Today was the yearly great Homecoming Parade. After obtaining permission from the police, we handed out Dafa Truth-clarifying literature along the route of the parade.

As we began to hand out flyers, I still had an ordinary person's mentality, such as worrying that the effect of our Truth-clarifying efforts would not be good. As a result I was feeling like something was not right. Not until one person not only refused to accept the Dafa material I gave to him, but also had a contemptuous expression on his face, I suddenly realized my incorrect state of mind. Dafa materials are incomparably precious, and people should be worthy of receiving them!

From the human's perspective, all Dafa materials are prepared by practitioners using their own money and hard work, and have not come easily. From the perspective of high-level principles, this is the manifestation of Dafa practitioners' compassion. The flyers do not aim at selling anything for personal benefits. Dafa is extremely valuable and will never need to beg anyone to come to understand it! Of course, from another perspective, if anyone wants to obtain it, this thought is incomparably precious, and this opportunity may be the result of his endurance of hardships in many past lives. Thus we should unconditionally hand out the materials to people.

When I held out a copy of Dafa literature and asked one person if he wanted it, he impolitely answered that he didn't care about anything. I looked into his eyes and asked him seriously, "Don't you care about terrorism? Don't you care about innocent people being killed?" His face turned red! I often run into such people when I hand out materials and collect signatures. I used to let them go, but later I realized that I was not being responsible by doing so. I should point out his numbness and deviation. This is genuinely for his benefit.

After my state of mind became righteous, the amount of Dafa materials that I distributed didn't decrease. I went back to the starting point along the original route after the parade finished. I found that not a single copy of Dafa material had been discarded on the way where I distributed the materials with a righteous mind, whereas I picked up several copies from the ground along the route where my attitude was not righteous.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out to me if there is anything inappropriate.