Upon hearing Teacher's speech about psychotropic drugs (mind altering drugs) on November 24, 2000, we realized that the jailed practitioners were in an extremely difficult situation. Practitioners could be taken advantage of if they let down their guard in that vicious environment. We should let them hear Teacher's Fa (Law) and help them recognize the sabotage, uphold their right minds and right beliefs in order to resist being used for ill intentions.

Broadcasting Falun Dafa over a loudspeaker is a very effective way to spread Dafa (Great Law, the principles of the universe).We wrote and recorded one Dafa promotion audio-tape made for the jailed practitioners, the main body of which lasts 10 minutes and can be played repeatedly.

Recently we read the news, the "Voice of Universe" from Minghui website. That Falun Dafa broadcast resounded through the skies over the villainous Ma San Jia Education Center, over one notorious labor camp in the northwest, and over Fenjin Labor Camp in Changchun city, Jilin province. In Beijing Western District Labor Camp, practitioners were moved to tears when they heard the Falun Dafa broadcast breaking the stillness of night. The voice of the Dafa touched all the people's hearts. All of these made us see that the progress of Fa-rectification in suffocating evil is speeding up.

We went to Beijing twice and brought more than 60 "Dafa Promotion Broadcast Loudspeakers" with us. The "Voice of Cosmos" resounded in the center of the camps: Beijing Western District Labor Camp, the Monument to the People's Heroes on Tian An Men square, Gold Water Bridge (on Tian An Men square), Qinghua University, Beijing University, Beijing Industry and Business University, relevant army residence buildings, big parks, Beijing residence buildings in different districts, and so on. Using the wisdom and benevolence Dafa gave us, we finished assembling all the "Dafa Promotion Broadcast Loudspeakers" and delivered them to practitioners, though the practitioners who designed the "Dafa Promotion Broadcast Loudspeaker" were missing for over a month.

Let's encourage each other and go forward hand in hand. Everything becomes so simple, successful, and miraculous when we can shrink our own selves to the smallest point, when we can completely put our mind on Fa-rectification, when we can calmly put aside our own life and death and when we can reach the realm of selflessness and can really regard ourselves as Dafa particles.

Recall that one practitioner once wrote, "(Teacher has given enough compassion to us). If he delivers more compassion than the current level, the future Buddha's world of the current practitioners may be less glorious." We must cherish the opportunities given by our great compassionate Teacher who has sacrificed tremendously for us and take the last step well.