For the past several months, practitioners in New York City have been demonstrating the exercises and displaying photographs and posters in different parks around Chinatown.

Many people who live in Chinatown have just come to the U.S. and have been poisoned by the slanderous propaganda about Dafa in Mainland China. Also, many of the Chinatown residents only read the Chinese newspapers, which are heavily influenced by the X Party, and thus they have many bad thoughts about Dafa. It is very obvious that we have a lot of truth clarifying work to do there.

This past weekend we were at a park, which is the most popular park in Chinatown. There are many unsavory characters who gamble and drink in the park, and we have found that somebody (possibly the Chinese Consulate) is paying these people to harass the practitioners and to stir up trouble in any way possible. They try to surround a practitioner and then they all start shouting. Whenever this happens, we all send forth righteous thoughts. Also, we always have a practitioner with a video camera, which causes many of these characters to run away (since many of them are illegal immigrants). In addition, we notify the police of our activities and they often send an officer to keep things under control.

Our setup includes many stands with posters that have a variety of truth-clarifying materials and photos. We placed several of the stands far away from our exercise demonstrations, and thus people who were reluctant to approach us could read about the truth of Dafa on their own.

We regularly do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts. When we send forth righteous thoughts, the area becomes very quiet and peaceful.

The location is ideal since there are hundreds of people who walk by, many of whom stop to look at the posters or take some flyers. We have noticed that after the third weekend of being at this park, many more people have begun taking our flyers and stopping to talk to practitioners. Also, we are seeing that within various groups of Chinese people who "hang out" in the park, many are debating amongst themselves about Falun Gong. This shows that there are now many non-practitioners who are stepping forward to clarify the truth as well. We have also tried to have more Western practitioners come to our events in Chinatown. It seems to really confuse the evil people when they see a variety of Caucasians, African Americans, and Latin Americans all practicing Dafa. Whenever Western practitioners are around, the troublemakers tend to back off. Although we know we have much truth clarifying work to do in Chinatown, we can see that our efforts are working and more and more overseas Chinese people are seeing that Dafa is truly righteous.