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Time: Approximately 10:30 AM, January 1, 2001

Place: National Flag podium, Tiananmen Square, Beijing

At the east side of the national flag podium, a female Dafa practitioner who was about 30 years old, wearing a red alpine jacket and jeans, unfurled a yellow banner with "Falun Dafa is Good" written on it while saying "Falun Dafa is good" loudly. A security guard of the national flag ran up to her immediately and kicked her very hard. The practitioner fell down on her back--her back directly hit the fence post. She died instantly with her head leaning on the chain.

Upon seeing this incident, the plainclothes police and security guards dispersed the surrounding people, fearing the incident would be made public. A police van came within seconds. A plainclothes police officer was reporting with a walkie-talkie: "I don't know what happened. But before the van came to the scene, she already died. Her legs are inside the fence but her head is outside the fence...."

A short haired girl about 10 years old stood beside the fence and was shocked by the incident. When all of the adults were dispersed by the police, the little girl was left at the scene. The guard who killed the practitioner was replaced before his shift was over.

As a witness and on behalf of all just people, I would like to appeal to the concerned departments to investigate this vicious incident and affix the responsibility for the killing.

Stand up, all people with a conscience! Please stop the vicious deeds against Falun Dafa practitioners happening on Tiananmen Square and around the country!

A witness

Written on January 6, 2001