[Beijing] Falun Dafa Banner Hung in Shijingshan District, Beijing

On the morning of December 17th, 2000, underneath the Bajiao Bridge in Shijingshan District, Beijing, there suddenly appeared a 23-foot-long yellow banner with huge red characters reading "Falun Dafa is Righteous, Return reputation Falun Dafa's good reputation." All the passers by were impressed. The local police came but did not know how to deal with it. Then police from the Shijingshan Branch of the Beijing Police Department came. It took them about 2 hours to take the banner down. Other than being amazed, the passers by could not help but silently applaud Falun Dafa.

[Jing County, Hebei Province] A Late Report: The Details of Practitioner Liu Lianyi's


I was arrested on October 31st, 1999, and sent to the Detention Center of Jing County, Hebei Province. Falun Gong practitioner Liu Lianyi was locked in the same cell with me. The following is what I witnessed.

Liu Lianyi was about 54 years old and had a thin build. He was sent to the detention center a few days earlier, and was often severely beaten by the inmates. No matter how bad these inmates beat him, no matter how they tried to force him to quit practicing Falun Gong, he never yielded. On November 1st, Liu Lianyi was again brutally beaten by the inmates because he would not recite the prison's rules. Since then, he often squatted next to the bed holding his stomach in severe pain. Even so, he was still beaten by the inmates every couple of days.

A few days later, after coming back from being interrogated, Liu Lianyi squatted next to the bed like he did earlier, with his hands pressing on his stomach. An inmate called Zhu Yongshan came and yelled, "Liu Lianyi, do you still practice?" Liu Lianyi said, "I feel it is good. With so many years of stomachache, I tried all kinds of medicines. Nothing could help, but after practicing, it all went away." Zhu then asked, "I am only asking you if you still practice or not?" "I will," replied Liu. Hearing this, the inmate Zhu Yongshan kicked Liu Lianyi to the floor. Liu pressed his hand against his chest where he was kicked, and slowly stood up. Before he fully rose, another kick from Zhu Yongshan again put him on the floor. Zhu then yelled again, "Will you still practice?!" Liu Lianyi again stood up slowly, and said, "Yes." As the word ended he received another kick, and again he fell to the floor. This went on and on, until the inmate was too tired to continue. I lost count of how many times Liu Lianyi was kicked.

The next day, during lunchtime, Liu Lianyi took only one bite, and then he suddenly fell on the floor. His body curled up, and he became incontinent. Practitioners quickly lifted up his head, put a quilt underneath his body, and called for the guards. However, they paid no attention. After a while Liu Lianyi straightened his body and started rolling on the floor. The inmates sensed the urgency of the situation and also started calling the guards. Only then did they come over slowly. They took a look at Liu, called him several times, but Liu was overwhelmed by pain and could not answer. Some people suggested sending him to the hospital immediately, but the disciplinary personnel said plainly, "Wait and see first." After a while, the guard saw Liu was really in a bad situation, so he called a doctor over. They stuffed Liu's mouth with heart pills, gave him heart injections, took his blood pressure, etc., but nothing could help. So they then sent Liu Lianyi to a hospital, and I never saw him again.

Later we learned that the detention center sent a death notice to Liu's family, saying that he died of heart attack. But we all knew that the old man did not have any heart problems at all. A valuable life ended in such a terrible way..

[Jing County, Hebei Province] The Evil Deeds Carried Out By The Jing County Detention Center of Hebei Province

  1. Beating Practitioner Liu Lianyi to death;
  2. Abusing Practitioner Sun Lianjun.

Details as follows:

On October 31st, 1999, Sun Lianjun was brought back from Beijing to the Jing County Detention Center of Hebei Province. On the same night, a guard prompted several inmates to beat Sun Lianjun. The inmates who participated were Jiang Weizhou, Zhu Yongshan and Wu Haijing.

It was very cold at that time. The inmates forced Sun Lianjun to take off all of his clothes, including his underwear. They beat Sun until they became tired. An inmate called Cai Changlu took off his shoes and madly hit Sun's head and body with the heel. After a while they forced Sun into a martial arts position. Sun felt tired shortly and his body wobbled a bit. Immediately an inmate kicked him on the back with his shoe. Sun fell on the floor. The inmates rushed in, kicking and cursing him together. After a while, an inmate surnamed Wu said in a sly way, "Ok, let's give him another one, an easier one." This so called easier one was actually worse. They called it "sparrow on the wall". It means to make someone stand facing a wall, then bend forward, with legs straight but head close to the floor, with arms swung backwards till the palms are up against the wall. Any slight movement will cause more beating. Very soon, Sun Lianjun could not hold it any longer and fell to the floor. What followed was another thunderstorm of beating. They stood on Sun's feet and hands and ground them into the floor. In the end, Sun Lianjun said, "OK everybody, you beat me, I am not afraid. We have said already in the Public Security Bureau that Falun Dafa will always be in our hearts. We will continue to practice." These words shocked those inmates. They softened and said, "all right, tomorrow in front of the head of detention center you have to say the same thing." Sun Lianjun said, "OK, I will say the same thing."

The guard later sent someone to bring shackles for Sun Lianjun. Later we heard that Sun Lianjun was sent to a labor camp for 3 years of forced labor.

[Beijing] Recent Situation on Tiananmen Square

Recently, the stream of practitioners to Tiananmen Square has not stopped. Everyday there have been about two to three hundred people.

The crackdown against Falun Dafa practitioners by the police has intensified. As soon as practitioners unfold a banner or shout, "Falun Dafa is Good", the police rush over like hungry wolves. They knock the practitioners down to the ground, and beat them with electric batons, even in broad daylight with tourists watching.

When a police van packed with Falun Gong practitioners arrived at the Tiananmen Branch of the Beijing Police Station, police from other provinces would come out to identify the practitioners from their regions. Some policemen even yelled, "beat him, beat him." After being pushed off the police van, practitioners shouted loudly "Falun Dafa is Good," which earned them another beating.

[Beijing] Entry To Tiananmen Square Was Restricted on the Morning of December 26

Recently, more and more Falun Gong practitioners from all over the country have been going to Tiananmen Square to peacefully appeal. As they have become more aware of Jiang Zemin's vicious nature, the international community and human rights organizations have been condemning the government's outrages. Jiang and his accomplices have lost control of the situation, as is evident by the fact that since the morning of December 26, 2000, entry to Tiananmen Square has been restricted. Tourists were temporarily not allowed to enter. This indicates that Jiang Zemin and his followers fear the spreading of the truth about Falun Gong and have reached an impasse in their efforts to suppress Falun Gong and trample on the laws of the Nation.

[Beijing] An Elderly Female Practitioner Beaten To the Ground at Tiananmen Square

At about 10:30AM on December 27, 2000, a witness saw a 60 to 70 year old female practitioner lying on the ground in front of the People's Hero Memorial on Tiananmen Square. There was a yellow banner beside her. Encircled by police vans, tourists were prevented from approaching her. Wearing a gray hat and brown coat, she was lying on the ground without moving. Police took the banner away and then asked her to stand up. Fifteen minutes passed, yet she still lay on the ground without moving, indicating that she had been seriously injured.

[Beijing] Safeguarding the Fa on Tiananmen Square: Righteous Thoughts Assist Me in Breaking through Tribulations

On December 25, 2000, I and seven other Falun Gong practitioners went to Tiananmen Square to safeguard the Fa. As soon as we arrived at one end of Tiananmen, the police noticed us. I unfurled the banner at once and shouted, "FALUN DAFA IS GOOD!" A policeman rushed toward me to grab the banner. Other practitioners also unfurled banners and shouted, "FALUN DAFA IS GOOD!" While trying to recapture the banner, I took out flyers from a bag and cast them into the crowd. Plainclothes police snatched the flyers, grabbed my hair, and beat me to the ground. Other practitioners, including a pregnant woman, were also beaten and dragged away. We risked our lives to safeguard the Fa, and resisted the evil people with our actions. We shouted, "Police are beating people." "We are good people." "Stop beating people." We repeatedly told them, "Good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil."

Police dragged us into a police van. Some of our faces swelled up and our eyes turned black and blue as we were punched many times. But we still kept telling the truth to the police in the van. Finally the police seemed to change and become more restrained in their actions.

The Tiananmen Branch of the Beijing Police Bureau was filled with police and Falun Gong practitioners. Local police dragged me out. They covered my head with cloth and did not allow me to make a sound for fear that others would notice me. The police official Deng handcuffed me. I struggled, but was beaten down, kicked, and handcuffed to a heater pipe. My family members and other practitioners were also handcuffed to heater pipes. I kept a thought in my mind, "I should not be taken away by evil. I must get out of here." In the afternoon, the police thought we were tightly handcuffed and not able to escape, so they went out to make their rounds. I thought this was a good chance and tried to take off the handcuffs. Finally I succeeded. I told the other practitioners about my thoughts and methods. They also took off their handcuffs and obtained freedom. It's interesting that my mother still had one hand that was cuffed. We all left the place where we had been locked up. I realized that the righteous thought that "I must not be taken away by evil force" did work and our teacher was helping us. I experienced the power of Dafa once again.

[Wuhan City, Hubei Province] Many Practitioners from Wuhan City Went to Beijing to Safeguard the Fa

According to insiders, recently, many Falun Gong practitioners from Wuhan City, Hubei province went to Beijing to safeguard the Fa. The police department stated that these practitioners would immediately be sent to labor camps for at least one year. At present, three divisions in the Wuhan Police Bureau deal with Falun Gong in comparison with just one division previously.

It was also revealed that two Falun Gong practitioners from Wuhan City, brothers Feng Zheng and Feng Yuan, were arrested in Xiangfan City, Hubei Province. Police are currently blocking this information.

[Beijing] Police Require Passengers to Insult Dafa

Recently, on a train leaving for Beijing, a Falun Gong practitioner witnessed that, in order to prevent Falun Gong practitioners from going to Beijing to appeal, a policeman took off his cap, in which some words insulting Falun Dafa were written, and asked passengers to read the words loudly. Only those passengers who did so would be allowed to go to Beijing. The same thing also happened on the long-distance buses to Beijing.

[Beijing] Complaint from Friend, "Cursing Has Become Civilized Behavior in China"

A friend of mine who came to Beijing for business recently ran into a ridiculous and lamentable situation. As he was boarding a bus in Sanhe County, he was required to confirm that he was not a Falun Gong practitioner. He was allowed to get on the bus only after cursing Falun Gong and Falun Gong's founder. Arriving in Beijing, he checked into a hotel in the Xuanwu District. After checking his ID at the front desk, the receptionist asked him to guarantee that he was not a practitioner by insulting Falun Gong. Although he was not a Falun Gong practitioner, he was upset by such a ridiculous rule. He tried three hotels, but they all did the same thing. Angry, he said, "I cannot imagine how cursing has become a mark of civilized behavior in modern China."

[China] Suppression Targets Falun Gong Sympathizers

All work units are transmitting instructions from higher authorities about a new round of suppressing Falun Gong during the New Year and Spring Festival holidays. This time, the targets of suppression will not be those in detention, but those who have been quietly practicing at home and those who are considered sympathizers. All units are required to make careful arrangements, "following the vine to get the melon," and finding out the ideological state of mind of every employee in order to prevent them from going to Beijing to appeal. During recent times, many Falun Gong practitioners who have been cultivating at home stepped out to clarify the truth or went to Tiananmen Square to appeal. Also, some new people started learning Falun Gong and bravely stepped forward after knowing the truth. The authorities cannot possibly defend against good people telling the truth.

[Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Falun Dafa Practitioners from Lanzhou Arrested

Unable to silently tolerate the government's increased persecution, many Falun Dafa practitioners from Lanzhou repeatedly went to Beijing to appeal for justice. Consequently, the local police and work units assigned people to set up check posts to examine passengers getting on the trains to Beijing. All passengers headed for Beijing were forcibly searched. On December 24th alone they arrested more than 30 practitioners. Dafa banners were found and confiscated from practitioners' luggage. Some practitioners were recognized by local people, and were arrested and taken away at various train stations along the railway line, including Lanzhou, Baoji etc.

[Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province] Public Security Bureau Resorts to Atrocities to Persecute Falun Dafa in Jiamusi Xiangyang

Jiamusi Xiangyang Public Security Bureau is extremely vicious in dealing with the Falun Gong issue. They have detained and sent more Dafa practitioners to labor camps than any other government agency in the city. Cui Rongli, the director of the Political Economics Public Security Bureau, is truly insidious in spite of his smiling demeanor. He has abused many practitioners, including senior citizens and teenaged girls. He abused his duties and powers in order to illegally extort money and personal property from Dafa practitioners' family members, plus he directed his subordinates to ransack Dafa practitioners' homes before arresting them. He is a truly vicious and vile man.

Some Dafa practitioners were arrested and sent to the detention center without just cause, and they will not be released until their family pays several thousand Yuan RMB. Meanwhile, the practitioners must renounce their belief in Falun Gong in writing. They will be detained for a long time if they cannot afford to pay the fine. Police illegally searched practitioners' homes in their absence and took away all valuables such as money and jewelry. Dafa practitioner Kang Aimin's home was searched, and three Falun Gong exercise videotapes were confiscated. Cui Rongli sent her to a detention center because of her so called "obstinate attitude," and reported this to a higher authority, who in turn sentenced her to 2 years of forced-labor re-education. Dafa practitioners Chen Naizhong and Zheng Libin were sent to the detention center for attending Sifengshan Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference, a large-scale conference attended by several hundred people. They were on the verge of death after holding a hunger strike for many days. Chen Naizhong was bailed out by his family members; however, several days later, he was again arrested and taken directly from his home to the labor-education camp without just cause. Zheng Libin had no family members to help him get out, and the Xiangyang Police Bureau would not allow other people to help him either. Several days later, Zheng Libin was sent to a labor camp, yet he has escaped. University professor Huang Min was arrested and then sentenced to 1 year of forced-labor education because she refused to accept the punishment from her school for appealing. Dafa practitioner Zhang Lingde, a senior in her 60's, has been sent to detention centers five times, and finally was reported to have been sentenced to 3 years of forced-labor education.

Record of the evil person, Cui Rongli : He lives in Committee 30, Xiangyang District, Jiamusi City.

Home phone number: 0454-8246439

Office phone number: 86-0454-86992

Pager number: 0454-126-1389855

[Hebei Province] Wencheng Town, Jing County, Hebei Province Persecutes Dafa Practitioners

Li Yusheng, the party committee secretary of Wencheng Town, Jing County, Hebei Province, directed Liu Guochi and Ge Yue, the people in charge of office 610 (a special agency formed to deal with Falun Gong issues), to brutally persecute practitioners in late July, 2000.

On the afternoon of July 14, Li Yusheng and his followers adopted deceitful means to round up Falun Gong practitioners from various villages and took them to the Town Government office. They detained eight or nine key practitioners in two tightly closed, dirty and stinking small rooms for more than ten days. During that period, Li tried to force people to write renunciation letters giving up Falun Dafa , yet what he got was an article entitled "Falun Dafa is an Orthodox Fa", signed by these same people. Li was agitated and immediately directed Liu Guoliang and Ge Yue to muster four or five thugs to beat up the practitioners. Zhang Yunzhen, a 50-year-old school teacher, was brutally beaten for more than 20 minutes. They didn't stop beating her until her mouth and nose bled, and she fell down to the ground and could not stand up anymore. As for the remaining young people, whether they were male or female, they tightly tied their hands with ropes, and beat them without human mercy or restraint.

Finally they went to the family members of these practitioners, and forced them to pay a bail of 1000~~4000 Yuan RMB as a condition for their release. The average annual income of each family in Wencheng Town is less than 1,500 Yuan RMB (about $190 USD) if they mainly live by planting crops. If they have jobs, their monthly salary is 300 Yuan RMB at most. How could they afford so much bail?

[XX City] My Personal Experience of Being Forcibly Administered Drugs in A Detention Center.

Recently, I heard that the public security officers had administered mind altering, psychotropic drugs to Falun Gong practitioners, but at the time I did not carefully consider whether or not this was true. The Teacher's words in the article-- "About Psychotropics " on Minghui net reminded me of one of my own experiences.

Once I was in a detention center, and after holding a hunger strike for more than ten days, I was sent to the hospital. Because I refused to cooperate with the force-feeding and infusion, the guards asked the doctor to administer a tranquillizer. Then four or five guards and the doctor held me down and forcibly gave me an injection.

After being injected, I had only one thought in my mind: that I could not let their scheme work. I started to recite the Teacher's "Lun Yu." Half an hour passed, but I didn't even notice the time; I just kept reciting "Lun Yu" over and over again. On seeing that I was still quite clear-minded, the doctor admitted that it would not work this time, and she would try it again the next day. On the next day, the guards and doctor once again held me firmly on the bed and administered another tranquillizer shot. I still kept reciting "Lun Yu." Over a long period of time, the doctor and guards came to see me several times. I was still quite clear-minded, and thus the guards asked the doctor to administer one more shot to me. The doctor refused them because it would cause death. The guards then inquired about how long it would take for this tranquillizer to work after being administered to ordinary people. The doctor answered that it would take 15 minutes.

Practitioners are different from everyday people. In the face of major trials, we must be truly strict with ourselves, and keep a righteous mind. Only when our thoughts are righteous, can evil be eliminated.

A Dafa practitioner from Beijing

December 22, 2000

Summary Report of the Persecution of Dafa Practitioners from Mentougou, Shijingshan District, Beijing (II)

A. Chen Xiuhua from Shijingshan District went to Tiananmen Square to validate the Fa on November 14, 2000, and was taken to the police station. The plainclothes police searched her belongings and took 500 Yuan without any explanation or legal receipt. She was then sent to a detention center, and was released after a 15-day hunger strike.

B. Twenty-five-year old Jing Bin and twenty seven year old Liu are employees of The Capital Steel Company Gansu Qianjin Machinery Plant. They were arrested and escorted to Shijingshan Moshikou Police Station on October 2 for phoning an arrested practitioner. They were sent to Shijingshan Police Bureau because police found Falun Dafa literature in their bags. The local police tortured them, trying to get their names and addresses. They handcuffed Jing Bin to an iron bunk bed support and beat him up. Zhang Yong, the director of the police station, hit him on the shoulder 40 times without stopping. The other policemen lashed him with leather belts and shocked him with electric batons. A Public Security Joint-Defense officer brutally beat him on the back and shoulders with a rubber baton. Liu Xueqin was also beaten up. One policeman sat on the table, with his two feet pressing down on her thighs. Pointing down at her, he shouted, "I'll knock out your womb if you do not tell me (your name and address )." Later on, both of these practitioners were sent to Shijingshan Detention Center, without notifying family members, and without following any legal procedures. Liu Xueqin went on a hunger strike for 11 days to protest the violence of the police. After being illegally detained for a month, they were taken back by their work units.

C. Zhao Shuzhen, a thirty-six-year old female, lives in the compound of Law Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. On the night of October 29, 2000, police from Shijingshan and Neimenggu Chifeng Public Security Bureau came to her home to arrest her for assisting relatives and fellow practitioners distribute Falun Dafa literature. Informed beforehand, she stayed away from home so the police couldn't find her. The police searched her house and made a mess, and tightened "security measures" on her home. They forced the guard in the reception office to interrogate all strangers coming or going. They also interrogated all of her relatives outside Beijing. Because they couldn't find her, Chifeng Public Security Bureau issued a warrant against Zhao Shuzen, then focused on her family members. The police arrested her 70-year-old father and detained him for 15 days, and also arrested one of her younger brothers and beat him up. Since last July, two of her family members-- one sister and one brother-- have been sent to labor camps for appealing to the government. Her relatives, including her mother-in -law and her mother were also detained many times for appealing. Because many of her relatives are Dafa practitioners, including seniors and little children, her family has become the target of the local police. Their home has been ransacked many times. The local police are very vicious, and some of them even persecute Falun Gong practitioners as a means of getting promoted. Her younger brother, who was sent to a labor camp, was arrested for passing out the Teacher's articles. In order to learn the source of the articles, police interrogated and tortured him for three days. While beating him, the police shouted, " We will see if you tell us or not! I'll beat you to death !" The policeman didn't stop beating him until he was exhausted. Her old father was exposed to the burning sun of over 40 Celsius (104 Fahrenheit) during the hottest days last summer. Her sister, who was sent to a labor camp for appealing, flatly refused the police's efforts to make her renounce Falun Gong. During the National People's Congress in March 2000, she went to appeal on her own, carrying her appealing letter. She found a lot of plainclothes police and armed police at the appeal office. The police wanted to arrest her on the spot, but a benevolent person helped her get away. On December 7, she went to Tiananmen Square to appeal once again, and has been detained since then.

D. Thirty-one-year old Zhao Fuguiis is a villager from Bafanzi village, Yongding County, Mentougou. His mother, Han Shuying, is over 50 years old. His wife Cai Jinhong is 27 years old, and his wife's brother; Cai Jincheng is 22 years old. On October 14, 2000, Han Shuying was arrested for spreading Dafa truth-clarifying materials. The local police immediately searched her home and found materials clarifying the truth and Dafa banners. They arrested the whole family, and sent all of them to labor camps. There is nobody at home currently.

E. Dong Zhaoheng, male, over 40 years old, a villager from Feng village, Yongding County, Mentougou, and his twenty year old niece, were both arrested for distributing materials clarifying the truth.

F. Wang Youlian, female, over 50 years old, an employee of Mentougou Birth Control Committee, was arrested for spreading Dafa materials.

G. Zhao Jinfeng, female, 37 years old, an employee at the kindergarten of Mentougou Grocery, was arrested for spreading Dafa materials.

H. Xie Haitao, male, 26 years old, lived in Rose Garden, Mentougou. He is an employee of the Capital Steel Company, and was arrested for spreading Dafa materials.

[Boxing County, Shangdong Province] Persecution against Practitioners in Boxing County, Shandong Province

Forty-year-old Dai Dongwu, contact person for the Falun Dafa Chapter in Boxing County, was arrested in late October, 2000. After being severely tortured in the detention center, he was sentenced to three years in a labor camp. He is now detained in Wangcun Detention House, Zibo city, Shandong Province.

An Dehua, 37, is a nurse at Boxing County Chinese Medicine Hospital. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa in October, 1999, and was arrested by the local police. She was released after a 7-day hunger strike. In March, 2000, she made another trip to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa and got arrested again. She went on a hunger strike for two weeks and was released after a month. In October, 2000, she made her 3rd trip to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and got arrested yet again. This time she was sentenced to three years in a labor camp. She is currently detained in the Wangcun Female Detention House of Zibo city, Shandong Province.

Thirty five year old Cui Yonghua is a volunteer assistant for the Falun Dafa Chapter in Yangji village, Pangjia Town, in Boxing County. The local police ransacked her home in February, 2000, after finding her organizing a group practice. She was beaten, tortured and detained for 15 days. In October, 2000, she went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa and was arrested and sentenced to 3 years in the Wangcun Female Detention House of Zibo city, Shandong Province.

Chen Wenhua and another practitioner surnamed Chen were arrested in November, 2000, for distributing Falun Dafa materials. They have not yet been released. They are from the Chenjia Village of Boxing Town.

In Pangjia Town, the Chief director of the local police, Gao bo, and another officer named Wang, rounded up local Falun Dafa practitioners in order to harass them. They forced practitioners to do laborious work. They called this a "re-educational" program and required the practitioners to pay "tuition."

Many practitioners from Shandong Province take long-distance buses to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, and many of these buses stop at a particular restaurant in Pangjia Town for a break. The local police took the opportunity to search for practitioners there. If they found Dafa practitioners, they took them to the local police office for a full body search. They forced practitioners to surrender money and Falun Dafa materials, or else they would beat them. One night, a senior citizen in his 50s refused to submit his Falun Dafa book and threatened to guard the book with his life. The police were intimidated and returned the book. Some practitioners from Weifang City stopped by this place and lost tens of thousands of Yuan (several thousand US dollars) in a single night. The local policemen have done many such vicious things in order to satisfy their selfish desires.

For readers' information, below is the contact information of these local police authorities.

The postal code for Boxing County: 256500

Pangjia Town Police Station, Boxing County Phone: (86) 0543 236-0110

Chief Officer Gao Bo of Pangjia Town Police Station, Boxing County

His cell phone: (86) 139 0543 6265

Associate Director of Boxing County Police, Wang Bin, (key director for persecuting Falun Dafa)

His Residence Phone: (86) 0543 232-6393

Political Public Security Department of Boxing County: (86) 0543 232-1638, then ask for Political Public Security Department.

[China] A Story of Kind Deeds Being Rewarded

A labor camp has been detaining several dozen Dafa practitioners since last year. However, unlike their counterparts elsewhere, the authorities in this labor camp did not persecute practitioners, but treated them as human beings. Even though they also tried to persuade practitioners to renounce Falun Gong, they did not beat or torture them. Their kind deeds seem to have been rewarded. The group personnel were named as the best working team by the State Labor Camp Association. They also successfully retrieved two prisoners at large. Although the economy has not been doing well, they still received a generous operational profit increase. Everyone got much bigger bonuses than last year and many of the police officers got promotions. It is exactly as Master Li said, "Virtue is accrued from past lives. Becoming a king, an official, wealthy, or nobility all come from virtue. No virtue, no gain; the loss of virtue denotes the loss of everything. Thus, those who seek power and wealth must first accumulate virtue; by suffering hardships and doing good deeds, one can collect virtue among the masses." (Wealth With Virtue, from Essentials For Further Advancement)

We urge those who want to make a fortune by persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners to stop doing bad deeds. A Chinese proverb states, "If the misfortune is caused by other factors, there is still a chance; if a person does bad deeds himself, he won't last." If you want to get a promotion or a raise, you'd better watch your behavior.

[China] A Story of Bad Deeds Receiving Retribution

A local policeman pretended to be a friend of a Dafa practitioner after April 25, 1999, because of a vicious ulterior motive. Right after the July 20, 1999, crackdown, he put his practitioner "friend" in jail himself.

Just as he was feeling content with his achievement, disaster struck. His legs were fractured in a car accident and he had to go through an operation. His broken legs were supported by steel rods, and only after months of suffering, was he able to walk. Unfortunately, on the 3rd day after starting to walk, the steel rods inside his legs broke, so he had to go through a second operation. Even now, the poor man still cannot walk well.

[Beijing] Be Cautious about Plainclothes Police

Several plainclothes police who claimed to be Hong Kong journalists were identified as having been undermining Dafa in Beijing for nearly a year. They have been actively searching for information about Dafa practitioners. They brandished photos and information they claimed to have obtained and compiled for purposes of exposing the truth about the persecution to the public. They pretended compassion and were able to win the confidence of some Dafa practitioners. However, the photos and information they showed to practitioners were never published on Minghui. They seem to have developed well-rounded information about Dafa practitioners at Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Chang Ping County in Beijing.

Since last April, many practitioners such as Zeng Zheng, Wang Yan and Cao Dong had contact with these plainclothes police before being arrested.

Practitioners from Beijing

December 28, 2000