On August 19, 1999, CCTV broadcast a piece of news that claimed: that a middle school student named Chen Ying from the city of Jiamusi, in Heilongjiang province had attempted to commit suicide on several occasions since she was in a mental trance. She eventually killed herself when her family wasn't present. The above news is seriously inconsistent with the true facts! Today, as the mother of the seventeen year old girl Chen Ying, I will clarify to the whole world the truth of my daughter's death. Chen Ying was born in Jiamusi, Heilongjiang on July 1, 1982. She was the vice class monitor of 10th grade at Shuren middle school. She was also a very good student. Her favorite hobby was calligraphy and she had won many awards in various contests held both inside and outside of school. She won her first award at the Youth Day Calligraphy Contest in 1999. She also won the commemorate award at an intelligence contest. Her school also rewarded her as a model student on July 19, 1999. Chen Ying obtained Dafa in May 1996. She strived to be a decent and good person following "Truth, Compassion, Tolerance" taught by Master. On July 22, 1999, like many other Dafa practitioners, she went to Beijing to appeal and to clarify the true situation of Dafa to people. Only 26 days later, this lovely young girl, whose mother and her had been depending solely on each other (her parents divorced when she was only 5 months old), died in the custody of the police of this country! Here is what happened: on August 17, 1999 at 9pm, the head of Jiamusi City Public Security Bureau, Mr. Kong, the teacher in charge of Chen Ying's class and Chen Ying's brother and I all went to the Fengrun Hotel. Commissar Li of Jiamuxi City Public Security Bureau described what had happened. Jiamusi had set up a "6.15" office on June 15 to specially persecute Falun Gong. People there take monthly shifts. At that time, it was his turn to go home. So he planned on bringing Chen Ying back from Beijing to make amends for his faults by doing some "good deeds" (he failed to take Chen Ying into custody on three separate occasions). He spent the entire day in Beijing on August 13, searching for her but could not find her. On August 15, Chen Ying along with other practitioners went to the State Department Appealing Office to appeal and therefore were arrested there. She was then sent to the liaison-office of Jiamusi in Beijing. Commissar Li himself told me that: "I beat up your child - she made me so angry." He also handcuffed two children to iron poles and did not allow them to eat or drink. At night, a police officer actually took out our Master's book and drew dirty pictures on it in front of Chen Ying and other practitioners. The behavior was terrible. Along the way, while sending Chen Ying back home by train, these policemen threatened, beat up and insulted Chen Ying. They handcuffed her to the luggage rack and only gave her half a piece of bread and half a bottle of water. They did not even allow her to close the door when she went to the bathroom. My daughter could not bare to take more torture from them and therefore she closed the door after she went to the bathroom and jumped off the train at 2:34pm, the location at 280 miles on the Jingqin line. The train stopped after travelling another 20 miles. Commissar Li and the head of the No.2 train service team sent my daughter to Fengrun Hospital. At 6pm, Commissar Li said: "take off the oxygen if she can not be saved!" since he did not want our family to see that she was still alive. He hurried my daughter to Fengrun Crematorium that same night to put her into a freezer. It was so cruel! This is another crime conducted by Jiang Zemin, who has ordered his followers to brutally persecute Falun Gong practitioners. This was not the end of the incident. My work place put me under house arrest in February, 2000. I went to Beijing to appeal on Feb. 29, 2000 but was searched and found out the next day on the train from Shenyang [Liaoning Province] to Beijing. On March 3, my work place sent someone with police officers to escort me back to Jiamuxi. I had to pay for all of their expenses. They detained me for 47 days beginning on March 4. On March 13, a young policeman named Zhang Hongyu and another policeman from the City Public Security Bureau told me at the interrogation that the story of my daughter was published on Minghui Net. Later, they forced me to press my fingerprints on many fake materials written by Zhang Hongyu and others. On March 20, these two policemen again interrogated me and asked me which relative went to receive Chen Ying [her ash after cremation]. Then they went to the home of that relative and threatened him with perjury. This was later used at the Geneva Human Rights Conference to deny the facts published on Minghui and other media. These evil beings in police uniforms are indeed utterly devoid of their conscience, confusing good and evil for their own unspeakable purposes (I dared not to tell these truths when I published my article on Minghui Net in May 2000). On June 5, 2000, I was arrested while I was doing the meditation exercise at the local practice site. They sent me to the detention center again. I did not commit any crime. I told the truth on Minghui Net, which led to the arrest for no reason by the police. I therefore decided to go on a hunger strike. On June 9, guards at the detention center handcuffed another practitioner Wang Hongqiao and me backwards and pushed us against the ground. They forcibly fed us by inserting a bamboo board into our mouths. They even broke the bamboo boards they used to feed us. My upper and lower teeth were all broken. The rice soup was poured all over my clothes. Policeman Zhao Qinyin slapped me 5 times since I did not cooperate with him during the force-feeding. On June 12, they started another round of force-feeding. On June 12, they figured that I was too thin and released me, being afraid that I could die. On November 16, 2000, I went to Beijing again to rectify the Fa. I unfurled Dafa banners on November 19 and 22. My daughter's death and their brutal persecution of Dafa practitioners have made me insist on stepping forward to clarify the truth to the world. I would like people to know Falun Dafa and to stop being blinded by those vicious rumors. Please wake up everyone! Please stop the evil! Dafa practitioner, Chen Xiuling October 31, 2000