(Clearwisdom.net) I am a teenage girl from Heilongjiang Province. Because of practicing Falun Gong, my parents have been illegally detained four times. The brutal policemen tried to force them to write "guarantee statements" (statements promising to stop practicing Falun Gong). Because my parents were not willing to write the statements, they beat them up until their bodies were severely injured. Later, they were taken to the Detention Center of the City. While they were illegally detained there, the criminals, with the support of the guards, beat up my father and forced him to sleep on the cement floor. The suffering from the long-term torture was simply too much, and he got running sores all over his body. He could not walk and take care of himself. Even so, those villains still illegally detained him for four months before he was released. When coming home, he looked very miserable, and could not walk for a long period of time. The policemen had extorted all the money from our family, but they still didn't leave them alone. Just one month ago at midnight, the vicious policemen once again took them away. My parents are good people and they have never done anything wrong. In addition, many other Falun Gong practitioners are also very good people. Why should these good people be persecuted? My family has been broken and I am left alone and helpless. Winter is coming and I have no economic support. I have no one to rely on.

I have some words for the policemen who persecute good people: Policemen should not seize and detain good people. Please release them now. If your relatives were taken away and detained without reason, wouldn't you feel sorrow and grief? With their parents taken away, how could their young children survive alone? You really shouldn't have done this. Where is your conscience? Now I feel that there is a total absence of justice. You treat good people maliciously. Is there anything wrong with being a good person? I know that there are still many more families in China that have had the same experiences as my family. Those people must have the same hopes as I do -- they look forward to a happy future, value a peaceful life, and try to be good and honest people. However, what are you doing? What is this country doing? You are knowingly violating the law! There are so many countries over the whole world and none of them oppose Falun Gong. Why is China so different from all of them?

Kindhearted people, please look after my parents. Good people should not be persecuted any more. Please lend a helping hand to them and to me!