(Clearwisdom.net) On November 4, 2001, New York practitioners went to Chinatown to display the pictures of Falun Gong. We handed out truth-clarifying literature and revealed the truth to the Chinese people passing by. I heard the following two conversations, which sparked some thinking.

Conversation 1

A group of men surrounded us and started to slander Dafa and Dafa practitioners. When I handed over a copy of the truth-clarifying literature to the man who had just cursed Dafa to his utmost and in his loudest voice, his crony beside him immediately said, "He dares not accept your materials." That man responded, "He's right. I dare not accept your materials... Because, I accepted other's money."

Conversation 2

At the same location, at another time, I stood in front of the exhibition boards to answer the questions of a man who had started a row with others before. At the end of our conversation, he suddenly said, "If I was not short of money, I wouldn't have to stand here to talk with you so much."