Female doctor Qian Wulin from Shanghai Dahua Hospital has been a [party name omitted] cadre for more than 30 years. She is an excellent medical officer and she is loved by her colleagues and patients. She was subject to inhuman torture during the Cultural Revolution because she spoke the truth but later her reputation was restored.

As a veteran [party name omitted] party member and being responsible for the party and people, based on the right granted by the Chinese Constitution and Party Constitution that a citizen and party member has the right to reflect a problem to the government and its staffs, Doctor Qian wrote two letters to Vice President Hu Jintao of Central Cadres Council telling of her personal experience and the benefits that she had obtained from practicing Falun Dafa. She also pointed out the damage the persecution has caused the country and its people.

After she wrote the second letter, the hospital leaders arranged a study team to learn her medical skills, while at the same time they prepared how they were going to persecute her. In the face of the pressure from the workplace, she still didn't stay away. She kept appointments with patients every day and she thought that her absence would cause the patients more trouble. Even though her personal safety was in danger, her first thought was her patients' situation.

Until now, Doctor Qian Wulin has been missing for half a month. Thus there is a chance that she may have been kidnapped by the authorities. Since the Cultural Revolution, this is the second time that she has been wrongly persecuted. But this time the persecution is much more cruel and vicious.

We call for kind-hearted people to help us to rescue Doctor Qian Wulin.