At three in the afternoon on June 23, 2000, local policeman Wang Ren came to my workplace to ask me whether or not I still practiced Falun Gong. I said, "Yes." I was therefore immediately arrested, accused of "disturbing the public order."

The local police also searched my home, taking away Teacher's pictures, Falun Gong books and related literature. They took my mother away and locked her up for a week, extorting 300 Yuan (about half a month's salary to average urban workers in China) from my family in exchange for her release. Later on, my mother was detained for a further 49 days. With my mother imprisoned, my 16 year-old daughter was left at home alone at a time when she was preparing for an entrance exam for middle school. I asked the police to let me go home to take care of my daughter, but they told me they would release me only if I give up my practice of Falun Gong. I refused them and as a result was sent to a labor camp after being held for a month in the local police station.

For the eight months from July 24, 2000 to September 11, 2001, I was under rigorous control. I refused to cooperate with their forced brainwashing attempts, so I was forbidden to study or practice Falun Gong, nor was I allowed to see visiting family members or fellow practitioners who, like me, firmly upheld their belief in Falun Dafa. I was forced into a situation where I was completely separated from the outside world. I had no choice but to urinate and defecate inside the cell and as a result the air was very filthy. I was also forbidden to walk outside the cell for several months. Unwilling to accept such conditions, a few other practitioners and I demanded to meet with the head of the labor camp to request termination of the rigorous controls that had been imposed on us and to demand the freedom to practice the Falun Gong exercises and to read the Falun Gong books and to further demand our unconditional release. The head of the camp refused to talk with us, giving various excuses.

On the eve of Chinese New Year (January 23, 2001), Zhu Tiehong, the political instructor of Team Three, came and escorted the 12 of us who had asked to meet with the head of the camp to the South Building. Instead of meeting with the head, we faced a room full of about 20 violent looking policemen. The team leader, Liu Hongguang, said, "This is a labor camp. It's not your home. It's impossible that you will be allowed to do whatever you want to do. You are forbidden to study and practice Falun Gong. If you disobey this order, you will suffer rigorous controls here." They then handcuffed us to beds. The following day another three practitioners were sent to the same room and handcuffed the same way. We were locked up in three separate rooms and forced to sit on an iron (torture) chair in turn. Practitioner Yang Yubo was confined to the chair for three days and nights. His hands, legs and feet all became swollen. Practitioner Jing Nihong told the police that we were being brutally persecuted, so one of them stuffed a piece of a cotton blanket into her mouth to silence her. A tall policeman said, "Did you think that just anyone can meet with the head of the labor camp? We'll make sure you have a 'happy' Chinese New Year right here." We were cuffed there for nine days.

We were later told that the Judicial Bureau approved the kind of torture imposed by Team Three, but it was the police of Team Three who started a rumor that we would commit group-suicide. We were then locked up "for our own safety," but what they actually had in mind was that it would be easier for them to control us over the Chinese New Year holidays if we were simply locked up.

In February 2001, we went on a hunger strike to protest the search and confiscation of Teacher's new articles. We were cuffed to beds again. Zhang Lianying, a practitioner from Beijing, was taken again to the South Building Two and held there separately under rigorous control for two months.

In April 2001, policewomen Mou Zhenjuan violently seized Master's articles from practitioner Zhao Yaxian's hands, fracturing a bone in Zhao's left palm.

That same month, practitioner Liu Shuning was tricked into going downstairs. When she got there, she realized that the police were going to attempt to force her to undergo "medical treatment." She tried all she could to resist, so political instructor Zhu Tiehong ordered another inmate to help him push Liu down onto bed, stuffing her month with a towel and sealing it with tape.

On May 23, 2001, policemen working with the Administration Section of the labor camp brutally tortured female practitioners Jing Nihong, Wang Yuhong, Song Feiqing and Fan Xirong, beating them, making them sit on iron chairs, shocking them with electric batons and cuffing them for long periods of time. Jing Nihong was cuffed for about 20 days. Wang Yuhong has not been released from the rigorous control as of this writing.

In June 2001, practitioners Men Xiaohua and An Hong similarly suffered from beatings, sitting on iron chairs and electric shock torture. They are still under rigorous control.

In July or August, 2001, practitioner Yan Fenghua and Song Feiqing were brutally given enemas with the excuse of curing their diarrhea. Bruises and wounds covered their entire bodies after this "treatment."

I suffered or witnessed all of the brutality presented above, yet I am sure there are many more incidences of brutal persecution behind the scenes and hidden from the public.

Despite the vicious torture inflicted on us by the police, we still kindly tell them the truth of Falun Gong and the principle that good is rewarded with good and evil with evil. Trapped by their deeply evil thoughts, they even declare that they are not afraid of retribution or even going to hell. These poor lives, behaving like puppets on a string, are manipulated by the evil forces and have completely lost their basic humanity and ability to discern good and evil.

As Master Li stated in "Further Comments on Superstition", "Mankind! Wake up! The vows of gods throughout the ages are being fulfilled. Dafa is evaluating all lives. The path of life is under one's own feet. A person's own single thought will also determine his future."