(Clearwisdom.net) There are more than 100 practitioners illegally detained at Xi'an Women's Labor Camp. Many of them are illegally detained for unlimited terms, and are even detained after their detention term expires. The labor camp tried to forcefully brainwash all the practitioners, and their labor education team is a specific unit to carry out the brainwashing. Drug addicts and criminals made up the "civilian management committee," and the so-called "help and education" [actually brainwashing] was carried out by the detainees who were released in advance because they bribed those in charge for their release. They brutally tortured the practitioners who were persistent in studying the Fa and practicing the exercises. In order to force one practitioner to compromise, they even used 6 or 7 men to take turns continually abusing the practitioner, and deprived the practitioner of sleep.

On June 7, 2001, 27 practitioners were transferred in from team No. 2 and were all illegally detained on the third floor to be forcefully brainwashed by the "education" team. The 27 practitioners jointly wrote a signed letter to appeal and firmly resisted. They studied the Fa and practiced the exercises collectively. The guards had no other options and behaved like flunkies. They took advantage when the practitioners were all downstairs for a certain activity, and they carried out a secret search and took away all the handwritten copies of Teacher's articles. The practitioners firmly protested, and urged the guards to return the articles. The practitioners also loudly recited "Lun Yu" (the Introductory Statement to Zhuan Falun), Hong Yin (Teacher's poem collection) and Teacher's verse for eliminating the evil. Their action confounded the guards.

At about 10:00 a.m. on June 21, four male "internal security" guards and over a dozen members of the "civilian management committee" rushed into the cell with batons in hand, broke up the 27 female practitioners who were locking arm-in-arm to resist, and wildly beat the practitioners. After the beating, they checked the practitioners' wounds one by one. For those practitioners whose injuries were not so serious, they beat them more until every practitioner was full of wounds. Practitioner Wu Daqiong's head was injured so badly that she immediately fainted. Practitioner Zhao Li's mouth was plugged up with a towel and she was brutally beaten again, simply because she moaned. This incident has temporally made her mind quite unclear. Then the mobs handcuffed 9 practitioners, and put each of them into a separate cell where they couldn't go to the toilet or go to sleep. The handcuffs were not removed until June 27, but three of them were sentenced to be under strict monitoring (one of them is the representative of the People's Congress of the county).

The persecution against Dafa practitioners in Xi'an Women's Labor Camp continues to escalate. We hope that people from all walks of life will show their concern and help to stop such crimes.