I started to learn Dafa in March of 1999. Through my cultivation since then, I have made improvements in every way. However, I considered it very difficult to step forward and go to Tiananmen Square to tell people the truth and validate Dafa. I could not let go of the thought of life and death, and I have always used all kinds of excuses to cover my fears and attachments to my reputation, interests, and feelings that I could not give up.

The article "Serious Teachings" was published on Minghui in October of 2000. I was totally shocked by the article. Suddenly I was awakened: the evil forces slandered our respected teacher, and thousands of practitioners was detained, tortured, and even killed in the Fa rectification process. However, they let go of the thought of life and death and stepped forward to validate Dafa. Behind the fallen practitioners is an endless column of successors with no fear. When I look at myself, I really feel I don't qualify as a Dafa practitioner. Where am I positioning myself? Could I have all the things given to me by the Teacher without being ashamed? Jesus was tortured on the cross for half a day, yet our teacher has borne the evil slanders and curses for as long as 500 days. Knowing all of these things, is my heart really "unmoved"? Through Fa study and improving my Xinxing (mind nature), I made a decision to be a true particle of Dafa in the Fa rectification process, and dissolve myself into the Fa.

Before July 20, 1999, Central Park in our city used to be a place where we often practice together. After the persecution started, no one dared to practice there anymore. Yet with a righteous thought, I am not afraid of the evil. Instead, I can eliminate them with the power of Dafa. On Oct 15th, I started to practice and spread Dafa in the mornings at Central Park. Since then, I have experienced the kind persuasion of relatives, the test of bad weather (cold, wind and rain), the loneliness on the dark road, and the test in which policemen closely watched me. With the huge pressure of the evil forces and all kinds of tribulations, I managed to control myself with righteous thought. For more than two months, I was able to continue doing the practice without being harmed in any way. In the beginning, I was by myself, so I did not play the music for practicing the exercises. But then another practitioner, who is 68 years old and who learned Dafa with me this year, joined me with solid determination. We helped each other on our path of cultivation, trying to be diligent. Now, every morning from 4:30 to 6:30, people can again hear the beautiful music of Falun Gong practice.

I made a small step forward by practicing in the park, yet my understanding of Dafa leaped forward in the process. I know this is the power of Dafa. Compared to the great and solemn things given us by the teacher, I am still very ashamed of myself: I have done too little, and I have paid out too little.

My fellow practitioners, let us step forward together and dissolve ourselves into the Fa. Let us try to eliminate this evil and restore the clean reputation of our teacher, and make the great disclosure of the truth come earlier into this human world. Let us glow with our pure and great brilliance.