Accompanied by many practitioners and supporters from the Los Angeles area, 8 practitioners participating in the SOS! Global RescueWalk from Los Angeles to San Francisco concluded their 500-mile walk on October 20 after a 29 day walk.

Practitioners participating in SOS! Global RescueWalk Practitioners at the press conference
Practitioner recounts her experiences in a detention center in China Los Angeles City Council Member Mr. Daly speaks

At the press conference, a practitioner in the SOS! Walk team read the SOS! Global RescueWalk statement. One practitioner recounted the ordeal she suffered while she was detained in a detention center in China. She called upon kind-hearted people of the world to stop the killing in China. Los Angeles City Council member Mr. Daly pointed out that the road to justice is not always smooth. He stated that he is going to work together with practitioners until the persecution is ended.