October 18, 2001

At 5 AM on June 23, 2001, the villagers were asleep after another day of backbreaking work in the fields. A group of vehicles from the local government, the local police station, and the 110 [Note: 110 is China's equivalent to the 911 emergency number in the US] emergency rescue unit arrived at the Sunzhen Village, located near Huanghua City, Hebei Province. The police sirens and shouting of more than 40 government agents and policemen shattered the quiet of the village. The villagers knew that they were there to arrest Falun Gong practitioners yet again.

In the past, after being locked up in the township's governmental compound under false pretenses, some practitioners were forced to write pledges promising to give up practicing Falun Gong, appear on TV to tell lies about Falun Gong, or stand on the street to curse Master Li. They were stripped of their basic human rights. Those who refused to follow those orders were detained, forced to pay high fines, or placed under house arrest. The term for the longest house arrest was more than 40 days. After being repeatedly brutalized and deceived for no apparent reason, a lot of the practitioners have awakened and recognized the true nature of the evil. During the latest round of arrests, many practitioners courageously stood up against this criminal act that not only violated the human rights of the practitioners but also broke China's own laws. When Li Zhaosheng gave the order, the illegal arrests began.

Practitioner Zuo Lifang was still in bed when she was dragged outside barefoot in her undergarments. When she tried to resist, four or five men held her down in a pit, covering her with mud from head to toe. Her child who is about 14 or 15 years old wanted to go out to fight with them. Her husband stopped him and said, "They are committing sins by arresting good people like your mother. When people break the laws, the eyes of the heavens are watching from above. They will receive rightful retributions for their bad deeds." The child was scheduled to take the entrance exams for high school that day. Because of the stress from this sudden calamity, he failed the entrance exams and lost the chance to further his education.

Practitioner Han Zhirong had only returned home a short while ago after serving a 6-month detention. When her daughter saw that the government officials had come to arrest her yet again, she held on to her mother tightly and would not let them take her. They pulled the daughter and the mother apart by force. They twisted the arms of the 18-year-old girl behind her back and held her down on the bed while her mother was dragged away. The daughter cried out angrily, "The only thing you people do is hurt kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners. You always run away when you see gang members brandishing knives. How come you appear so fierce here?"

Practitioner Han Shuzhen was holding her toddler in her arms when the officials broke into her home. They threw the child down on the ground. Four or five of them then dragged Ms. Han outside and stuffed her into a waiting police car. The toddler was left crawling on the floor, crying for his mother at the top of his lungs.

After practitioner Zhang Xiuqin was dragged away by force, her elderly mother-in-law sat on the ground holding on to her young grandson, crying out, "Why have the principles of Heaven forsaken us?"

Other practitioners who were arrested and kidnapped included Cui Yanli, Meng Xianghua, Zhang Xiufen, Li Wenjun, Liu Bingyan, Shang Fuxiang, Li Jinde, Wang Zhenfeng, and Han Zhuqin, among others.

The evil deeds of the government officials and the police angered many villagers and the family members of the practitioners. When Zhang Xiulan's husband saw that they had come to arrest his wife, he shouted angrily, "Let me just see which one of you has the guts to arrest my wife. How is being a housewife against the law? We break our backs in the field to support you. How dare you turn around and bite the hands that feed you? Where have your consciences gone? How are you any different from the bandits from years ago?"

Some villagers who witnessed the atrocity said angrily, "These officials do nothing but eat extravagant meals, drink, visit prostitutes, gamble, and go to dance halls. They have done so many bad deeds. Even though they could not find any evidence of wrongdoing by Falun Gong practitioners, they still arrest them. These Falun Gong practitioners look so righteous and fearless." Some said, "This country is really beyond saving. It is so difficult just to survive. When we are left with no other choice, we will also go to Tiananmen Square to cry out, 'Falun Dafa is good.' This way, our lives won't be a total waste."

"How could the evil run rampant any longer? Every single being's volition is fully revealed." ("Rectifying the Colossal Firmament") Even though the evil still appears to be vicious on the surface, its brutal persecution is actually getting weaker and weaker. The powerful righteous thoughts of Dafa practitioners can dissolve any factor that contributes to unrighteous thoughts, and awaken more and more kind-hearted people to support Dafa and eventually accept the truth of the universe themselves.

The telephone number of the Huanghua City Police Department is 86-317-5221024.