One Practitioner Gang Raped in Qiqihar Detention Center, Heilongjiang Province

According to reliable sources, we came to know of the abominable savage acts of the persecution of Dafa [great law and universal principle] practitioners that happened in Qiqihar Detention Center: 1. In October 1999, a lot of practitioners from Qiqihar city went to Beijing to validate Dafa. The female practitioners were detained in Fuyu County Detention Center. One of the practitioners was stripped and put into the male cells. She was then gang-raped by the prisoners. This practitioner is currently being guarded by her family and is not allowed to get in touch with anybody, especially other practitioners, since her family is in fear of even more cruel and inhumane treatment if they were to disclose what happened. 2. Earlier, a policeman of the prison force-fed a male practitioner with drugs (white powder). When the medication took effect, this practitioner made blood-curdling screams in agony. 3. Because too many practitioners were in detention at Anshun Road Detention Center, the police had asked the local "615" [Falun Gong issue] office to help with the interrogations. Among them was a Director Wang (not tall, with a small build, name unknown) in human form but with an evil heart. He assaulted a female practitioner by digging his evil fingers into her private parts when he interrogated her. The practitioner was tortured to the point that she could almost not stand up. Recently, more and more practitioners went to Beijing to validate Dafa, so the functionaries sent out documents ordering everyone to show an ID card on the train to Beijing. Once identified as a practitioner, one would be forced to go back or get off the train.

A Survey of the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners Who Persevere in Their Belief


Jiang Zemin' Evil Suppression and Persecution against Falun Gong Infringes Upon Many Parties and Involve All Classes of the Society. It Is an Action with a Broad Impact, and Not One Merely Targeting Certain People.

Persecuted Practitioner Yang Qingmin Dies

[Taiyuan, Shanxi] Dafa practitioner Yang Qingmin, male, about 40 years old, was a coal miner from Taiyuan city, Shanxi province. He is from Zhujiayu village of Quyang County, Baoding city, Hebei province. He was beaten to death around December 20, 2000. His parents and sisters have already left home for Taiyuan to take care of his funeral affairs. According to the villagers from his hometown, he left his home together with his wife and child, but never returned home. The police had let his wife identify his body at a mortuary, but they only allowed her to see Yang Qingmin' head. There was a hole in Yang' head. Yang' body was wrapped in a white sheet, and it was hard to tell whether there were wounds on Yang' body. Yang' wife is detained in Taiyuan at present. We hope Falun Dafa practitioners who are concerned with this case can help collect the details of Yang Qingmin' death.

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