• A Falun Dafa Disciple Is Inhumanly Tortured
  • Warning: "6-10 Office", Stop Persecuting Dafa Disciples
  • Latest News
  • [Jiutai City, Jilin Province] The Chinese State Supported Terrorism
  • [Tianjin City] Dafa Banners Appear in Tianjin Area
  • [Beijing] Some Dafa Material Printing Sites Have Been Damaged, Practitioners Please Take Care
  • [Huanan City, Heilongjiang Province] Dafa Practitioners Save Prisoners
  • [China] Cleaning Man Who Comes to Know the Truth: "Do you have any extra materials that remain unposted? Give some to me, I also want to post them."


1. [Changchun city, Jilin Province] A Falun Dafa Disciple Is Inhumanly Tortured

Late one night in September, several fellow practitioners and I were soundly sleeping at our printing location. Then, some people came and arrested us. I don't know what means of torture they had employed on me during the night of the interrogation, but consequently, my body shook all over, totally out of control; and I had a fit of dizziness for about five seconds. Then, they handcuffed me to the "Tiger Bench" (a type of torture instrument) and didn't allow me to fall sleep. Many times, they tightened the handcuffs, cutting them into my flesh. They beat me up with wooden and electric prods. They covered my head with a plastic bag (It's easy to suffocate a person to death in this way). Worst of all, they shocked me with electric prods on my genitals, nipples, etc. As a result, my genitals became severly swollen and it became very difficult to urinate. The skin on my wrist was abraded away because of the tightened handcuffs. My cheeks were black and bruised, and there were many dark spots all over my chest and back caused by the electric shocks. The skin over my two hipbones was seriously bruised and raw. Both my hands and feet were swollen. There were bruises as big as baseballs left on my arms and legs.

They claimed while torturing me, "If you become dead or disabled, we'll say that you Falun Gong people commit suicide and disable yourselves."

Two days later, they released me from the "Tiger Bench," and they saw that I became too faint to sit. Then, they handcuffed me to a bed. Later that night, with Teacher watching over me, I escaped from the demon's den.

2. [Longkou city, Shandong Province] Warning: "6-10 Office", Stop Persecuting Dafa Disciples

The vicious "6-10 Office" in Longkou city of Shandong province franticly persecutes Dafa disciples by forcing them to attend brainwashing classes. Dafa disciple Yu Xiliu, refused to cooperate with the evil arrangements and escaped from the brainwashing class. He (or it could be she) was forced to become homeless now to avoid the persecution. Against their will, over twenty practitioners wrote statements of guarantee (that said that they wouldn't practice Falun Dafa anymore) in the brainwashing class. When they left the class, they immediately and solemnly announced that what they had written was invalid. They left their homes, and again threw themselves into the current of Fa-rectification. The efforts of the vicious "6-10 Office" ended in vain.

Female Dafa disciples, Lu Renjuan and Lu Yanna were forced to leave their home, and they are now on a wanted list throughout the province. In order to arrest them, the malicious "6-10 Office" illegally searched their home and confiscated their property many times. Also, they put Lu Renjuan's elder sister, Dafa disciple Lu Renying, and her younger sister in jail and forced them to attend brainwashing classes several times. Lu Renjuan's seventy-year-old mother was in such shock that she passed away. In spite of this tribulation, eleven people from three generations of her family members and relatives, old and young, are still firmly cultivating in Dafa.

3. [Jinan City, Shandong Province] Latest News

  1. Around 10:00 o'clock on the morning of August 22nd, the Jinan Public Security Bureau and the Wangguanzhuang Police Substation, with the help of the security guards from the Cheqiao Factory of Jinan Automobile Company, arrested thirty-nine-year-old female Dafa disciple, Dai Xiangli, at her workplace. They also illegally searched through her home and confiscated her property simply because she insisted on cultivating in Falun Dafa.
  2. Around 7 pm on the evening of September 15th, plainclothes police, who squatted on the west campus of Shandong University (the former Shandong Medical University), illegally kidnapped Zhou Weidong and brought her to the Jianzhuxinchun Police Substaion. They robbed him of his motorcycle, over RMB $3000 in cash (this is about half of the average yearly salary for a Chinese worker), address book, and other things that he was carrying. The vicious police beat him up and intended to send him to a brainwashing class. Zhou Weidong was not at all scared when facing the evil. He strengthened his righteous thoughts and escaped from the control of the police on September 16th. His actions stunned the vicious police.
  3. The evil forces in Jinan city intended to frantically arrest Dafa disciples. Besides plainclothes police, spies, security guards in each work unit, local ruffians, etc., they recently organized a group of middle aged and elder females to help watch over and arrest Dafa disciples.

4. [Jiutai City, Jilin Province] The Chinese State Supported Terrorism

On the evening of the "October 1st National Day" of 2001, two Dafa practitioners in a village of Jiutai City, Jilin Province were gathering rice in their fields, when a few people who were in charge of persecuting Falun Gong came to tell them to participate in a meeting. These persons deceived these two practitioners into taking along several pieces of clothing and going with them. It is sad that their kids were left alone in the fields without knowing where their parents were taken to; the rice was left in the field without anyone to take care of it. It is known that many such cases happened in other areas of the province. Many Dafa practitioners were sent to Heizuizi Female Labor Camp directly. Even under the situation that some practitioners' health did not meet the standard of the physical examination. Ppolicemen said, "the authorities ordered that Falun Gong practitioners cannot be sent back even if their physical examination does not meet the standard." Maybe the doctor who was in charge of the physical examination was afraid to take responsibility, or perhaps he still retains some conscience, he refused to accept several practitioners whose health was unsatisfactory.

Around this time various areas in the whole province took actions simultaneously, each residential committee dispatched personnel to each practitioner's home to search for Dafa material. One of the purposes was to find the source of the literature and another was to prevent practitioners from going to Beijing.

They tricked or abducted the practitioners and took them to brainwashing classes or labor camps those who were deemed to be. In such a cruel atmosphere, many Dafa practitioners were forced to leave home to avoid the persecution. This is what the Jiang Zemin clique has called "the best period of human rights". People with some conscience remaining, you should clearly see good from evil and wake up!

5.[Tianjin City] Dafa Banners Appear in Tianjin Area

Before the "October 1st National Day", some Dafa banners such as "Falun Dafa is Good", "Restore the Reputation of Master Li" appeared in the Tianjin urban area. A large quantity of truth-clarifying literature and posters also appeared in various residential areas and the main streets as well as newspaper kiosks. These shocked the evil people and awoke people deceived by their lies.

6. [Beijing] Dafa Material Printing Sites Have Been Damaged, Practitioners Please Take Care

Two practitioners from Dengzhuang village, Changping County, Beijing were arrested by the evil police in their homes on September 24. Some of their Dafa materials were confisicated. Around this time several material printing sites in Beijing and Yanqing County were exposed and tracked down by the police, causing the arrests of related practitioners. We remind fellow practitioners again, please insist on Fa studies and sending out righteous thoughts, and take care of yourselves.

7. [Huanan City, Heilongjiang Province] Dafa Practitioners Save Prisoners

In a detention center in Huanan City, Heilongjiang Province, the behavior of Dafa practitioners touched all prisoners, including the warders. All of them could easily see that Falun Dafa is good and all Dafa practitioners are really good people. Some people obtained the Fa gradually. One of them was a notorious criminal of the area. He admired those practitioners, who refused to write guarantee letters, from the bottom of his heart. One day he spoke sincerely to a practitioner, "I want to be a good person now." He expressed that he would make money honestly in the future and would not do illegal things anymore.

8. [China] Cleaning Man Who Comes to Know the Truth: "Do you have any extra materials that remain unposted? Give some to me, I also want to post them."

At 7 am one morning, a Dafa practitioner was clarifying the truth to two cleaning men and promoting Dafa to them.

Dafa practitioner: Do not tear down Dafa truth clarifying materials. We are clarifying the truth to common people and saving people from the vicious lies. What we are doing are good things.

Cleaning man: We do not tear down any Falun Gong materials. Do you think Falun Gong is good or not?

Dafa Practitioner: Of course it is good! Think about it, isn't "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" good? Teacher Li teaches us to be a better and better person.

Cleaning Man: I find that good people say Falun Gong is good while bad people say Falun Gong is bad. Jiang Zemin is not able to punish bad people but always punishing good people. Do you have any extra materials that remain unposted? Give some to me, I also want to post them.