang hauled Meng out of the cell to beat him again. Meng was beaten until he fell down on the ground with his face covered in blood. Jiang Deyuan (Head of Administration), who had been watching on the side during the torture, started to apply "Shang Sheng [roping]" on Meng. (translator's note: a form of torture -- the practitioner is tied up with a thin rope; the rope is circled around the neck, and the hands are tied behind the back. Then the rope is tightened steadily around the body, making it more and more difficult to breathe. The pain is so intense that the victim sometimes loses control of the bladder. There are instances when the rope has been tightened so much as to break the victim's arms) Meng endured the pain of "Shang Sheng" as well as verbal abuse for half an hour. After the roping, Kong Qingguo (Head of "Education") found a meter long wooden club about two inches in diameter, and beat Meng fiercely on his chest, side, back, hips, and arms, causing redness, purple bruises, swelling, and unbearable pain. Meanwhile, they never stopped their verbal attacks for the whole 2 hours.

At the start of the work day around 9 a.m. on 16th September, 5th team leader Zhang Hongfei took Meng to the guards' office, struck him to the ground and kicked him. Then he stood him up and knocked him down again. Meng's head was banged against the wall and the floor, and became severely swollen. During the beating, as Meng cried out "guards should not hit people," Zhang beat him even more violently.

In the afternoon of 17th September, around 2 p.m., instructor Fan from Jijiao team ("education" team) gave Meng a bout of whipping with a very thick cable wire (meter long, 2 cm thick). Meng was whipped on the shoulders and the back. Fan also choked him by lashing his throat a number of times, causing the throat to bleed and nearly suffocating him.

At midday on the 15th of September, Dafa practitioner Zhang Jieshan (male) was locked up in a small cell for attempting to escape with Meng. Zhang was also viciously beaten by Wang Chengxue. Wang kicked Zhang's face hard with his leather boot, causing serious swelling and facial distortion. Jiang Deyuan also applied "Shang Sheng" on Zhang in the Jijiao office on the 4th floor, choking him. Kong Qingguo beat Zhang on the chest and back with a 2 inch thick wooden stick over 10 times. Wang Zhixue (the 5th team leader, very vicious in torturing Dafa practitioners, who spares no means in pressuring them to give up their cultivation practice) pushed Zhang to the floor and stomped on Zhang's head with his boots over 20 times. Instructor Fan whipped Zhang on the stomach with the sole of a shoe, and verbally abused him for over 2 hours.

About 8 a.m. in the morning of 16th September, Zhang Hongfei and Wang Chengxue used "Shang Sheng" on Zhang. They also whacked Zhang on the head and abdomen with the hard soles of their shoes. On 17th September, around 2 p.m., instructor Fan whipped him with the 2cm thick electrical cable until he fell to the ground, and he continued to whip him on his head and back for a long time. Zhang's head was swollen and bleeding, and his whole body was covered with nasty wounds. He was an unbearable sight to behold.

When Meng Yangqi was being tortured, Dafa practitioner Zhang Shousheng tried to stop the guards' criminal acts yelling, "Stop! Beating people is not allowed!" Before long the guard Wang Chengxue walked into the room, cursing as he entered, and took Zhang to the office of the 5th team leader. Zhang said to them, "You are law enforcement officers; beating people is illegal. We have our human rights!" Wang Zhixue punched Zhang in the face and shouted: "What is the law? This (shaking his fist) is the law. You talk about human rights; this is human rights!" He gave Zhang another savage punch, and slammed Zhang's head against the wall. The inside of Zhang's cheek was torn. Blood oozed from his mouth. Hou Jianhua (Deputy head of "education") slapped Zhang hard, and then left without saying a word.

When fifty-eight year old Dafa practitioner Chen Mingxing was asked what he thought of Zhang and Meng's escape attempt on September 15, he said: "The Dafa practitioners have done nothing wrong. This is illegal and unjustifiable detention and persecution, and there is no reason why I should not leave either." He was immediately beaten up viciously by Kong Qingguo, Hou Jianhua, Wang Chengxue and others, and his face swelled up with bruises.

With regard to the above, the six law enforcement officers have violated the law themselves, while the labour camp authorities turned a blind eye and did not intervene. What is even more outrageous, the inspector at the camp said: "If they should be successful in their escape, the guards would lose their jobs, so a little beating is quite understandable..." thus openly condoning the guards' lawbreaking.

Since Kong Qingguo often used illegal torture devices on Dafa practitioners at will when drunk, all detainees jointly appealed. A case was filed with the relevant government department, and after investigation, Kong was removed from his job as a department head and demoted to being a guard at the gate.

Evil persons' listing:

Head of the Labour Camp

Resident Inspector

Ex Head of "Education", now guard at the second gate Kong Qingguo

Deputy head of "Education" Hou Jianhua

Head of Administration Jiang Deyuan

5th Team Leader Zhang Hongfei

Jijiao Team Fan Jiaoyuan

Present 5th Team Leader Wang Zhixue

Guard Wang Chengxue