October 22, 2001


On May 24, 2001, headed by Zhang Bo, leader of the Twelfth Team, and Shi Yingbai, the First Camp Commander, Wanjia Labor Camp carried out the most inhuman torture imaginable to a large group of Dafa practitioners. Under the pretext of violating regulations, one of which states "Captives shall provide full cooperation, admit and acknowledge all alleged faults," about fifty to sixty women practitioners, who had been apprehended and detained illegally in the first place, were sent to the male section of Wanjia Labor Camp for further punishment. [Note: It is against all international standards for prisoners as well as China's own document of prisoners rights to mix female and male prisoners together.] One means of torture they applied on the practitioners was to shock any one falling asleep with an electric baton.

Eight female Dafa practitioners were assigned to the 4th male team and they went through all sorts of torture there. At night, they were not allowed to sleep for as long as twenty-one days. During the day, they were hung up by their arms that were bound from behind on the railing of the top bunker and with their feet above the ground. Two of them fainted the first day. One of them by the name of Li Haiyan, was only twenty-one. One officer, a new arrival called Wang Min, shouted at her, "Stop pretending!" Without untying her arms, he just dropped her down on the bed like a sack of potatoes. Li's arms were still tangled up behind her back when she regained consciousness. She could not recognize anybody. After stretching and jerking, Wang Min finally managed to put some sensation back to her arms, but her fingers still refused to respond properly.

One day, three female Dafa practitioners were hung up for some four hours (with arms tightly bound from behind and suspended from the hand rail of the top bunker.) Every ten minutes, a male prisoner let them down and jerked their arms violently. The agony was beyond words. Afterwards, their hands shook so uncontrollably that they could not manage to eat at mealtime. When they just managed to gulp a few bites, a guard by the name of Wang immediately stopped them from eating further. Their mealtime only lasted a few minutes, regardless of whether or not they finished their meal. On the same day, eight other Dafa practitioners were compelled to stand in the draught of a cold air return vent. At the same time, they were made to stand in a pool of water, shoes soaking wet, and were not allowed to go to the toilet. Some were not permitted to visit the toilet for three days. During the times when they were not hung up, they were forced to sit on a small iron stool or sometimes on the ground, mouths gagged with a rolled up sock soaked with toilet excreta, and then sealed with tape.

Because of the long hours without sleep, Dafa practitioners collapsed from the bench onto the ground many times. To prevent them from falling asleep, they were made to change seats every ten minutes.

Song Yuchun, an over 50-year-old English teacher by profession, was assigned to another male team where she was brutally tortured by a guard named Sun Qing. Sun shocked her repeatedly with an electric baton. In addition, he grabbed her hair and repeatedly dunked her head under in a basin of water. Later, he bashed her with a police club. She was tortured so badly that she ended up in the hospital.

The eighth team put the female practitioners under the cruelest torture imaginable. The female practitioners were hung up, repeatedly shocked with an electric baton until they passed out, and then splashed with water to wake them up for another ordeal. Out of the five female practitioners from the women's team, three of them were hung up for seven days, while the other two were hung up for fourteen days. They were Ah Caixia of Hulan County, Wang Fujun, a doctor from Harbin, and one other by the name of Liu Qian.

We are appealing to all kind-hearted people from all over the world to come forward and voice your condemnation of this inhuman and cruel torture to women headed by Jiang Zemin and his accomplices in China.