At noon on November 8, 2001, a young girl went to Tiananmen alone to validate Dafa. Consequently, she was illegally arrested and sent to Pinggu County Police Subdivision.

Since her arrest, this young practitioner went on hunger strike while requesting an unconditional release. It has been over four days now (November 12, 2001). Despite the interrogations and cruel punishments, the young girl refused to disclose her identity in order to prevent her family from being involved in this illegal persecution.

On the eve of November 10, 2001, the police revealed that she was still on hunger strike, that her body was weak and that she suffered from the cold. Although she has difficulty breathing, the police refused to release her. The police threatened to extend her detention indefinitely if she could not be identified. They were given orders from higher authorities to deal with her in such a manner. We do not know how long this brutal torture will last.

We are calling upon all kindhearted people to take immediate action to rescue all young Falun Dafa disciples who are on hunger strike!

The phone number to the Criminal Division, Pinggu County Police Department, Beijing City: 86-10-69962846 (Pre-interrogation); or 86-10-89987035.

Qin (staff): 86-10-13801072653, or 13801014880.