Falun Gong Attracts People at Health Expo in Tampa, Florida

A large Health and Fitness Expo was held on September 22 and 23 in Tampa, Florida, which attracted tens of thousands of people throughout the state. Local practitioners applied for a booth and spent two full days there, teaching the exercises, spreading the Fa and clarifying the truth to thousands of people. People came to learn the exercises continuously. Reporters from NBC TV station and a newspaper also visited practitioners to learn more about Falun Gong and the current persecution situation in China.

Morning Exercise Before Expo Starts Kids Come to Learn Falun Gong Too Sending Righteous Thoughts is Our Finale

Increasing Need for Falun Gong in Orlando, Florida

Florida's Orlando is a famous city to tourists. There are many Hongfa activities in this area. The most recent one was the Southern Women's Show from September 27 to 30 at Orland International Convention Center, and practitioners were there throughout the 4-day event. They talked with thousands of people at the show, and many people invited practitioners to teach Falun Gong in their communities. A reporter from a senior newspaper asked for information and pictures to share with readers.

Exercise Demonstration at the Show Clarifying the Truth of Dafa at the Show Many People Come to Learn Falun Gong

Disney World held an International Fengshui Expo, and most of the attendants were searching for spiritual development. The Falun Gong booth at the Expo caught so many people's attention that crowds gathered there all the time to learn more about Dafa and the truth of the persecution. To meet the increasing demand for instruction, local practitioners arranged morning sessions, especially during the Expo.

Exercise Demonstration at International Fengshui Expo Morning Session is Just What We Need