As usual, Falun Gong practitioners in Germany gathered in Erbach during the Christmas and New Year holidays to participate in the group study, do the exercises, and share experiences. Some practitioners came from Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

For this annual event, we invited several newspaper editors and journalists who sympathized with or supported Falun Gong to share with us their ideas on how to establish relationships with the politicians, the media, and other government and non-governmental organizations in order to gain their understanding and support. We also discussed ways to effectively clarify the truth of Falun Gong with the public. Practitioners found the sessions very informative and useful.

In addition to studying the Fa, practitioners were actively involved in spreading Dafa. Some practitioners went to Frankfurt and Stuttgart to hold information sessions. Local journalists in Erbach were also invited to participate in our activities. As a result, a positive report on Falun Gong was published and through the report, practitioners extended an invitation to local residents to learn more about Falun Gong.

Furthermore, an experience-sharing conference was successfully held. Fourteen people shared their experiences. Two articles by practitioners published on Minghui Net were particularly inspiring. Everybody could feel the profound benevolence of our Teacher. Many new practitioners were able to conduct themselves as particles of the Dafa. They not only understood the importance of spreading the Fa, but also actively participated in the activities. Through the conference, many practitioners realized that they needed to better themselves. They also overcame many human ways of thinking that hindered the spreading of Dafa, and came to a better understanding of how they could clarify the truth with the public and promote the Fa effectively in Germany. The experience was very beneficial in promoting and spreading the Dafa.